The bego aderagot building to be demolished

The bego aderagot building to be demolished

The four storey building besides the Ethiopia Hotel, the bego aderagot building, is ready to be demolished. The building which is the property of the Government’s housing agency is given to the investor who bought the Ethiopia Hotel from the Ethiopian privatization agency with 94 million birr.

It was in 2005 E.C that the Addis Ababa city administration’s cabinet decided for the investor to demolish the Ethiopia hotel and acquire an additional 1407 square meters of an adjoining land to build a 63 storey hotel.

Though the government’s housing agency is ready for the bego aderagot building to be demolished activities were slowed due to various reasons. And in the meantime, residents and businesses in the building are protesting the move by claiming that the building is a historic building that shouldn’t be demolished.

As the Reporter newspaper reports on the issue, residents and businesses that reside on this building that was built in 1929 E.C are struggling to save the historic building from being demolished.

Girum Tebeje of DireTube from the Reporter

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  • Ethio

    @jambo definitely you are right !!

  • jambo

    what kind of history behind Ethiopia Hotel? I have no objection...? we will never live in history. unless it will create job opportunity for others.

  • Binny

    This is a historical building and to be preserved. We seen several structures in centres of very big cities in the world and preserved because of their long histories. This building is also in its firm architectural structure till date. We do not have to demolish everything. We have plenty of other spaces for construction. The city has to think again and consult re known people and engineers/architects. This issue must be revisited again.

  • buzu

    Buildings with historical backgrounds should be protected!

  • john

    @ANF zimbel baki alikasha b i d a t a

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