Ethiopians in South Africa Vs Betty - Tom and Jerry


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Ethiopians in South Africa Vs Betty - Tom and Jerry

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  1. Somebody
    1 year, 8 months ago

    Wed Ethiopiawyan, yichi lij sileserachiw sira yemitigodaw esua rasua nech. Ene endemimesilegn endewm yeandand ehetochachinin yemoral weym yebahri huneta yegelete yimesilegnal. Silezih, Betin titen rasachinin binimeleket tiru sayhon aikerim.
  2. Nunu
    2 years ago

    Really r u talking like this language on this century? U should go back to school and learn little bit about how talk people and write word on media. Abet mecha yihon Ethiopian people yamisaletnew adro Chica hula
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    To watch free sew le sew
    2 years ago

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  4. hailu
    2 years ago

    Betty said "My relationship with Bolt is my business" I have one question for you Betty, since when is ur relationship with Bolt is ur business when you holding Ethiopian flag and represent Ethiopian people? that's not your business that's our business.
  5. Ethiopian
    2 years ago

    bety is enjoying here life why ppl worry this much for one individual .if you real cares about your dignity and culture why don't you worry about those poor girls in Arab country(overloaded work and raped miskin gils) and those very young girls standing on addis ababa street at night
  6. Ethiopia emmama taytu
    Ethiopia emmama taytu
    2 years ago

    Talk about Ethiopia women are suffering in arab country stop about betty, we all know that she did mistake.
  7. Let us Leave her alone
    Let us Leave her alone
    2 years ago

    First I was ashamed when I saw the clip. Next I was mad when I heard her interview. Now I fogive her. She is naive probably first time outside ethiopia and probably her first time to fall in love. Think of her as your sister. At some point we need to forgive her and accept her.
  8. Hahahaha
    2 years ago

    Hahaha gude new leka mebet yemikeberebet hager weset negn yalewet yegeremal..... Esti eferu behagerachen weset senetu yehageren neberetena gebezeb sizeref, geberesedom sisefafa zem yale weregnana guregna hezeb ahun Betty Betty yelale..... Esti bemejemeria kerasachen enjemer .... Lenegeru habesha ayidelen hulem yesew sehetet becha yemitayen guregnoch ferajoch
  9. Kechene
    2 years ago

    Betty is a disgusting prostitute. She defiled our culture. I want to see her punished.
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    Waching free sew le sew
    2 years ago

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  11. Juddy
    2 years ago

    U own it
  12. ayu
    2 years ago

    asadagi yebedelat agdem adeg
  13. alemnesh
    2 years ago

    Betty Defenders are Eritreans
    Are you a *** or racist?people who are threatened betty should mind their own bussiness.leave her alone
  14. Gorjo
    2 years ago

    ETHIOPIAN known as hard worker in S.Africa, but dat bitch spoil everything.but Et bro in South Africa's try to help to find some nasty work zr we don't wanna see her here in my bless country
  15. Gorjo
    2 years ago

    thanks BBA to get out of my country like this cockroach and try to give her some *** training and she will gat work South Africa
  16. Feraje
    2 years ago

    Mejemreya erachnen enteyek hulachnem!!!!!E/r Mastewalun yesten Amen!!!!
  17. z
    2 years ago

    betty mbtua. mebtua lihone yechlale beyebetu enkelf asateta sex badebaby atechelem.
  18. zande
    2 years ago

    ምን አግባችሁ? እናንተ አታደርጉም እና ነው::ምብቱዋ ነው::አገር ወክዪ የ ወሲብ ውድድር አደርኩ አላልችም::
  19. T
    2 years ago

    egna sentef mewal mader suse yelebnem bezaa egname alalnesh mergit u asshole.
  20. MADER
    2 years ago

    Ethiopian XXX I agree lekoshsha lekun mastatek.
  21. MAhder
    2 years ago

    set aynet alew yanch ayne yaweta hone. beyebetu yale sew bebetyy ena benatua enkef matate alebne?keletam kushshoche.
  22. ethiopian xxx
    ethiopian xxx
    2 years ago

    everybody know that she did bad thing ,but she will pay for that, so lets live here . for Mesh A Mack you are just an ass hole, i am not religious person even though,i am not sheeting by my mouth like you . you are waste . i am ashamed for your family for having you ( yengse lig nehi )
  23. martha
    2 years ago

    pleaseeeeeeeee leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!behagerachin lay eytekahede yalewn ye gebre sedom asnewari sera min alebet endi betkawmu!!!!!!!!!ethiopia ye gebre sedomawian menhria seton lemin zemta bezaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!lemn betin?????????
  24. Feraje
    2 years ago

