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Ethiopian Comedy - Ethiopian Man Busted in a Job Interview - Very Funny

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Added in Ethiopian Comedy

Ethiopian Man Busted in a Job Interview -
Very Funny

Ethiopian Comedy



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  • Genet Added abeshaa hono mejemreay endayet be englizegh awerawe abeshoch be sew hager yemyaweruit be ferengu afe new maletnew? wey abeshaaaaa
  • judge Added zelzala...alebabesachu is not good for you you know what mean
  • bitoolee@gmail.com Added really it's very funny, but don't forget to accept everything, no undermining for every job ok, appreciated!
  • tedebadabew Added ምን ፉገራ መሆኑ ነው አጋጣሚ ተቀረጰ ነው? እንዴት ሃበሻን መለየት ያቅታል ሌላ ካቃተ ሃበሻ አማረኛ ባይችልም እንክዋን በ አካሔዱ በ አኽዋሃኑ ማወቅ ይቻላል እስኪ እኔ ጋር ሞክር አይደለሁም ብለህ እስኪ ማል ስልህ እጄን ስትመታ ያኔ እንነቃቃ ነበር
  • mitu Added TESHEWEDACHU

    Interview layi ok Kebet jemiro gin lemin camera asefelege ?
  • GEMECHU Added ጭኣታም ትዉልድ
  • HARAR Added የእንግዴ:ልጅ!
  • zeleke Added እንደዚህ አየነት ትውልድስ ቢሰደድም አይቆጭ:: ምክንያቱም ለዛች ድሃ አገር ተጨማሪ ድህነት ነው:: እዛው ሁኑ:: ስትመጡ ግን iphon ,ipod
    and laptop እንዳትረሱ:: ቢያንስ እሱ ይጠቅማል::
  • ummm Added gegema at least change the guys name who interviewed you his name is eliyas and you r expecting him to be someone who doesn't speak amharic....doma
  • emu Added ማፈሪያም ማፈሪያ:: ወራዳ ዱርየ

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