Big Brother Africa - Ethiopian Hanni and Lomwe Kissing @BBA Get Down


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Hanni and Lomwe
Big Brother Africa

Big Brother Africa

Ethiopian News
Hanni and Lomwe, Big Brother Africa, Amplified, Ethiopian Hanni

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  • kidist ababa Banned

    አሳፋሪ የኢትዮጺያ የተለቀቁ የወሲብ picture & videos

  • Teferi

    This is abhorrent thing I have ever seen on Diretube. Diretube kept this footage for unreasonably long time. I don't know why. Is that because they didn't see an Ethiopian lady kiss a man. Kissing a man is not a big deal. Neither is having sex with sb. But they kept this video to show how foolish they are. If it's not for this reason, they wouldn't do such silly thing.

  • Proud Ethiopian Amhara who appreciate the advancement of current Ethiopia!

    You know what, this bitch is slutttttttttttttt!!! it is amazing to me to watch , In her mind kissing man on televised TV, is a sign of advancement!!!! let me tell you bitch I lived USA most of my life. I always respect my culture no matter what. In addition here USA the slut one is the one uneducated they have nothing to live for, such as like you slutyyyyyyy!!!! I was so happy the other slutyyy was about to be charge for been slutyyy in public put down Ethiopian Culture!!!!! what the *** happened to that low life Ethiopian bitchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • King

    What a dirty seen...... what people do for money.
    I kind of shame this is nothing to do with freedom of speech this one of western brain washing. Some on STOP this show

  • sosi

    Ethiopian slut