    Hallo menal betewat kesewa yaleteshale sintu be hiwetu yadereg ale yatefen yemimer ena yemiyastemer geta all manenetachnen anersa feraje manew . Sentu yesew lejen balon neger yegel aydel Betty yegodchwe eraswan new sel E/r tewate !!!!!!!!
  25. H
    2 years ago

    fetata nech.
  26. Ethio
    2 years ago

    Good job our brothers who are living in South Africa.
    She needs to ask forgiveness for Ethiopian all over the world and back home. bitch ,***
  27. hi
    2 years ago

    tewate yematreba lekeskes werada nech!!!!!!
  28. melkamu
    2 years ago

    Betty Werada netch ahunem edegemewalew werada netch
  29. Betty Defenders are Eritreans
    Betty Defenders are Eritreans
    2 years ago

    Betty defenders are wicked Eritreans. They are being the devil's advocate. They are doing it out of spite for Ethiopians. They are sick mother***ers. They want Ethiopia to be known as the p0rn capital of Africa. They create fake facebook accounts to defend her and bash Ethiopians. Be careful Ethiopians. Don't fall for their tricks.
  30. Betty Defenders are Eritreans
    Betty Defenders are Eritreans
    2 years ago

    They are being the devil's advocate. They are doing it out of spite for Ethiopians. They are wicked mother***ers. They want Ethiopia to be known as the p0rn capital of Africa. They create fake facebook accounts to defend her and bash Ethiopians. Becare ful Ethiopians. Don't fall for thei tricks.
    2 years ago

    bety is on her way,live her alone,what da *** is rong with u gays? everybady be ur self
  32. EYOOO
    2 years ago

    maseb sengemer.
  33. Kebere Amberbir
    Kebere Amberbir
    2 years ago

  34. Amelework
    2 years ago

    Lesew sihitet kebiret ziget ayitefamina . Tewat kenatiwa gar tinur. She will be regret one day.
  35. yyy
    2 years ago

    yihe mahayim hizb meche new ye sew menbit yemiyakew !
  36. eden ke olompia
    eden ke olompia
    2 years ago

    tewate tibeda enje kefelegachu heduna tebedu
  37. dany
    2 years ago

    ETHIOPIAN known as hard worker in S.Africa, but dat bitch spoil everything dere, she is evil...
  38. SARA
    2 years ago

    thats how ethiopian stand f their mother land, we proud of ethiopian live in S.Africa, they made great things at africa cup of nations n they r still fight f ethiopia
  39. dana
    2 years ago

    tks guys, well done....that bitch deserve to live in hell, not in ethiopia
  40. rita
    2 years ago

  41. Hana
    2 years ago

    what you guys are
    talking about , it is a media you have to have true information for all it all is WEREA
  42. husen.muhe.3@face
    2 years ago

    I am sorry .she is crze ethiopia people no like that Idolike she is dereti......!!!!!!
  43. mulugeta kassa
    mulugeta kassa
    2 years ago

    siyansate new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. selamino
    2 years ago

    About the comment on the article on Forbes. There will never, not ever be a radio host as ignorant as Birhane Nigussee.... If you have a problem understanding English then ask for help.
  45. MOLA
    2 years ago

    oh people in south africa please leave betty alone, yes she did mistake but now you are also making another *** mistake...we all condemned her action in BBA ,that is enough and let us leave it there...let betty move on with her life.
  46. Alem
    2 years ago

    u guys doin good, cause we dont want such ignorant ***en bitch to make us ashame
  47. zmm nawo
    zmm nawo
    2 years ago

    All ethiopian,u don't make a what ,God knows what u did.leave her alone,enda why u clear befor ur thing, thx God i am not live Ethiopia,no humane right,only talk talk bcha habsa.look how techologe goes fast ,,,,,,,,woyyyyyyyyy ethiopia hzeb doma
  48. Chonbe
    2 years ago

