UPDATE: Abey Belette Girma is Suspect for Dallas Couple's Murder

Published: Aug 17, 2012 Filed under: Ethiopian News Views: 8,851
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Abey Belette Girma is Suspect for Dallas Couple's Murder

Dallas police have identified a murder suspect in the shooting deaths of a Dallas couple.

Investigators said Abey Belette Girma followed Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta home from their restaurant, the Desta Ethiopian Restaurant on northern Greenville Avenue, Wednesday night. He allegedly shot them because they had disrespected him.

The couple died on the door step of their M Street home just after midnight.

Neighbors who heard gunfire called police to the home in the 5700 block of Marquita Street. Inside, a relative was caring for the couple's 1-year-old son.

Earlier on Thursday, Oak Farms Dairy offered $10,000 to whoever had information leading to the arrest and indictment of any suspects.

However, a few hours later, Dallas police announced the reward offer had been retracted and that "detectives are working on potential information."

Girma has not yet been arrested.

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  1. siosay eshetu
    siosay eshetu
    3 years ago

    habeshan mene nekawe besewe hager megedadel?
  2. dswesdif
    3 years ago


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  3. zemeta
    3 years ago

    Being disrespected is part of human life. He is emature for taking life of two people for such senseless reason. This is permanent solution for temporary problem, he would have dealt with it differently.
  4. Jonte
    3 years ago

    I hope he gets the death penalty! RIP to those poor souls.
  5. meron
    3 years ago

    egziyabehair yeserahen yestehe yehestan lejachew amelake yebekelehe
  6. helen
    3 years ago

    ye 2 sew demi bekentu feso ayikerim , yejihin tagenewalehi
  7. Seattle
    3 years ago

    You take two lifes just because you are disrespected ? This is so sad. Now you will see what disrespecting is when you join your fellows in jail.

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