Government Admits the Drought in afar, Promissed to take Action

Afar Region Pastoralist and Agriculture Bureau said it has been completing coordinated works with the Federal Government and Non-legislative associations to pre-empt the impacts of shortage of rain that happened in the afar region.

Farming Inputs and Marketing Process Owner with the agency, Dr. Meles Bedane expressed that lack of fodder has occurred in 32 Weredas because of low and erratic belg downpours in 2007 EC in the area.

This has resulted not only in the decline of animal produces but caused the death of a significant number of animals on their way to neighboring Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regional states in search of pasture and water, he added.

As studies did by agents of the provincial express, the central government and the UN uncovered, 182,382 pastoralists and more than 807,000 animals need food, fodder and medicine for the coming three months.

An advisory group led by Deputy Chief Administrator of the state and involved delegates of legislative and non-legislative associations was shaped to react rapidly to the lack of rain notwithstanding completing supportable improvement works being embraced by the provincial state, he showed.


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