    የት:አባትዋ:እሰይ:ይበላት:.. ሃገር:ባይኖራት:ሳይሻል:አይ ቀርም:....እስዋንማ..ቦልት:ጉ
    2 years ago

    You so called ***ing journalists you dont even have enough knweledge of journalism. Stop hasseling betty. "Get over it" assholles!
  50. Kenona
    2 years ago

    1- BBA is a show for Nigerians.It is visible clearly.
    2-Betty supposed not to go to the show knowing this.No one will win it except Nigerians.It is pre arranged.3- After she got in to the house she started ***ing,which she could do here easily.No need to travel that far.4-The agly thing she did is,she said Ethiopian people don't know about the show. Shame.what does she know?She can't even talk.
  51. xxxxxxxx
    2 years ago

    ወሬ ጠፋ እንዴ በሰዉ ጉዳይ ይህ ሁሉ መብሰልሰል ምንድነዉ????????????
  52. no name
    no name
    2 years ago

    whf u people thinking, who said Ethiopian they don't have sex?? am so tired of you people, don't you have same other things to do? leave her a lone...more than what she did is it can tell for the rest of world Ethiopians is what kind of people we are why we always in somebody's business like this?? we really have to change for good!!!
  53. ላቀች
    2 years ago

    ሚዲያውን ያለአግባብ አታባክኑት፡፡ አገራችን ውስጥ ብዙ ሊተቹና ሊታረሙ የሚገባቸው ባለስልጣናት አሉ፡፡ ሴትም ከፈለጋችሁ ሴቶችም አሉ፡፡ እነሱን ብንተቻቸው ሃገራችን ውስጥ የሚሰሩት ስራ ሊሻሻልና ሊጠቅም ይችላል፡፡ ለቀልድ ከሆነ ደግሞ ጥሩ ጥሩ ኮሜዲያን ስላሉን የነሱን ስራ አቅርቡ፡፡ ቤቲ ለአገር የሚጠቅምም የሚጐዳም ነገር አልሰራችም (በንጽጽር) የሥራ ዕድል ሊፈጠርላቸው ከሚገባቸው ወጣቶች አንዱዋ ናት፡፡ ታዋቂ እንድታደርጉዋት የማስታወቂያ ከፍላችሁ ከሆነ ሌላ ጉዳይ ነው፡ አስተያየት የለኝም፡፡ ይልቅ ስራ የምትፈልግ ከሆነ ግን ሱቅ ውስጥ ልቅጠራት፡፡
  54. mami
    2 years ago

    ይች ባለጊ ምንም ጥርጥር የለውም ማቃጥኣል ናው...
  55. Mekelit
    2 years ago

    ምን አለ ብትተዋት !!! ወረኛ ህዝብ
  56. mamo
    2 years ago

    if she come ethiopia we gonna stone her....this country land of god not for hoe
  57. For the Lawyers
    For the Lawyers
    2 years ago

    cont.. Other african countries can sue them too once they see the outcome of Ethiopia. As for Betty, If she has to go to court one of the three would happen
    - the judge dismisses the charges
    - the judge suspend the sentences on probation
    - gets 30 hr community service. I don't think she will get jail time. So don't be alamed.
  58. For the Lawyers
    For the Lawyers
    2 years ago

    I think sueing BBA/Dstv is the right thing to do. Imagine how many millions they made by destroying her life. To the lawyers, I have one advice. Dstv may argue that the are using delayed broadcast technology in which the edit any unlawful material. The our lawyers should get eye wittness testimony. BBA also removed the sex clip from VIP site covering their tracks. This is a big deal for BBA. cont
  59. Fikir
    2 years ago

    Hi Betty If u r smart ask forgiveness we all Ethiopians we will forgive u by the name of god or Alah we know ur young and beautiful try to be smart and go to ethio and do u own business.i have been against u know I fill sorry bcos I know s.a very well so Betty be smart ask for giveness we will for give u bco evry one deserve one more chance. God bless you.
  60. sisaye
    2 years ago

    ዝገጀታችሁ በታም ተሩ ነው::በርቱ

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Artist: EthiopicaLink
Video title: Ethiopians in South Africa Vs Betty - Tom and Jerry