DireTube Explore - The Unquenchable Exuberance of Habesha Women

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Scientists describe Ethiopia as the cradle of humanity and the home to the most famous prehistoric remains ever found. ...Ethiopia is also the home to some of the "most" beautiful women in the world. Here are some of them... BOOK I The update includes a rare picture of Sayat Demissie and is presented in High Definition. PS Pictures were sourced from all over the web and I do not claim their ownership. If by any chance that you find a picture you own the right to and want it removed, please let me know and I will. The music in the background is performed by Elsa Haile ( another Ethiopian beauty ) and is called: WONDERFUL PEOPLE , (Ya Ho).
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  • ayal

    so so beautiful Ethiopian l women

  • dengay

    HOt !!!! amazing beauties ! thanks for sharing hommie.
    all this haters blathering on here are ugly sorry ass people who can't handle the truth.
    Thanks again.
    I wake up every day proud that i am an Ethiopian.

  • not

    they r realy ugly!!!!!!!

    Arteficial ? this not thier natural face

  • zaina Banned

    Macxell Hulum konjo nachew kinat asemeselebeh

  • maxell Banned

    they all are ugly