Ethiopian runners take five medals

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Ethiopian long-distance runners dominated the first day of athletics at the All-Africa Games on Sunday.

The country took the top three positions in the men's 3 000-metre steeplechase with Birhan Getahun Shiferaw crossing the line first in 8:17.36.

He was followed by Roba Gari Chubeta, with Sisay Koreme Mojo third.

In the women's 5 000m, Ethiopian Sule Utura Gedo won ahead of compatriot Emebet Anteneh Mengistu and Kenyan Pauline Chemning Korikwiang was third at the Zimpeto National Stadium outside the Mozambican capital.

The second and final week of the four-yearly multi-sport event, known as the 'African Olympics', had a problematic start with some heat results released six hours after they finished.

Officials wrote down a wrong distance for Nigerian Otonye Iworima in the women's triple jump, threatening to jeopardise the victory of Algerian Baya Rahouli, who took gold with 14.02m.

"I saw the girl (official) write down 14.47m," the North African told AFP.

Iworima acknowledged she had not jumped that distance, but Rahouli was upset.

"We know the organisation is not up to scratch, but we would have liked a good competition," added the Algerian.

Senegalese Ken Ndoye took the silver medal and Ugandan Sarah Nambawa the bronze.

In the men's discus, Egyptian Yasser Farag won with a throw of 63.20m and South Africans Victor Hogan and Rossel Tucker were second and third respectively.

Senegal beat Angola 64-57 to take the women's basketball title.


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