Ethiopian News - The City of Addis Ababa - Yesterday and Today

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The City of Addis Ababa - Yesterday and Today

Ethiopian News
The, City, of, Addis, Ababa, Yesterday, and, Today

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  • Fikre Tsegaye

    Ha ha ha…Building business centres, streets, hotels etc… don’t make one country civilised, but the level of education of his population, the healthcare and sanitation, potable water and electricity to all, access to free education and healthcare, access to transport all over the country, the wealth of the country must be used to benefit all his citizens, but not only those supposedly “privileged”, the standard of birth and mortality of infants, the life expectancy of his population in general… etc etc etc…that is what make one country “CIVILISED”. Where is Ethiopia when we consider all those aspects?

  • bamdmx

    hi just b/c things & time r changing u can't call that civilization specially the place where more than 10 million ppl r starving .& when u compare things back from 100,50,25 or even 10 years to now there is always a change,is like today is always better than yesterday technologically speaking but that is not how u going to measure how u civilized. specially u create none of the thing u showed .

  • TorbanMaaruu

    *** you Metti!thereis great change.

  • Metti

    So are you telling us that Ethiopia is civilized now? If that is the case how come there is no private tv station? How come still there is only one state own telephone service there? How come one guy lead a country for 20 years? The asnswer is Ethiopia is not civilized. It takes a real democracy for civilization.