Hanni of Ethiopia reaches the Final in the Big Brother Africa

Vimbai, Kim and Millicent all fell one tantalizing step short of a shot at the two USD200, 000 prizes on M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified on 24 July as they were evicted one week before the Finale according to a press release.

That means that Africa must vote this week to decide which two of Hanni, Karen, Lomwe, Luclay, Sharon O, Vina and Wendall will walk away with the Amplified prizes next Sunday! Voting has been open from Monday July 25 and runs all the way through until Sunday 31 July.

After a tearful Vina had revealed her ‘save & replace’ decision to the Housemates, she, Karen and Sharon O were assured of a spot on the Finale.
Vina broke down as she explained her decision to her Housemates. “As you all know, making this decision isn’t very easy because the two people are really close to me. I hope the person understands – I chose to swap Lomwe for Karen,” she managed to tell them before the tears got the better of her. Karen immediately got up and hugged her and thanked her fellow Nigerian for saving her as Lomwe headed upstairs to pack.

After a stellar performance by young, talented Kenyan artist Nonini – who performed his hit “Kadhaa”, it was time for IK to give the Housemates the news. “Alright guys, it’s time for that part that neither you nor I like. Housemates, when you hear your name, please stand,” he said. “Vimbai, please stand. Lomwe, please stand. Lomwe…you’re safe, Vimbai please leave the House now,” was his message.

When the Zimbabwean emerged on stage, IK broke the news that she was the next Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Amplified House. “Tell us about your favorite moment of all,” he said. “Oh wow, there are too many to note, but definitely when Ambivalence came to visit, that was the best time,” she said “And what was your least favorite moment? Just now, walking out of the House was definitely the worst,” she said with a rueful smile. “I know you also had your beefs in the House – who were the people you found it difficult to live with?” quizzed IK. “Definitely Karen – Karen constantly provoked me so it’s tough living with her,” was Vimbai’s straightforward answer. “And then there was that whole ‘love’ thing with Wendall – but I’ll get to that later. Apart from Karen, did you have struggles with anyone else?” IK asked her. “You know, I had my ups and downs with everybody. We’re human, we’re strong characters, it was inevitable we’d have ups and downs with one another,” was her reflective response. After showing her who had nominated her, IK asked Vimbai what she would be doing next. “Right now I’m really overwhelmed, I’m going to take each day as it comes, definitely,” she said. “And your modeling career?” he asked. “Oh I’m all over that, definitely!” was her upbeat response.

Big Brother was not done yet though, and IK took viewers back into the House. “Hello again Housemates... Wendall, please stand. Kim, please stand as well. “Interesting, interesting!” exclaimed Kim as she pondered her fate. “Kim… you’ve been awesome, please leave the House. Wendall, you’re safe,” IK told them.

Kenyan star Jaguar performed “Kigeugeu” as Kim collected herself and prepared to join IK on stage. “I hate to be the guy to inform you, but you have been evicted from the House,” IK told her. “Quick question. Nic…Lomwe… who you gonna miss more?” he asked cheekily. “Ah, obviously I’m going to meet Nic after this, so I’m going to miss Lomwe,” she responded, firmly on the fence. Having checked out her highlights and her nominations, Kim bid the studio audience farewell as IK prepared to deliver more bad news to the Housemates.

Returning to the House, IK told the Housemates: “I wish I could tell you we are done, but… Hanni please stand. Luclay, please stand. Millicent please stand”. “Hanni, you’ve been lovely in the House… and you’re safe!” he said, just as the Ethiopian seemed ready to head for the door. “Luclay you have also been awesome in the House, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave… all your stuff where it is, you’re safe,” said IK, faking out the Housemates again. “Millicent, please leave the Big Brother House,” was his final and conclusive word.

Once the Amplified crew had performed, Millicent joined IK on stage. “You had a great time in the House, are you shocked to be going home?” he asked her as she frantically readjusted her dress. “Let me show you your highlights before you totally distract me from the show!” said IK. “Who do you think nominated you out of all the Housemates?” he asked her after she had seen her highlights. “No idea,” was her low-key response. Unsatisfied, IK pressed her for more. “Come on, you’re usually a blunt person, you keep it real, who do you think nominated you?” “Vina, Vimbai, Wendall,” she said, trailing off. Her video rolled – and she was right on two counts as only Wendall and Vimbai had nominated her. “How did it feel watching those two?” he asked her. “Well everybody had a chance to nominate, I nominated, so I only think it’s fair that people nominated me,” was her diplomatic response.

Earlier in the show, viewers had been given the chance to hear from last week’s evictees, Zeus, Bernadina and Mumba. Zeus admitted he’d participated in Big Brother Amplified to further his music career and said the hardest thing in the House had been trying to remain true to himself. “It’s very easy once you’re in that space, to get lost in it all. You’re cut off from the rest of the world and feel like you’re in a ‘tax-free haven’ - there are no judgments and you don’t see immediate opinions,” he said. Bernadina – one of the few Housemates to spend time in both Houses – described her experience as “an emotional rollercoaster”. ”It taught me to be more positive in my own life - despite the fact that I used to preach about how positive I am,” she said. “The person who got on my nerves would probably be Luclay because sometimes he’s quiet and reserved and then you think ‘oh yes!’ and the next moment he’s screaming and running around the House”. Mumba was happy to have celebrated her 25th birthday in the House. “I entered the show for the money, but aside from that… I want to do something different with my life, something out of the ordinary,” she said. She also said she had gotten closest to Karen and Bernadina.

The winners of the viewer prizes for this week were Wasike James (Uganda), who won a DStv HD PVR, Lucy Petra-Tawiaa (Ghana) who won a Samsung Laptop and Metarere Muvangua (Namibia), who won a Samsung Galaxy S. Xangelokoh and Xesenjoku (both from Nigeria) won a Samsung Laptop each and Xskeminie (South Africa) won a Samsung Camcorder – all for sending in the best tweet for the radio task this week.

Now it’s all down to the viewers. Big Brother still wants votes to decide which one of the Housemates are most deserving of the two USD200 000 prizes.

Viewers can vote in three different ways; using MXit, via the website, or the WAPsite on your mobile phones, or by sending an SMS. to vote using MXit viewers can open the browser on their WAP-enabled mobile phone, and type in m.mxit.com to download MXit for free. Then locate MXit on the phone in the applications or games section and register. Once in MXit, go to Tradepost -> Entertainment -> Mnet. They will find the Big Brother contact in the M-Net bot. Add the Big Brother contact. Using MXit is free and it is possible to vote up to 10 times on MXit per voting period.

To vote online; it is possible to register on DStv Connect, using an existing DStv Connect profile details to log in. (www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother). Voting on the website or wapsite is free and it is possible to vote once per hour during the voting period.

To vote via SMS; viewers can send the word VOTE followed by the Housemate's name to the number for your country (displayed in the VOTE section). SMS’s are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Viewers can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Viewers in Ethiopia can vote through the Ethio Telecom’s 835 number and the charge is 5 birr per message.


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