Ask-Yeneta text based information center goes operational in Ethiopia

Ask-Yeneta text based information center goes operational in Ethiopia

Ask-Yeneta is text based an excellent, reliable resource/tutoring information center powered by Globuss Support Center.

Ask-Yeneta text services converts print material into a format that is more compatible to a student’s access to limitations in order to provide adequate access to information.

Due to limitations in resources and technology, it may not be possible to reach all students across Ethiopia however it will help many have access to resources and information by simply texting questions to 8612.

The business was established in Ethiopia in 2013. Ask-Yeneta’s mission is to provide students in Ethiopia with top quality, reliable academic support.

We have a dedicated and well trained IT team to secure the technology network. We have honorable instructors and students that have already graduated from various Universities in both the United States and Ethiopia who are able to consistently provide service delivered to students in a timely and a cost-effective manner.

The turnout of the business was more successful that we predicted. Ask-Yeneta answers & explains an average of 5,000 questions per day. Our team has a vision of expansion and a great potential in growth into other areas as well.

Habtamu Tadesse formed Ask-Yeneta. This business is located in Ethiopia where only 1% of the population has access to the Internet. There are about 44 universities across Ethiopia with approximately 25,000 students in each school. None of the schools have a resource center where students can get help. Based on this, our group will provide an excellent source of reliable information to students in Ethiopia using our short code, 8612.

Ask-Yeneta’s founder (Mr. Habtamu) who is a graduate in Economics from Umass-Boston has brought together a highly respected group of computer networking and academic instructors who have a total of ten years of combined experience within the industry.

Ask-Yeneta is in the process of building online library as well.

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