Ethiopia: More Jobs for Women

As in other traditional societies, in Ethiopia, the status of a woman has for many years been measured in terms of her role as a mother and wife.

Though they have been contributing almost an equal share to their male counterparts in the overall development process of the country, women, due to various economic and social barriers, have never been enjoying the fruits of their labour. As experience in other emerging countries have shown, an improvement in women's economic condition improves a lot in their standard of living.

For this to happen, taking in to account their situation in Ethiopia, a lot needs to be done to create more jobs mainly for rural women who are languishing within many challenges and limited opportunities. Bear in mind thousands of young women, flocking to the capital in search of jobs, and leaving their beloved nation for the same purpose, to the Arab world where violence and sexual harassment is rife. It is only when the country could be capable to create ample job opportunities accessible to all either in urban or rural sections of the country that it becomes imminent to minimize and even stop those women, who are vital inputs for their nation's growth and development, from leaving their land via harsh lines.

Without equal opportunities, women would sadly remain lagging behind their men counterparts and compelled to chose the path to leave their birthplaces, knowing torture, harassment and even death is eminent, to travel to the Arab world. More jobs everyday could save more of our women from joining those on the tragic way. Side by side to making relentless efforts to create various opportunities both in urban and rural areas, concerned bodies should also engage in creating awareness among women on those existing opportunities in their country.

Opportune moment for to grab

Fifth Ethio-Chamber International Trade Fair has opened in Addis Ababa with the motto "Buy Ethiopian". The event is expected to create a fora whereby potential buyers and sellers get together to deal with business matters. It is also an opportunity to explore investment and trade opportunities.

Bye and large forums like this would mean quite a number of things than just investment and trade opportunities. They also promote the country's image in general and its investment and export potential in particular. It will also help domestic producers in technology transfer and experience sharing.

It goes without saying that Ethiopian products have become increasingly competitive in the international market. In that respect the motto of the fair is appropriate and fitting.

Over the past couple of years Addis Ababa has become a favourite destination to hold international gatherings. The country's speedy economic growth together with the prevailing peace and stability in the country has made the city a right choice to do business. Furthermore the country has recently been attracting investors and international traders from all corners of the globe.

The Adis Ababa Chamber of Commerce have for quite long been involved in organizing similar events. Although how much an impact it has brought in terms of promoting Ethiopian products and investment opportunities is yet to be researched it is not difficult to conclude that trade fairs have been making contributions in that respect.

In such a fiercely competed world of business, promotion has a crucial role in order to emerge winner in the international market. Promotional means and tactics have advanced and promoters have gone more aggressive. In this respect the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce need to evaluate itself how much competitive it is going in its promotional activities. As a representative of the business community the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations has a role to play in advancing the promotional technologies by the business community apart from encouraging members to be competent in the international market both in product quality and price. In such a way the motto, "Buy Ethiopian" can make a real impact.

Source: Ethiopian Press Agency

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