Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of hijacking helicopter

Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of hijacking helicopter
Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of hijacking helicopter

Ethiopia on Monday accused what it described as the "agents" of the regime in Eritrea of hijacking an Ethiopian helicopter.

The Ethiopian Defense Ministry said in a statement that an Ethiopian helicopter – that has disappeared since Friday – was forced to land in neighboring Eritrea.

It said the helicopter was on a training mission when the Ethiopian pilot forced a trainee and a technician on board to head to Eritrea.

 "The agents of the Eritrean regime had carried out the helicopter hijacking," the Ethiopian Defense Ministry added in the statement.

It denounced what it called the "enemies of peace and democracy", probably in reference to the ruling regime in Eritrea.

It said "anti-peace" groups would not be able to impede development, peace and democracy in Ethiopia.

The Anadolu Agency could not immediately obtain comments from the Eritrean government on the accusations of the Ethiopian Defense Ministry.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have been on no-peace, no-war terms since 2000 when the war between the two African states came to an end over a border triangle.

The war left thousands of people dead on both sides.

The two sides have also been trading accusations of supporting internal opposition since the end of the war.

Source: Worldbulletin

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  • jery



    Please don't give any responsability THIS PEOPLE, to even eritreans who were born in Ethiopia. they are NOT A GOOD PEOPLES. WE DO NOT NEED THEM. They attack you by the name of Ethiopians. This is a new strategy. please get ride of them. let them live in their country. NO NEED TO HAVE A REALATION. STOP STOP PLEASE.


  • diro kere hulu

    we cant trus any body just propaganda they need war and killing poor people just sad to see two family killing each other.

  • Yared Tesfaye Banned

    ይሁና ሌላ ምን ይባላል

  • Alshet

    Given that it is an enemy country to Ethiopia, it is obvious that Eritrea looks in to week points both in government and military structures of Ethiopia and take advantage of it. It is up to Ethiopian government and military to strengethen its security and be vigilante at all times about its personnel.

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