CNN International - Inside Washington D.C.'s 'Little Ethiopia'


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Inside Washington D.C.'s 'Little Ethiopia'

Washington (CNN) -- A record shop blares the contagious thump-thump of Ethiopian music. The aroma of strong coffee fills the air. And thick spices tickle your nose virtually every half a block.

This is 9th and U Street in Washington, D.C. -- the unofficially designated "Little Ethiopia". Africans have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it's clear here in the 25 shops and restaurants huddled together in one city block.

"You see within the Ethiopian community when you have someone start a business, that person becomes a role model for others," explains Tsehaye Teferra, President of the Ethiopian Community Development Council. "So you are absolutely sure that you get three, four businesses the next day in the same location."

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    It will be second ethiopia in washington dc ,it is not far we will have anather ethiopia in north america.

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    i'm proud of you guys keep it up

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    Endalke, thank you so much, how about region? I think it should be addis ababa. My Qebele is 27

    Thank you again. You have no idea how you how helped me out.

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    Hi Mimiye
    Zone = Wereda = 6
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    Kebeleshen alakewem

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    Can someone tell me the region, zone and wereda or kifle ketema for addis ababa mesaalemia area please? I am trying to fill out a form here and i don't know what to write.

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