Filfilu Speaking English in American Restaurant

Ethiopian Comedy

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Ethiopian Comedy
Filfilu in American Restaurant Speaking English

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  1. mw
    1 year, 7 months ago

    i dont understard why ethiopians make english big dill
  2. atnafu
    1 year, 11 months ago

    filflu is just showing how most of the diaspora act when they arrive in foreign countries,don't be a hater you all experience life like this and has been hiding behind a curtain so no one will find out..kujo to filfilu ...
  3. sami
    2 years ago

    filfilu u think ur joking
  4. distgusting
    2 years, 2 months ago

    distgusting! Filfilu is a cheap comedian. He is not even funny. Get a life man!
  5. rita
    2 years, 5 months ago

    one more thing
    people who looking for the praise and respect, they have never got growing up.
    Filifilu, you the best! Keep doing what you doing
  6. rita
    2 years, 5 months ago

    hi Filifiluye
    i am proud of you!!! Good job!!! Really you have a different kind of talent. I hope your dream stay big. A lot of ethiopian people support you God bless you
  7. azemeratewelde
    2 years, 8 months ago

    i want my waste 4 minutes back !!!
  8. DEAR
    2 years, 11 months ago

    filflu , is it really "hot" where u at .. arr pls button up ur shirt or go to Gym and work out and get ur body ryt .. this aint Africa
  9. Eritrean
    2 years, 12 months ago

    This guy is a disgrace to habesha people...He is nasty...
  10. tk
    2 years, 12 months ago

    you know what is the greatest weakness of habesha people? criticism is in our bloods just like envy! By whatever negative things you wrote here the first person to get hurt is yourself! please send love instead of hatred! We love you filfilu!
  11. PRofessionalism
    2 years, 12 months ago

    @Tarikua, am not guregna!! i just told him the truth..that the community of Chicago have a great respect for me. i am helping them by my knowlegde. am a software engineer. i need to be respected like any other professional. you donno me...thats why!!!good luck anyway
  12. Tarikua
    2 years, 12 months ago

    @professionalism, screw u! who the f*** cares what u r, i am this i am that and soo?? .......uffff i hate gurgena people.
  13. mom@
    2 years, 12 months ago

    not funny it is old jok
  14. Kale22
    2 years, 12 months ago

    Hi filfilu
  15. PRofessionalism
    2 years, 12 months ago

    @tullbolo, i just saw ur comment. Thanks for "EASY" to teach you a little gramer that u forgot. first, you shouldn't paraphrase and quote my sentence. i did not say 'he is not professionalism'!!where did u get it? by the way for your info, i am a well respected professional in Chicago, IL.
  16. Lidya
    2 years, 12 months ago

    Filfilu ante belo comedian ante komedino neber mehon yeneberebeh degmo man yehon yametah dehna tegelagelneh senele teketlehen metah wey felfil esti lehulom parking sera felegena geba ena tenesh dollar yazena amlet wereket yemyaregeleh kagegeh berta eshi comediwen twelachew lawkeoche.
  17. Dan
    2 years, 12 months ago

    I can't stand this man, I really hate his jokes, he is not funny at all, I can't believe that people are laughing for him, it is a disgrace, and very immature, man u can proof me wrong comedy is not for you. urs brother
  18. habesha
    2 years, 12 months ago

    let he contribute some dollars to his family other wise life is too hard for him, please bayaskm sakulet kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  19. haile
    3 years ago

    Kirunaldinho Adbaru
    ante lam fit menden new yemetelew aun ante fereng mehonek new ende habesha eyalek metaweraw ayegermekem ende habesha sew yelem...antenes chaina adergo bifetrek neber yemishalew ante kubet fit
  20. siyasebew
    3 years ago

  21. tolosa
    3 years ago

    well done filfilu! its realy entertaining.... keep it up

    we will look forward for upcoming videos.
  22. xgirl
    3 years ago

    filefilu betam rasikin talik esh comedyaninet eko gedeb alew
  23. ayyyyyyyyyyyyy
    3 years ago

    what do mien post this video they are ***ed up people live in there be your self language is kind of communication is not big dell u know you can develop though a time please keep your dignity .. this not Ethiopian Comedy.its shame
  24. SAM SAM
    3 years ago

    enda felfelu ye hbtam ahawah ersahen betaskeber yehalhal borham
  25. Mr fureyes
    Mr fureyes
    3 years ago

    Tuiibolo U try to be Lecture? Kkkk.... u must be -----
  26. Easy
    3 years ago

    @tullbolo. Cont... He doesn't deserve your criticism at all. We can't watch every sentence we write, but you can understand it from it's context what we meant to say. By the way, every name should start with Capital letter, but your name starts with lowercase letter "tullbolo". We know you meant [Tullbolo]. እኛ አናካብደውም!!!!!!
  27. Easy
    3 years ago

    @tullbolo. He (Professionalism) did not say " he is not professionalism" Here is what he exactly said "It is safe to say that he is a good comedian but no PROFESSIONALISM" I think he meant to say [it is safe to say that he is a good comedian, but he has no (doesn't have) professionalism. My point is, you can understand from the context of the sentence, it's not a big deal. He doesn't deserve
  28. the man
    the man
    3 years ago

    ya'll are *** bitches. why u guys be hater? u all know u can't do shit..he's having good time. all you fu*king bitchs acting like u know everything when u can't even say word in small group of people. go out there express u're self. this z the ***in problem with u're ethiopian ppl. being jealous when somebody is having good time. love filfilu. . don't listen to all this shy narrow minded ppl.
  29. tullbolo
    3 years ago

