Ethiopian News - 80-Year-Old Ethiopian Grandma Escorted To Wrong Flight

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80-Year-Old Ethiopian Grandma Escorted To Wrong Flight

DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Va. (WUSA) -- Nefissa Yesuf was flying from Atlanta to Dulles to visit her grandchildren. She ended up about 400 miles away in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her granddaughter, Malika Adem, was on her way to Dulles to pick up her 80-year-old grandmother.

"We got a phone call at 4:30 from the airport saying, 'Your grandmother was in baggage claim. Where are you guys?'" said Adem.

It was too early for her flight on Delta to have landed. That's when the airline employee on the phone told her Grandma was in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"She was crying," Adem said.

Yesuf is from Ethiopia and doesn't speak English. Her family wanted to make sure she was being looked after. Adem said her cousin took Grandma to the airport.

She says an airline employee escorted her through the airport in a wheelchair and was the one holding onto her plane ticket.

Adem says Delta gave Grandma someone else's ticket.

"The names aren't even close," she said, showing 9NEWS NOW's Lindsey Mastis the ticket.

Adem says the escort wheeled Yesuf right through TSA security, even though the name did not match hers on her passport.

She was taken to the gate. Although her luggage landed at Dulles, Grandma ended up in Charlotte.

"This is completely unacceptable. And it's not only Delta -- it's TSA," said Adem.

9NEWS NOW spent more than 30 minutes on hold with Delta Airlines and paged their spokesperson. No one from Delta called us back.

TSA released the following statement:

"Every day TSA screens nearly 2 million passengers and utilizes many layers of security to keep our nation's transportation systems secure.

We are currently looking into the circumstances regarding this passenger's screening."

Ethiopian News
80-Year-Old Ethiopian Grandma

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  • Mihret Banned

    ohhh poor emama,lela ken somebody needs to go with grandam

  • Bitiko

    wow this is very sad...I wonder how the grand ma felt when she was at the airport @ North Carolina. Please lets visit our beloved parents and grand parents in their own homes in ethiopia. Bringing them to the west at this age is a complete torture!

  • Ethiopia1

    aye @tazabi in (probably) a few years, you'll be "above 65" and then we'll see what u think then..smh

  • metuk

    Very sad .. I can only imagine wut if it was my grand Ma . I think you should put a lawsuit against TSA & Delta airline.

  • FromBole

    Granma looks like one mean ladddddy i am scared of her