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Ethiopian Animation - Clay Animation - Old man singing - NICE ON

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Ethiopian Animation


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  • emuy Added i don like
  • tedy Added so smart ...............
  • Sami Utakata Added Betame yemwedew musica new
  • henok Added it is best. wow!wow!wow! what an animation!! what an arada sheba!!
  • Didi Added 2much good
  • zelealm Added i like all of them
    to contains
  • fanuelabera Added በታም ደስ ይላል
  • nini Added wow new beka!!! i love it.... creative, wonderful job and the singers voice is to die for....
  • c Added አሪፍ ነው!!
  • ssssssss Added He is nice n he has nice teeth
  • EthiopianAnimation Banned Added Thank you for posting this animation. This was created by EthiopianAnimations.com and towards the end of the animation there was a clip added to show how it was done and also the credit to the creator. It is purposely removed from this clip here. Please don't do this in the future ! keep the creators title and whatever credit they include. search youtube for 550891 to c full clip.
  • blue Added i love it but i dont agree the part ....set wusha natena..... :)
  • mekdi tess Added i like it so much.keep the good work.
  • Sem Added ከውቲ ነው!! I know how much work it is now after trying to model a simple football at a night
  • elias molla Added keep it up !!!!
  • elias molla Added keep it up !!!
  • DMG Added Hmm, I like the beginning but we need mmmooorrreee!!
  • A.F Added wow! Ethiopans grow so fast, they even start making cartoon movies. the are very smart. and they have many funny cartoon movies.
  • Dave Added A great work, i like it too much.
  • It is me. Added I like it. Very great work
  • titi Added kikiki....i didnt know that meles is singer ;-) Anyways, good job! i like it
  • sent Added wow. very cute
  • yy Added nice song and animation
  • madefro Added yachn buchlayen eserulg betam sete wsanatena melkeskes atatam lol.......
  • chuchu Added nice old music
  • semamlak Added i's realy amizing web that i have ever seen it
  • y Added Good job!!!!I really like it.Keep going.
  • k Added what a wonderful animation! please post more.
  • gangabat Added hahah afnchaw lik ye MELES ZENAW now yemimaslow hay ye saw mamasasal,,hah
  • surafel Added who the *** does he /she think they are to make a mock of a dead singe?r just try to think twice and come to your moral senses OK this is not funny but junk and bullshit WUSSHA!!! and as for the singer R>I>P the legend Teshome Demisse !!!!
  • gimy Added I love it. go go precious work
  • linabik Added konjo naw i like it bataly kindebu ena malatawe yameral
  • Tes Added I want to invite him to DC. I need him.
  • satisfied Added nice peace of work
  • whome ever Added that is fabulous man keep on working on that but don't cher's effect on the music
  • Ethiopian Added Man you go! I like it so much. Ethiopian needs more of these stuffs to get rid of western's culture colonization.
  • semere Added whose song is this? i wonder to know please
  • tazabe Added I love it....he looks like prof. Adugyaw from cali.
  • ethii Added waw men i like it wat ever 3d or other dont complain guys just look it cuz no bady did this here just type your bull words ***
  • kiki Added hahahahahaha..............very nice job
  • doni Added good job. "endi yale zemen agatemogn ayawekem........"
  • anni Added he is cute lool
  • :) Added i dont think this is clay. looks like 3d animation
  • Brook Added Jorow ena afenchawen menw endezi astelekachut?
    i love it tho "men aynet zemen new zemene dirito abatun yazewal leju tegoleto" lol just creative and intertaining... thx
  • Z Added kalaye kalesema bale aheya newwww !!kkkkkkk sure
  • aa Added against women's right
  • cjman Added chamawu betam des sile
  • hiruy Added like it
  • Nebro Added eju ena teresu yameral :P nice work my man
  • ethiopia tikdem Added very nice.aynoch des yilalu
  • Ethio Boy Added NICE ONE.... KEEP IT UP GUYS!
  • Derege Added BAL AHEYA NEW???manen new beke.. ante balge kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.one of the best so far BRAVO!!!!!!! aynu degmo mamaru
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