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  • Teddy Afro’s Concert for Mesqel Cancelled

    Tewodros Kassahun’s (a.k.a. Teddy Afro) fans are in for yet another disappointment with the cancellation of a postponed concert for Mesqel, the Ethiopian Christian holiday of “the Finding of the True Cross”.

    Teddy AfroFans had hoped that Ethiopia’s sensational but controversial singer and song writer would perform inside Laphto Mall, after his earlier plan for a concert during the eve of Ethiopia’s New Year was thwarted due to lack of a permit from the city administration.

    “Though the organisers had submitted a written notice for the aborted New Year’s Eve concert, the City was unable to accommodate their request on that specific date due to overlapping programmes that had overstretched our capacity,” Feleke Negash, head of Cabinet Affairs Directorate of the Addis Abeba City Administration, told Fortune last week. “As such we communicated this to them that it would be better to hold the event at some other time.”

    Organisers had agreed to postpone the concert to Mesqel, while managers from both Ballers Lounge and AZ Entertainment had confirmed this to Fortune two weeks ago. The announcement of the postponement of the ill-fated concert to Mesqel put fans in a frenzy of inflated expectations surrounding the situation.

    For the New Year’s Eve concert, an estimated 6,000 fans were expected to flock to Laphto Mall to be entertained by Teddy Afro’s captivating music, with its uniquely popular melodies and often nostalgic lyrics, which are at times highly divisive and politically charged.

    For Yehualashet Chane, a 30-plus, fan of Teddy Afro, the cancellation of the concert was a huge disappointment.

    The fans would have paid 700 Br for tickets, while VIP seats would cost 1,200 Br. Judging by some of the comments made by the fans, price was not an issue. Rather, some expressed the view that the venue might be too small to accommodate the large number of fans, given the following the singer enjoys. As Abrham Wondimu complained on social media, that venue is a “small place” to host Teddy’s fans.

    Another fan, Ephrem Abebe, posted on Teddy Afro’s Facebook page expressing his excitement about the concert.

    “I will attend the concert of my #1 favorite musician for the first time,” he said.

    The anticipation of the fans was widespread, and Kirubel Kinfe in excitement, posted “can’t wait!” on the singer’s official Facebook page.

    As the date of the concert approached though, Teddy Afro apologised for the inconvenience due to cancellation. His fans took to social media to express their anger directed at city authorities and show support for their musical idol.

    “It’s okay,” a fan named Hailu Belay posted on Facebook. “The most important thing is that you [Teddy Afro] are well.”

    Another fan, Surafel Teklu, turned to one of the singer’s popular songs for inspiration, “It’s going to be easy – Kelal Yihonal.”

    Following the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve concert, fans found comfort in the pledge made by the singer that, “God willing, the concert will take place on Mesqel.”

    However, Teddy Afro’s trademark “Love Shall Triumph – Fiqir Yashenifal” slogan will not be echoing across Laphto Mall this Sunday. A representative of the organisers visited the city administration last week twice, but without a letter of request, said officials in the city administration.

    “We asked him to produce such letter and he has not returned,” Feleke told Fortune.

    The City enforces a directive for those interested in organising public gatherings and events, balancing their right to hold the event, while safeguarding security in case any brawls arise, according to Feleke.

    Organisers were not responsive last week, despite repeated efforts to reach them for comment. Contrary to the level of curiosity by some of the singer’s fans about whether or not a concert would take place during Mesqel, neither Teddy Afro’s website, nor his social media platforms has made an announcement.

    “The cancellations reflect badly on the organisers,” Alazar Ahmed, a marketing and promotion expert, told Fortune.


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  • Singer Teddy Afro Set for Oslo Concert after he was allowed to travel out of Ethiopia

    Singer Teddy Afro Set for Oslo Concert after he was allowed to travel out of Ethiopia

    Teddy Afro has been cancelled most of his Europe concerts because he was unable to leave Ethiopia. This morning, he was able to get his passport back from the security officials.

    The Good News for Teddy Afro Fans is that he officially announced about the concert in Oslo and will be arriving for His concert Tomorrow.

