Kuwait Military officer arrested for Kissing his Ethiopian Girlfriend

Military officer held for disgracing uniform

KUWAIT: A Ministry of Defense officer was arrested at Kuwait International Airport by a fellow military man who caught him sharing an intimate moment with a female passenger.

The arrested officer was inside a coffee shop, where he was caught sharing hugs and kisses with his Ethiopian girlfriend. The scene caught the attention of all people present including an off-duty Military Police Force Captain, who arrested him after identifying himself. 

The suspect was reportedly handcuffed and held at the airport security office, after initially attempting to escape. He explained during investigations that he drove his girlfriend to the airport to say goodbye before she flew home. The man was referred to the proper authorities to face charges, that include disgracing his military uniform in public.

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  • Capitan 10 years...

    this news should be seen as Kuwait play boy mansion!! or Diretube should change the name for showing this girls/men gone Wilde on the airport ..ha ha ha

  • fell like kissing some one....

    what if i go to Kuwait and kiss this guy? is that mean they would put me in jail too? ..well i guess they don't have a better criminals who commits a real crime and their prison is left open with no prisoners...why not taking Meles zenawi and fill up their prisons in stead?? could have been a better news rather than this one!!

  • sememen...

    to me this sounds petitic!! and unreal, bizarre etc.. ...shittt!!

  • b_G3000

    seriously? these guys have not left the medieval age.

  • Kick Ass

    I don't see the problem of having a good bye kiss from a girl fiend who is leaving overseas from a boy friend. What kind of idiots are most of Arab men, who are looking down on their woman, womanizing others and well known for prostitution when ever they travel out of their country. When will come out of their shell be human. I am glad that God has created me in a civilized world.

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