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Ethiopian Sport - Interview with 2013 Boston Marathon winner Lelisa Desisa

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Added by lidiya in Sport



Interview with 2013 Boston Marathon winner Lelisa Desisa
Ethiopian Sport

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  • ayzon wegene Added English is not his first or second or third language. There are more than 80 languages spoken in his country & English is not one of those.....but he tried n that is what counts most.......above all he is safe n he is a WINNER....GET OVER IT!!
  • hubachiis Added Some of you post about adolescence in his own language. You know when the interview was? It was 3 hrs before the explosion happen. Just to clarify everybody, he is safe back home.
  • tedy guta Added u are our proud u musn't worried about the language that is secondary keep it up your aim .every one could say a lot forget it but u did it.even if you are speak in amharic
  • berry Added ene eko migerimegn yehabesh neger new. teyakiw enkuan enegagerun ayito alinakewim still eyeteyekew new. he knows this is his second language and respect him. enanite kuankuachu sayihon lemin englizegna bememokeru tashofalachu lezi new habesha mayilewetew. hulem sew simokir eyashofe wedewala yikeral. zem yilewetal asitesaseb yewedeke.
  • Ke eje ayishal doma Added Betam gobez new emeyasafirewes basterguame sehone english senawera eko besakkkkk new emigelen push push then the Ohloo U r my moral too bro
  • buya171@gmail.com Added it doesnt matter Lelise speaks English,oromiffa,or amharic.What matters is he swings the national flag infront of millions.He is our hero.By the is it a curse to speak with African(broken amharic)language infront of whites?!We are uncolonized country,my friend!!!!!
  • Dawit geleta Added O MG.....R.I.P English...!!!!! old says that..English is sick in INDIA, & died in AFRICA...lol. I don't know why this professional athletics federation made *** mistake by allowing for this athletics runner to say something after they win with out any knowledge of proper English. Did you see the guy behind the athlete how he fill bad. I like the guy doing his best.
  • ye quanqua ikub abalat Added he said push... push...push and the fourth one is pus...i thought he put ...sy in the last word lol.
  • Yesefer Lij Added I don't understand why they don't have translators whenever they give interviews. He can freely speak Amharic or whatever his mother tongue, and someone else could translate it back to English. There is no shame in it. All athletes & even world leaders do it so it's not a big deal. Your job is to run and get that Gold. Forget about being bilingual
  • tesfay Added @Teame,are you an Ethiopian or our neighbour?you coudn't say that,language doesn't matter since he did his goal.
    You guys should say to him you are save from the devastative explosion thanks to God to hear good news rather than those who lost their life and got injuries..wake up America ...

    him We are happy to

    you from the devastative explosion
  • alpha Added Enkuan kefindataw terefk.Gid yelem enderuchaw Englizegnawim kes bilo yimetal.
  • Yonas Added Next time; you run better, you speak better.English is neither your mother tounge nor your second language.
  • mihret Added I am so happy ! proud of u a lot don't even mention gad am English u done ur mission !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • eleni Added min new ferjochu amaregnachenen siyachemalekute alekefachewem cherashe dese sile amaregna siyawera eyetebale yesakale ensu siyachemalekute wow eyetebale legna translator yasefelegale eko lemen? bravo my hero !
  • Firaan Added He did a good job. They can't even try when it comes to his language but he tried theirs. And the good news is they (owner of the language) appreciate him for trying
  • Bellisima Added People good, weather is good, everything is good, you are also very good!!! Afe kurit yibel. You did your thing that's all it matters!!! & Thank god you are not a victim of the explosion!! I wish them speedy recovery for those who been victimize of these horrific tragedy!!
  • ethio Added I push,I push,I push,I push so funny yemeche wegeney.....
  • Mimi Added Good Job Brother! Don't dare to blame him for his English language. @least he understood the questions and answered it in a way that one can unserstand from the non-native speakers. I am glad he is not a victim of the explosion.
  • new york Added you r a herooooooooooo

    he is the winnerrrr from all of the looser
    who cares about the language he is better from everyone who speaks English well anyhow ,,im like his confident and he absolutely express his felling anyhow the mistake is from the comittie they sh hv to prepare the translator lol
    anuhow who cares
  • adu Added ETHIOPIAN RUNNERS SHOULD USE TRANSLATORS PERIOD. all of them including haile
  • Ethiopia habesha kuru Added ጀግና ነህ ሊልሳ. ግድ ነው ግን በባእድ ማዉራት??
  • Andinet Added It will be nice if he has some words of condolence in his own language.
  • zola Added the thing is some of us, even with first degree, can not speak the language better than that.


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