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Enechewawet - Interview with Artists Rekik Teshome & Tewodros Teshome - Part 2


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Added by Reka in Other Interview



Interview with Artists Rekik Teshome & Tewodros Teshome - Part 2.


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  • seli Added REKIK oh i love you, you made me lough when you act "YEWENDOCHE GUDAYE LAYE" so you can act it go fo it well done sis...
  • Senait Added kofya tedergo interview. Geriba neger neh.
  • dani Added by the way the way this guy response about all as neutral part i like it . he is not weyane..of course abay is ethiopian river not gov't river...
  • አድናቂ Added ትግስት በጣም ነው የማደንቅሽ:: የምታቀርቢያቸውን እንግዶች በሙሉ በቅድሚያ የምታጠኚያቸው ይመስላል:: ምክንያቱም ተገቢና የሚመጥን ጥያቄዏች ሥታቀርቢ በመመልከቴ ነው:: ከሁሉ በላይ ግን፣ እንግዶችሽን ዘና እንዲሉ የማድረግ ችሎታሽ ወደር የለውም:: ለአድናቂሽ ኢትዮጵያዊት oprha ነሽ:: በርቺ፥ ብዙ እንጠብቃለን::
  • bubu Added wow Tedy and Rekike my favorite acters when did you guys come in Boston i want to see Abay vs Vegas? God be with you guys.
  • Abe Added I have a doubt that Abay and Vegas and Semayawi Ferese might be a weyane sponsored films. Don't u think? Don't you see the after flow of media about Nile Dam construction
  • Hagos Added Tigist u can not deny EBS is sponsored by Woyane. But Teddy and rekik may not be woyane. Tigist I can see living in America excite u and u want to talk more about US, US. U better have real life, I see from u artifical act.
  • Temz Ambaye Added በጣም ደስ የሚል ነው በርቱ ......... ሀገራችን ትደግ.
  • yetnayet Added @Dani betam critsize madreg hobbyh new weys? yeteweledikibet new? pls be nice, God created all of us in his image so whatch out on what you are , u don't choose to be what u would looking like.
  • dani Added Ye weyane tv be america.....yechi demo zafe yemiyahele tutuan seteshefen endeat astelach???!@#$%


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