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  • Ethiopia Grants Land for New Industrial Zones

    The Ethiopian Ministry of Industry has made 10 plots of land available for eight domestic and international investors in the manufacturing sector who have requested land to build industrial zones.

    These plots are a part of the 13 reclaimed by the Addis Ababa City Administration for failing to properly develop them.
    The plots each cover 2, 800 meter squares and are found in the Akaki Kality and Mekanisa Lebu districts.

    The companies granted the land are involved in the manufacture of garments, shoes, metal and agro processing sectors.
    Four of these companies are domestic companies Aziza. Son Mool, Pissel and Mimon garment factories as well as Kingson Leather Shoe company while two international shoe manufacturers, Turkish Global Leather and the Indian Pior Loti shoes,  domestically based Eliana coffee and EFESOL Technology were granted the remaining plots.

    It is to be remembered that these were the only eight companies that passed the technical evaluation after 259 companies showed interest following the Ministry’s call for interest.

    The technical evaluation was undertaken by a panel of experts from the Ethiopian Leather Industry Development and the Textile Industry Development Institute. Factors considered in the evaluation  include the financial capability, the experience, technical competence and technology employed in the manufacturing process as well as other criteria.

    Source: Fortune
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