Ethiopia 1-1 Tunisia Friendly Game in Qatar Goals & Highlights

Ethiopian Sport

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Ethiopia 1-1 Tunisia Friendly Game in Qatar Goals & Highlights.

Ethiopian Sport

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  1. Esmael mohammed
    Esmael mohammed
    2 years ago

    Alex ínatihn libdat ante dedeb yelemagn lij. Ethiopia biyanc51% muslim naw. Afar ,sumale,oromo, harari,benshangul... Inezih nachew yekrstian deset? Hulum muslimoch nachew. Tinish amara nachew kirstian. So beselam bininor ayshalim ? ***ing juddas !!
  2. Zemenu
    2 years ago

    Great effort. The hardest thing in foot ball is the abiliTy to stay on top, i know still have more possibility to forward on the top.
  3. alex87478
    2 years ago

    ጥሩ ነው ግና ETHIOPIA የክርስትያኖች ደሴት ናት !
  4. million
    2 years ago

    best team but z goalkeeper is not good
  5. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    ክርስትያንም ከሆእንቅ ያምላክን ስላምም ከሆንክ ያልን ስም ጠርቶ ላጥ ነው:: ምላሷ ላይ ያለው የገንዘብ ፍቅር በቢላም ልቆርጡት አይቻል ወዳጅ:: አይ ቢላ? ሰው ካንጎል ውጭ ማሰብ ብችል ኖሮ ያለም ዩኒቨርስ ሁሉ ፕሬዚደንት ትሆን ነበር:: አምላክ ይኽበር ይኽበር ይኽበር !!!
  6. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    ብላክ ፓንተር ቡሊ ባታረገው አሪፍ ነበር:: ግና?!
  7. sam
    2 years ago

    betam yemgerm limd yemtyk goal new wow saladin the best ...big respect for this player god be with u ...bezu neger entbkalen gnaa ke saladin
  8. lidetu
    2 years ago

    ሳላዲን ግሩም ስዉ
  9. lidetu
    2 years ago

    በጣም ይገርማል ምንአይነት ነገር እይተስራ እንደሆን በአቢሲንያ እግርክዋስ ዉስጥ..........ልድቱ ነኝ ከ ዝዋይ
  10. Doha
    2 years ago

    ጥሩ ውጤት ነው:: ግን ተከላካይ ብዙ ግዜ ፐናሊት እያሰጡ ነው; ሱዳን ላይም እንደዝሁ ነበር: በጥንቃቄ ታክል ማረግ እንዳለባቸው ::
  11. Nebro
    2 years ago

    kezemzem wedi feyel wediya.... asnechen eko :P
  12. good game
    good game
    2 years ago

    nice draw...but i just dont like that goal keeper...sisay is better...but they both to be making too many mistakes
  13. Kidanu
    2 years ago

    goal keeper so much interview makes like that. he seems he is going to the shop.
  14. FIFI
    2 years ago

    What a goal keeping error! I don't think Ethiopian National Team would progress far in this competition with such kind of careless and amateur goal keepers. He fall to the other side of the goal post few seconds before the penalty was taken. You do not normally do that in such a level. I believe that such silly mistakes would cost Ethiopian team a lot.
  15. ababa
    2 years ago

    What a goal keeper? how could he move to his left side before the penalty was shot? very silly mistake and he is an amateur.
  16. et
    2 years ago

    Sala Anbessa ...


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