    @ PROFESSIONALISM=> YOU TRY TO EVALUATE OTHERS BUT WHY DON'T IMPROVE YOURSELF EVEN WATCH YOU ENGLISH "He is not professionalism..." you can't say like this " just say he is not professional.." እንድገባህ "ሞያተኛ(ባለ ሞያ)(ባለ ክህል)---> "professional" ሲባል "ሞያተኛነት"(ባለ ሞያነት)(ባለ ክህልነት)---> "professionalism" ይባላል!!! " አውቀው ነው እንጂ ሳያውቁ ማረም ከማሃይምነት ያለፈ ደደብነት ነው"
  30. liyat
    3 years ago

    i hate ur voise i hate ur joke i hate ur every thing plz live the comedy for the comedian or for kebebe geda. ok farawe!!!!!!
  31. Mr fureyes
    Mr fureyes
    3 years ago

    filflu U make full of your selfe and its no't funny to be a comedian u need a talent .unforchantly YOU havent go't it
  32. professionalism
    3 years ago

    every profession has professionalism. it means the way u act in public and work place. comedians also have one. filfilu lacks professionalism and i think his acceptance may decline soon.we need professional comedians and not "yemender comedian". it is safe to say that he is a good comedian but no will never get funny this way. this doesnt show being civilized or something.
  33. me
    3 years ago

    hilariouse ..kkkkkkkk wey filfilu wenetem ante tefelfileh enji teweldeh aydelm yemetnorew kkkkkkkkkk i just love your work kkkkendemenem beleh american gebah kkkkkkkkkk wedeku besak ere kkkkkkkkk
  34. do what you want do
    do what you want do
    3 years ago

    filflu is the best ethiopian comedy ever who doesn,t care what people say about him
  35. never say never
    never say never
    3 years ago

    *** you every one filflu is the best one if you hate him don't watch his video ok don't tell any thing for him is best
  36. Eli
    3 years ago

    hey Filfilu I don't like the way u eat,stay away from American food u will get...............
  37. lol
    3 years ago

    ye filiflu adinaki ayidelhum gen demo ende enantem kinatgna ayidelhum me betu eko new bado rakutun mihade minm kitema satayu ke hager tiwetalachuh midere fara sitasitelu ahun kar kar alachuhugne ketewsenut bisteker
  38. d man
    d man
    3 years ago

    ፍልፍሉ ይበላል ካፉ አውትቶ እሱ ማአንን ፈርቶ ...
  39. echhhh
    3 years ago

    i dont like the way how he eat and dressing. dont undermine ur value men.
  40. Dani
    3 years ago

    He is not a comedian.
  41. @ mamo
    @ mamo
    3 years ago

    @ mamo
    You nasty old man, your time is up. Go back to Ethiopia, and beg on the street of Addis Ababa. You have no business attacking a new generation. Mind your goddamn business.
  42. me
    3 years ago

  43. Bigbang
    3 years ago

    The worst that I've ever seen.
    I don't know who really this guy (filfilu) is?
    U call this a comedian?
    በጣም ሲያስጠላ!!!
  44. godolias
    3 years ago

    Filfilu astekakileh libes. commenteris atisidebut pls!
  45. ብርቄ
    3 years ago

    filfilu you already started your door to door comedy show? pls በሌለሁበት እንዳትምጣ እና እንዳታጣኝ
  46. dada
    3 years ago

    Hey man don`t act like gay ! it is hot in usa but there is ac in all restaurant & don`t dawn grade your self.
  47. mamo
    3 years ago

    ehe eko as ajok new guys, ehene sintachu nachu beyebotaw lenech yemitagobeddut? minew akabedachu lijun tewit enji ,serto yiblabet midre bill anatihinh azorual mesak adelem magtet atichlim yeteregeme tiwlid.lerasu zega kibr yata mergemit hula afin zegiteh kuch bel.
  48. rara
    3 years ago

    filfilu is better than DC ppl speak enlish
  49. mamo
    3 years ago

    comenter Kironaldinho Yante bite yahun tiwlid new leferenj ashkabach enji Egna Ethiopiawiyan silfim ayinekakan weregna.
  50. esue12
    3 years ago

    yeah...kiet lash hunilet le white guy...ethiopian Americans do a lot for u guys and mekurat timokiralachu lol...filfilu u just down graded urself now i don't like u!
  51. Coke
    3 years ago

    Hailesilasse was not the first king of Ethiopia...
  52. ye new york ligg
    ye new york ligg
    3 years ago

    haaaaaaa lol i like it
    he didnt button up his shirt becouse its summer time in usa ok its been too hot

  53. Exodus
    3 years ago

    @ OH,
    You've got a good point, but you need to know one thing, America is still a white man's land. Everybody wants to talk to those who have it all. If this man was a black America, I believe Filfilu wouldn't bother to talk to him in the first place! OH, you've just struck a chord!
  54. mergame nawe
    mergame nawe
    3 years ago

    setasetela that's all i can say :(((((((
  55. tegam
    3 years ago

    ergtaga neg sekerawal setasetalu
  56. mimi
    3 years ago

    Filiflu speaks a better english than those of boostin' guys...okay...yaaa..minamim yimilu

    great filfilu
  57. OH
    3 years ago

    ayachu indet habeshoch hulu wede nechu attention setew eyeteshamu siyaweru.irsi bersi inkuan ayiteyayum,,hulum miyayut esun nawu.1 habesha 5 nechochi mehal bihon manim tikuret aysetewum.ersi bersi naw miyawerut.silezi malet yefelekut yachi ""habesha kuru nawu""mitilewn nager wushet indehon iniweki.beye sira botam indihu nawu.
  58. JUDAH
    3 years ago

    Do u think this is funny..., nobody has time to laugh for this shittt.!
  59. one ethiopia
    one ethiopia
    3 years ago

    inatu tibeda ihe nech

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Artist: Ethiopian Comedy
Video title: Filfilu Speaking English in American Restaurant