Two Couple accused of Public Adultery in Addis Ababa


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Two Couple accused of Public Adultery in Addis Ababa

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  1. Me
    1 year, 12 months ago

    For reall? They say puplic place in addis on what u have gona say for all Those street girls, lady bars ...who rent their taxi for short sex every where ...who pay and did or have sex every corner ..and specially round bole those big houses who used minor kids to smoke weed and having sex on public ( may be they pay tax for alcohol) ..Streep clubs , and bars who garded by police ..*** it !
  2. guito
    2 years ago

    ITs unfair to do it in public,even if it is in the car.pick the right spot or park and enjoyit.IN any country it is punishable to some deegree! to do it publicly.
  3. beti
    2 years ago

    mngest fetan ermeja mwsed alebt
  4. alemitu
    2 years ago

    It is not allowed to have sex in a public place.They aren't animals and need to use their brains.
  5. horny
    2 years ago

    honestly guys sometimes eko public bota lay weyim yetekelekele bota lay mebedat betam simet yichemiral mokirut eski beteley telek yale dick kehone yetim yihun botaw i like to suck it and ride on it beteley in a car hmmmmmm
  6. Ethiopia'wi
    2 years ago

    Ere Be'Egziabher people!
    Start to think like an adult. If they were my sis or bro....... [who knows what i'm gonna do to them]
  7. yikes
    2 years ago

    Well the law does exist even in the West, but tries to implement that anyway. The haters that called the cops on them are gay.
  8. jjjj
    2 years ago

    wtf gys they have evry ryt to do so, thats their car, i mean we do it here every other day eko, trust me its fun to do but a bit unconfortable :p
  9. biniam gebreab
    biniam gebreab
    2 years ago

    indecent is need to applaud for screwing in public.all things have time and places to perform it.I believe we should develop the habit of telling the truth.Its quite immoral.....
  10. abc
    2 years ago

    you ppl are crazy every body is doing this every were the way they want so what is wrong with them .
  11. dj
    2 years ago

    If it is true, this is a crime no matter where you are, even in the United State of America !
  12. Tula
    2 years ago

    Even in the US they would face the same consequence. It is against the low to have sex in public.
  13. JM
    2 years ago

    Is it on day time?plus are they naked or just semi naked?who caught them?do a person caught them let them finish or interrupt them?how bad the car were rocked?any moaning sound?dame no detail
  14. ደጋኒ
    2 years ago

    ፈሳም ሁላ መብታቸው ነው ምናምን እያላቹ አጉል የዋህ፣ ወይም ሞደርን ልሁን አትበሉ። ይሄኔ ልጅቷ ታናሽ እህታቹ ብትሆን በቃ አዋረድሽን አየተባለች አመት ሙሉ ከቤት አታስወጧትም ነበር። ማሰብ ከወንዱ ይበልጥ ለሴቷ ነው።
  15. girum
    2 years ago

    በጣም ትልቅ ስህተት ነው ያደረጉት
  16. kula ena ems
    kula ena ems
    2 years ago

    abo sitim mekina wist mebadat
  17. hulu
    2 years ago

    Mebtachew new weregnoch
  18. Abesha
    2 years ago

    They deserved. Good job the police officer.
  19. temam
    2 years ago

    Batam yigarmaal !!
  20. yedrelje
    2 years ago

    ok great..... this is supposed to be on the headline news.. give me a break
  21. Bifti
    2 years ago

    Ethiopia is on it's way to be a Taliban state.
  22. Black Lion
    Black Lion
    2 years ago

    @ Bisrat
    ye endante aynetu sew siltane weym aradnet new mestekakel yalebet , meselten wesibn beyebotaw ende ensesa mefetsem aydelem .... siltane kebahilh gar abro lihed yigebal , would you like it if your son or daughter to watch this kind of *** scenes ? lighten up yourself
  23. ME
    2 years ago

    The heading should read " A couple" not "two couple"."Two couples" implies 4 and not 2 people. :).
  24. Bisrat
    2 years ago

    Too stiff! You guys lighten up, give them a ticket like traffic violation. It's common having sex inside the car and they were decent and covered the windshield with rug not to be seen. The heat of the moment I don't think anybody choose where to get laid. Give them break, let them go free with probation.
  25. zmm nawo
    zmm nawo
    2 years ago

    woo,lamin big brother ayhadme,normal eko ethiopia,kwora lame sera aysarame hzbu
  26. weygud
    2 years ago

    Why don't these lawyers and judges focus on providing justice for the unfairly and unlawfully prisoners, the very corrupted gvt officials, the ethinicaly owned official robbery by EFORT and other Tigrian organizations etc... ahyawin ferto dawlawin alu.
  27. ENE NEGN
    2 years ago

    ስራ ፈት ሁላ ስንት ፍርድ የሚያስፈልገው ጉዳይ ሃገሪቱ ውስጥ ሞልቶ ገና ለገና መኪና ዉስጥ ምናምን ፈጸሙ ብለው ሰው ይከሳሉ። ለምን እነሱን ቆመው ከሚያዩ ሄደው መንገድ ወይ ድልድይ አይሰሩም? ይሄኔ እየደበደባት ቢሆን ኖሮ ፖሊስ አይጠሩም ነበር!!!!
  28. jojifikadu
    2 years ago

    Sra fet
  29. ማይክ
    2 years ago

    ስራ ፈት ሁላ ስንት ፍርድ የሚያስፈልገው ጉዳይ ሃገሪቱ ውስጥ ሞልቶ ገና ለገና መኪና ዉስጥ ምናምን ፈጸሙ ብለው ሰው ይከሳሉ። ለምን እነሱን ቆመው ከሚያዩ ሄደው መንገድ ወይ ድልድይ አይሰሩም? ይሄኔ እየደበደባት ቢሆን ኖሮ ፖሊስ አይጠሩም ነበር
  30. ethman
    2 years ago

    ወይ ጉድ!

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Artist: EthiopikaLink
Video title: Two Couple accused of Public Adultery in Addis Ababa