Ethiopia among top 15 Safest Countries In The World

As natural disasters, terrorism, robberies and massacres made our planet a hell, everyone are in the urge to settle down in one of the safest places. But unfortunately when it comes to preparing a list of top 10 safest countries in the world, it becomes extremely hard to find such countries that satisfy all the criteria an individual has in mind.

So now, how would you picture a safest country? Is that the one which must have

    Low crime rate?
    No natural disaster?
    Low corruption?
    Immunity to economical crisis?
    Or is it fast solving cases?

All the above factors are something you would certainly expect from a safe place you wish to settle. But the reality is, not all these factors make it. Out of the entire mentioned factors, crime seems to be making any place unsafe to live. Crime is one of the major reasons for a person to develop anxiety, post-traumatic stress, physical pain, loss of property and so on. After researching a while and keeping all the factors in mind, we the team of lifestyle9 have framed the list of “top 10 safest countries in the world”. We have considered “crime rate” as our prime factor.

Although governments around the world continue to strict their laws towards crime, it is still increasing massively on a daily basis. Often we see it with our own eyes or at least hear it on television news and websites. While high prevalent crimes make some places completely unsafe to live, strict laws, culture and few good qualities continue to make few countries as a perfect place to live, raise kids and happily retire.   These countries have zero or at least low crime rate. Yeah, we have exceptions in everything. That’s the universal law.

Top 10 Safest Countries In The World


We have listed the safest countries based on statistical analysis report from “Federal Bureau of Investigations “. Now with no further introduction let’s move on to see the safest places around the world. Pack your bags and start the journey.

Summary: Top 100 Safest Countries In The World

    1. Japan, Crime Rate Variable : 13.11, Safety Rate Variable : 86.89

    2. Taiwan, Crime Rate Variable : 16.26, Safety Rate Variable : 83.74

    3. Hong Kong, Crime Rate Variable : 16.57, Safety Rate Variable : 83.43

    4.South Korea, Crime Rate Variable : 17.40, Safety Rate Variable : 82.60

    5. United Arab Emirates, Crime Rate Variable : 18.01, Safety Rate Variable : 81.99

    6. Malta, Crime Rate Variable : 18.54, Safety Rate Variable : 81.46

    7. Luxembourg, Crime Rate Variable : 18.75, Safety Rate Variable : 81.25

    8. Georgia, Crime Rate Variable : 19.57, Safety Rate Variable : 80.43

    9. Bahrain, Crime Rate Variable : 19.79, Safety Rate Variable : 80.21

    10. Singapore, Crime Rate Variable : 19.98, Safety Rate Variable : 80.02

Other Honorable Mentions – Safest Countries – 11 to 20

    11. Iceland, Crime Rate Variable : 22.32, Safety Rate Variable : 77.68

    12. Germany, Crime Rate Variable : 23.86, Safety Rate Variable : 76.14

    13. Estonia, Crime Rate Variable : 24.23, Safety Rate Variable : 75.77

    14. Norway, Crime Rate Variable : 25.61, Safety Rate Variable : 74.39

    15. Ethiopia, Crime Rate Variable : 26.04, Safety Rate Variable : 73.96

    16. Qatar, Crime Rate Variable : 26.17, Safety Rate Variable : 73.83

    17. Montenegro, Crime Rate Variable : 26.56, Safety Rate Variable : 73.44

    18. Belarus, Crime Rate Variable : 26.82, Safety Rate Variable : 73.18

    19.China, Crime Rate Variable : 26.87, Safety Rate Variable : 73.13

    20. Kuwait, Crime Rate Variable : 26.95, Safety Rate Variable : 73.05



    88. United States, Crime Rate Variable : 53.44, Safety Rate Variable : 46.56


    99. Argentina, Crime Rate Variable : 59.29, Safety Rate Variable : 40.71

    100. Bangladesh, Crime Rate Variable : 59.43, Safety Rate Variable : 40.57

Top 5 Least Safest Countries In The World

    114. Kenya, Crime Rate Variable : 74.30, Safety Rate Variable : 25.70

    115.South Africa, Crime Rate Variable : 76.68, Safety Rate Variable : 23.32

    116. Trinidad And Tobago, Crime Rate Variable : 83.65, Safety Rate Variable : 16.35

    117. Guatemala, Crime Rate Variable : 84.87, Safety Rate Variable : 15.13

    118. Venezuela, Crime Rate Variable : 85.70, Safety Rate Variable : 14.30

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  • wonde

    #Diretube, you're doing poor job on proving your sources. give us the link to the FBI analysis you said you have and we can be trusting you, rather than that I wont be believing anything you say from now on. it all sound like a rumor, get better at what you do or don't confuse us.

  • confused

    what the heck? Hong Kong isn't even a country. is this some kind of joke? putting cities and counties together while saying "countries"

  • ema

    Hell no US is not safe at all men.shunting is everywhere


    what cayened data this faney

  • tola

    I don't believe this mother ***ing shit

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