Ethiopian Documentary - Ethiopia: The Cradle of Mankind - Part 2


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Ethiopia holds all combinations of geological formations from 116 meters below sea level at the sulfuric inferno Danakil depression in the Afar region to the ruggedly carved Simien Mountains at 4620 meters. The Rift Valley cuts Ethiopia in half forming several lakes which Ethiopia's national parks are centered. The varying habitats from mountains,lakes,deserts,savannahs and everything in between host a vast array of wildlife; many of which are endemic; unique to Ethiopia.
Religion in this country is unique as well. Many visitors know Ethiopia for its rock hewn churches and colorful ceremonies symbolic of Ethiopia's Orthodox churches. Perhaps, best known are the Lalibella rock hewn
churches often referred to as one of the Eight Wonders of the World.
Islam also,is strong with centuries old roots in the country. The religion is ecspecially epitomized in the romantic walled city of Harar. One can see exquisite minarets and Mosques throughout most of the country.

Ethiopian Documentary
Ethiopian Documentary, Ethiopia, Cradle of Mankind

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