Run - New Ethiopian Horror Movie Trailer 2014

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Run (ሩጥ) New Ethiopian Horror Movie Trailer 2014Run (ሩጥ)

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  1. tazabe
    11 months, 2 weeks ago

    you all Ethiopian film producer you do agood job. but sametims also please do for students film. becouse,it helps them wenn they starting their life.not only action and love story. thing about it.
  2. Man
    1 year ago

    @tarik + @Teme የአይጥ ምስክሯ ድምቢጥ አሉ
  3. me
    1 year ago

    ain't need to see the movie in cinema. it's all on the trailer.
  4. Teme
    1 year ago

    @tarik, I cant thank you enough for that thoughtful comment they make their movies based on their experience, why don't we do ours based on ours, like Gemena 1 which is the best sitcom so far. But we cant do that because we have moron people like ,"Ethiopia" the second comment giver, standing on the way.
  5. tarik
    1 year ago

    Sam + yenenesh if it done well horror is a part of our culture.. they could make horror movie based on Tinqulina.. buda.. church seytan meyaz minamin... its jus the producer never thought a solid idea based on that
  6. Yenenesh
    1 year ago

    Sam bravo!! I have nothing to add to what you said. All very true. We need to get in touch with our own ugly reality in Ethiopia: poverty & how to fight it through Education. Copying the West will not teach us anything (or take us out of poverty). Egzer yebarkeh yenegeta. Keep speaking the truth
  7. ethiotube
    1 year ago

    diretubehoch erasu horrorch neger nachu
  8. teddy- melataw
    teddy- melataw
    1 year ago

    when are we going to make P.O.R.N. movies too. that's my dream to be the first Ethiopian P.O.R.N. star...
  9. teddy- melataw
    teddy- melataw
    1 year ago

    when are we going to make *** movie too. that's my dream to be the first Ethiopian *** star.
  10. Sam
    1 year ago

    Horror is not a part of our culture and has no value in our film industry. The film we made must teach our people. We have so many horrors in real life, let's make movies about HIV, Malaria, poverty... I believe there is no more horror than these. Instead of making unrealistic horror movies, we focus on the real one that we are facing today, It doesn't scare people but help fight the horrors.
  11. daniman
    1 year ago

    really a great performance and development in ethio cinema.
  12. dawit
    1 year ago

    Bettane des yemel tube new.
    1 year ago

    @|o|dont think it is copy ,it is nice creativity. if you think it is copy show us ur evidence bitch
  14. lol
    1 year ago

    Really!!! Copy, copy, copy....!!

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