ETV News - BBC says Ethiopia is the Fastest Growing Economy in the World


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Blighted by drought and famine, ongoing border conflicts and claims of political oppression, that is the side of Ethiopia we hear most about.

However, you might be surprised to know it is one of the world's fastest growing economies.

Little wonder that it is fast attracting the attention of foreign investors, long nervous about putting their money in Africa.

Charlotte Ashton reports.

Ethiopian News
ETV News, BBC News

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  • lovEthio!!

    why don't we us Ethiopians say enough is enough and stand up for our self's like the Arabs. wishing better and wanting change doesn't just come by sitting and doing not thing. flow country man, if you really want to see the betterment of your beloved Ethiopia and Ethiopians it time you act.

  • lovEthio!!

    I just watched the full version of the news at the BBC website. unsurprisingly, it has quite a different view to what ETV has broadcasted . go and watch it and you know what i am on about.

  • ende gude new eko

    ayee....bread is not found in the market. and sugar is scarce. how is ethio growing when ppl have hard time even to eat once a day
    death to weyane

  • kenubishe

    est9i mene ancherecheracu @sosina ine yeawassa leje nengne kehulete amete behuwala sehede befilem yemayewn paris new yemeslenge ibakishin aynesh laye" mora" kale new inje / eritria neshe inje befitsum indihi atyem *** ethiopia is grow 90% up to 20 year thats the fact

  • Oromoo

    I do not know which part of Ethiopian economy is growing! In fact it is not of Oromos, Amharas, Southern Nations and Nationalities, Harari, Somali, Afar, Beni Shangul, Anuaks...etc! Then what is this growth all about?

    "Growth without Freedom is another poverty!" Barack Obama