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Egypt PM accused of leaking confidential data on Nile River

Published: Jun 14, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
Qandil accused of leaking confidential data to a Dutch company

Cairo: Dr Hisham Al Nashwi, Chief Engineer of Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), accuses Prime Minister Hisham Qandil of leaking information, studies and confidential data about revenues and flooding of the Nile River in Egypt to a Dutch company developing the design of Ethiopian Renaissance.

Al Nashwi, who is member of Unesco’s International Hydrologic Programme (IHP), said that Qandil, as he was Minister of Irrigation in 2011, helped the Dutch company Deltares to expedite the completion of the design.

Deltares, according to its website, is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Its main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. It works closely with Dutch government, international governments, knowledge institutes and market parties.

Deltares launched in March 2011 its programme DEWFORA, Improved Drought Early Warning and Forecasting to strengthen preparedness and adaptation to droughts in Africa. DEWFORA kickoff meeting and General Assembly was held at the premises of Deltares, in the city of Delft the Netherlands, in March 2011. The meeting was attended by representatives from all consortium partners. They include Nile Forecast Centre of Egypt’s MWRI.

'No Nile, no Egypt', Cairo warns over Ethiopia dam

Published: Jun 10, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's foreign minister, vowing not to give up "a single drop of water from the Nile", said on Sunday he would go to Addis Ababa to discuss a giant dam that Ethiopia has begun building in defiance of Cairo's objections.

Speaking to Egypt's state news agency MENA two days after the Ethiopian government flatly rejected a request from Cairo to halt the project, Mohamed Kamel Amr said Egyptians view any obstacle to the river's flow as a threat to national survival.

"No Nile - no Egypt," he said, highlighting the pressure on the Egyptian government, whose popularity is wilting in the face of economic troubles, to prevent the hydro power plant cutting already stretched water supplies for its 84 million people.

Last week, Ethiopia summoned the Egyptian ambassador after politicians in Cairo were shown on television suggesting military action or supporting Ethiopian rebels - a mark of the threat felt in Cairo from the plan to dam the Blue Nile, the tributary that supplies the bulk of water downstream in Egypt.

Egyptian politicians caught in on-air Ethiopia dam gaffe

Published: Jun 4, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics

ElBaradei calls on Morsy to apologize to Ethiopia

Published: Jun 4, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
Mohamed ElBaradei, National Salvation Front Coordinator, called on President Mohamed Morsy to apologise to Ethiopia and Sudan for “the irresponsible utterances” made during the national dialogue session held on Monday to discuss the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis.

On his Twitter account, ElBaradei –also the President of the Dostour Party– demanded that Morsy offer similar apologies to both countries in the name of Egyptians.

The live broadcast of the national dialogue on Monday sparked criticism by participants in the dialogue, including Ayman Nour –president of Ghad al-Thawra party. He called for holding responsible those who decided to broadcast on air what was supposed to be a closed dialogue session.

Pakinam al-Sharqawy, assistant presidential adviser for political affairs, extended her apologies for "any unintended embarrassment caused to any of the political leaders who attended the national dialogue session to discuss the report submitted by the tripartite committee on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam."

Ethiopia dam dominates headlines, judges protest

Published: May 31, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
News about Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam and Cairo’s fears over its water supply continued to dominate Thursday’s headlines in Egypt.  Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding the judicial authority law returned to the front pages as judges have planned a strike.
State-owned paper Al-Akhbar reports that Egypt would lose a quarter of its water supply every year during which the path of the Blue Nile, one of the Nile’s two major tributaries, remains altered.
The country depends on the Nile River for 85 percent of its water supply. The megaproject, however, is expected to deprive Egyptians of 12 billion cubic meters of water per year, according to a report published by a tripartite committee made up of experts from Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.
The privately-owned Al-Shorouk newspaper reports that Egypt may resort to a “diplomacy weapon” if it cannot reach common ground with Ethiopia. The paper quotes diplomatic sources who say that Egypt could seek assistance from the Arab League to resolve the crisis.

Ethiopia acting 'unilaterally' on Blue Nile

Published: May 31, 2013 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News
Experts on Middle Eastern hydro politics have described Ethiopia’s diverting a stretch of the Blue Nile to make way for a hydroelectric dam as “a unilateral move" that risked a regional war.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Hani Rislan, director of al-Ahram Political and Strategic Research Center Africa Unit said “Renaissance Dam is part of a giant project composed of 4 dams which will gather 200 billion cubic meters of water.”

Rislan said the project threatened Egypt with drought, a $4 million revenue loss in agriculture, unemployment of 2 million families and with compromising the potential of Egypt's main hydroplant, the Aswan Dam.

Rislan said that Ethiopia’s "surprising decision" meant that the dam construction was pre-planned and it jeopardized possibility of cooperation between the three riparian states, the third being Sudan.

"Khartoum may submerge"
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