    Here is an image today at the Airport in Bole Addis Ababa

    Here is a local Radio Report on his Case

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  • Coca-Cola refused to release Teddy Afro the World Cup Anthem

    Coca-Cola refused to release Teddy Afro the World Cup Anthem

    In a Press Release from Teddy Afro Official Website its confirmed that Coca-Cola refused to release Teddy Afro the World Cup Anthem. According to the press release Mr. Misikir Mulugeta in a dramatic twist started to question Teddy Afro’s reputation when the Ethiopian version of the World Cup Anthem was about to be released and changed his words and agreements.

    Here is the Full Press Release

    Over the past months, we have been under intense pressures with flooding requests to reveal our positions regarding the relationship that exist between Coca Cola and the widely rumoured involvement of Artist Tewodros Kassahun or “Teddy Afro,” on the Ethiopian Version of the World Cup Anthem. While it came as a big surprise for us to learn how Teddy Afro’s association with Coke could leak out and became almost a public knowledge considering the fact that we have made and upheld a firm contractual commitment to maintain strict confidentiality, we have now come to understand that the disclosure of Teddy’s association with Coke by producers a local FM media entertainment program was ironically, not only confirmed but even the Coke’s TV production was praised by Mr. Misikir Mulugeta, Coca Cola Brand Manager for Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    Undoubtedly, on behalf of Coca Cola, the local Brand Manager initiated to bring Teddy Afro with Coke TV Production to take part in the Ethiopian Version of World Cup Anthem. We welcomed the request in absolute good faith since the project brings our lovely motherland to the spot light of world cup spectators around the globe on its positive side and make Ethiopians presence in this major global sporting event, highly anticipated by large number of the world population, visibly felt as part of our contribution to image building efforts to our country and people. In addition to this, we were also mindful that upon its release, the Ethiopian version of the World Cup Anthem will heighten and enhance worldwide recognition and reputation of Teddy Afro’s artistic image and personality.

    In response to our unwavering allegiance to our esteemed motherland and fans among humanities at home and abroad, our involvement was appropriate and justified. On his part, Teddy Afro invested his time, energy, and artistic wisdom to his level best in his bid to achieve the best possible TV production on the Ethiopian Version of the World Cup Anthem. He was perfectly aware that his participation in the Coke Studio project had among others, a daunting mission of bringing the image of Ethiopia in to global attention through world class brand and not prompted by a negligible and token advantage acquired from commercial ad to promote certain products.

    It was with great honour, pride and satisfaction that we received a highly invigorating and enthusiastic news and congratulatory note from Mandala TV, the Agent of Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa Limited to provide various services for the production and launch of a music property through its Production Manager, Mr. David Sander, who disclosed that Teddy Afro’s work in the Coke studio has been superbly and successfully completed and further confirmed that “The World Cup Video has been produced and distributed to Coca Cola for release – probably in January.” Following the completion of the work, the excited TV producers were even prompted to solicit, there and then, Teddy Afro’s participation, for free, on Coke’s Album, which was immediately accepted and performed for “the new year episode” that “played out on 31st December in four countries from 8pm” last year,
    Several days later, while we were eagerly waiting for the final distribution and release of the finished work on the Ethiopian Version of the World Cup Anthem, Mr. Misikir offered us to see the finished work and we were all very happy with the artist performance as much as the producers of Coke Studio.

    Shortly afterwards, in a dramatic twist and out of the blue, Mr. Misikir approached and attempted to inform us in a rather timid mood that Teddy Afro’s participation and coverage in the work “does not fit his reputation” and sought our support and approval for him for the finished work non-release. The whole trail of events that led him to try to persuade us to accept his position was also accompanied by a request that he wanted “a teleconference” to be conducted and threatened us to avoid any disclosure regarding his latest position by Teddy Afro that in his opinion would be “a disaster.”
    Moreover, as if he was not involved from the very outset, in persuading us to take part in the Coke project and bringing us in touch with Mandala TV, Coke Agent, Mr. Misikir totally denied any association and communication with Coca Cola and distanced himself with a calculated move not to shoulder any responsibility for his disgraceful, unpatriotic and coward act that compromised national and popular concerns to dubious and narrow self-serving interest.

    We have been repeatedly assured by the Production Manager of Coke Studio on the high quality of the finished work from technical point of view. Accordingly, the reason and ultimate decision for withholding the distribution and release of the Ethiopian Version of the World Cup Anthem was made without any knowledge and discussion with the Artist or his manager by a concerted decision of Mr. Misikir Mulugeta and the Agent Mandala TV.

