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Ethiopian Comedy - Mestefaker - FilFilu's NEW Funny Comedy

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Added by Bini in Ethiopian Comedy



Mestefaker - NEW
Funny Comedy


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  • አዲስ Added ሀይ ፋላው በጣም ታስቃህ ወድሃለሁ
  • hailekiros Added please open the picture
  • 1234 Added አያስቅም
  • tom Added that black guy his funny i like him
  • Hulegeb Added Weta yalale sew Comedy aygebawum.....filflu....yamral....damn 4 dos u hate him!...he is a star much better dan u!!!!!
  • JDD Added yatelal
  • ZT Added አሪፍ
  • me Added era mnem aysekem bechel alekselhe neber damn!
  • Satenaw Added kibebew geda beit le amet baal fifilu bitaredilt des yelegn neber...Jilanfo neger
  • kkkkaaaaallluuu Added i love the part that says ''endaleseh''. well, before most ppl woren't interested in filflu's comedy. he wasn't fuuny on most of his jokes but doesn't mean that he cannot change. everybody changes ppl. so chealax.
  • lovely Added not funny boooooooooooooooo
  • mmm Added endalesek.... hahahahah kkkkkk....
  • bu bu Added ሃሃሃሃ ሲበርድህ ነው እንዴ እጅህን ኪስህ የምትከተው.. ሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃዓ ...
  • rfr Added ena motherly bekerbwot new des yemilegne.lol
  • tariku Added kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • endale geu Added አያስቅም
  • bura 2003 Added kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ፍልፍሉን ማግኘት ዕፈልጋለሁ አብረን ቁጭ ብለን ብናወራ ደስ ይለኛል የፍልፍሉን ሁሉንም ቀልድ አይቻለሁ በጣም ነው የሚዪስቀው kkkkkkkkkkk
  • Fev Added Atent new memslegne man gitot new alech...the best part
  • sam Added he is really funny he is a good comedian filfilu
  • faffi Added hahahah ante sewye nefsek aymarme besaqe gedlkge fitke erasu yasqal.
  • konjo Added hahahahhaha.... betam yasikal arif new!!! kip it up.
  • safas Added djgjfdjkfgkfzk
  • ABUCHU Added ፍልፍሉ ሌላም ካለ በናትህ ልቀቅብን
    አንተን ማየት በራሱ ብቻ ያስቃል
  • henok Added filfilu benateh atmuazez betam tastelaleh!!! dbari
  • rumana Added atent new yemimeslew, man getot new alechiny lol
  • ann Added hh nice comedy
  • ja Added filflu gena sayewunewu des milegh
  • ya Added it is weird!
  • Zed Added so *** of you.!!!!!
  • lily girl Added ene eco lebes west sew yal alemeselegnim kaaakaaakaaaaakkaaa
  • godolias Added ፍልፍሉ ልክነህ ወንድ አንድ ብቻ ነው
  • ggggggggggg Added አሁን እሄንን አይተህ ....http://www.diretube.com/ethiopian-comedy/ dateyo-advertisiment-new-comedy-video_39250ea a8.html እሄን ስታይ ....ያስለቅሳል ........... lol
  • abraham Added betam yasazinal!!! beyetignaw zemen new gin yetefeterikew? So ugly script.
  • Ezana Added fulfilu u are so funny !

    Thanks for the great time I had watching this comedy. It was really superb.
  • tery Added filflu u do t need to act to make me lough when i see your face i start lough already
  • bedlu Added ፈጣጣው ፎጋሪ ፍልፍሉ ; ፈጣጣነትህ ይመቸኛል::
  • lily girl Added yetaliyan geez haaaa
  • abe Added nice comedy , i like it
  • big boss Added ligtowan kedmeh defrehatala hahahah. I like filflu
  • kebraraw Added አሪፍ ነው በተለይ ፍልፍሉ
  • weyalaw Added ፍልፍሉ እንደዛው ቢቀር ይ*ለ*ል
  • MM Added I just can't stop loughing. I love filfilu.He is real jocker.
  • TheBehailu Added Arif new, gin minew endeyenea bitea enjera bitstis ale?
  • fggffg Added አጨራረሱ አያምርም
  • Mas Added diz iz betam betam funnyyy.yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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