    Despite our persistent request for the distribution and release of the work, the last response that we received through the agent emphasized that “at this stage, we are not going to release the Ethiopian version of the track for the time being” that attempted to cajole and diffuse our intense outburst and deceive us to believe that they will release it sometime in the future which adds insult on injury to our beloved country, lack of respect to all self-respecting Ethiopians, millions of local and expatriate fans, and the Artist.

    The several efforts made on our part to seek clarifications or answers against the erratic and abrupt actions were either left unattended or simply disregarded and replies were often given after we lost our patience.

    Finally, although a teleconference was organized to discuss on the issue with a view to create some sort of understandings on the respective positions of the parties involved, we have learnt that the discussion was unprofessionally organized, without transparency to candidly seek solution and full of insincerity by focusing on getting grasp of what our intention was rather than how we can jointly tackle and avoid the unfolding dispute. The fact that the teleconference was deliberately held by sidelining our Manager, who is legally authorized to deal with the issue, is by itself a clear proof for lack of good faith.

    Regrettably, therefore we are forced to disclose to all Ethiopians and foreigners alike that are fans of the artist that we have severed our association and relationship with Coca Cola and decided not to condone these cowardice and unpatriotic acts of betrayal, disgrace and indignity that has national dimension against our esteemed motherland, people and fans despite our still persisting appeal for Coca Cola’s reconsideration of its action until the opening of the world cup.

    We also assure our fans that while we continue to pressure Coca Cola to distribute and release the work until the last day, we shall simultaneously take all peaceful steps as are justified under circumstances to avoid impending controversies and dispute that would harm the image and interest of all parties involved and attempt to restore the confidence and trust that our fans bestowed on us.

    Teddy Afro Fans are Gearing up to Bycotte Coca-Cola

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  • Aster Aweke and Teddy Afro, 20 top nominees for Kora Awards

    Ethiopian Artists Teddy Afro and Aster Aweke in the list of the 20 top nominees for this year's Kora Awards.

    The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on 2nd December in Ivory Coast. Teddy Afro Manager is not aware of the Choice and declined to comment.

    This year's event offered fans across Africa the chance to vote for their favourite artistes as the final countdown for the Kora Awards 2014 begins.

    Teddy Afro and Aster Aweke  placed in the same category with Diamond from Tanzania,  and Wahu Kagwi of Kenya.

    Through their Facebook page, Kora Awards gives fans a chance to select their best artistes from Eastern, Central, Western, Southern and Northern Africa before coming up with a complete list of the top artistes.

    The other nominees include Omawumi [Nigeria] Mafikizolo and Zahara [South Africa] Sarkodie [Ghana], Koffi Olomide and Fally Ipupa (DR Congo), Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe), Viviane Chidid (Senegal), Cheb Khaled (Algeria), and DJ Arafat (Ivory Coast) and four other African music artistes made the Top 20 list.

    The Kora Awards are music awards given annually for musical achievement in sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 1994 by Ernest Adjovi, the awards are named after the Kora, an important West African plucked chordophone.

    American recording artiste, Chris Brown is expected to be the guest artiste at the December awards gala.

    Go to and let's VOTE for our Ethiopian Artists to win.

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  • Oromo Ethiopians celebrate #BoycottBedele beer victory

    Heineken-owned beer company drops sponsorship of Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro amid protests from country's largest ethnic group.

    Members of Ethiopia's largest ethnic group are celebrating online after the Heineken beer company announced that its Ethiopian franchise would cancel sponsorship of pop star Teddy Afro.
    The Bedele beer company dropped its support for Teddy Afro's upcoming national tour on Thursday, though it did not give a reason. Ethiopian Oromos have been campaigning to boycott the beer over controversial statements allegedly made by the entertainer.
    Oromos were outraged after he allegedly praised Emperor Menelik II, a 19th-century ruler who some see as a unifier and who placed territories belonging to Oromo and other groups under centralised rule. The magazine quoted Teddy Afro as saying, "For me, Menelik's unification campaign was a holy war". The artist's most recent album also has a song dedicated to the emperor, among other popular historical leaders.

    Teddy Afro says the quote was falsely attributed to him, writing on Facebook, "Under circumstances unbeknownst to me and due to the error of the magazine, my photo was printed along side a different quote which is not in line with my belief or journey.... The magazine has issued a correction and apologized to us for its error." Some expressed doubt that the comment was an error.

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