Al-Jazeera - Ethiopian Immigrant Interview - Abuse of Domestic Workers in the Gulf

Al-Jazeera English aired a story today about the abuse domestic workers suffer in the Gulf. The report included an interview with a women who came to work as a maid in the UAE from East
Africa (her accent is Ethiopian, as far as I can tell). The maid was daily abused by her female employer for two years, from the second day of her employment and until a doctor notice her multiple injuries in a periodic medical checkup. The maid was beaten, burned with scolding water and hot iron, and was denied medical treatment for her injuries. She was forced to have sex with another maid, as their sadistic employer filmed them. The employer then used the video to blackmail the maid into not going to the police, saying that “the law is in her favor”.

Simel Isheb of the International Labor Organization told AJE that despite ministerial decrees across the region, domestic workers are still not protected by labor laws. Isheb added that the sponsorship system creates total dependency, which leads to “total vulnerability, and opens the door wide for abuse and exploitation”.

See the report here:

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  • Mehret

    This is really really saddening. I pray that the almighty gives this woman and many in her situation the ability to forgive and overcome such trauma. I hope she knows that pepople like me habe been inspired to do something about this. I will make a promise to you that the suffering undergone by maids in the arab world will come to an end. I promise you that!

  • eagle eye Banned

    OKAY>>>those mother ***er arabs are crossin their line...i hope they will pay it one day....
    and actually we know for a fact that arabs' women are desparet and ungreatful biatchs(sorry for ma language,i couldnt resist)...they r ugly so... that their men do not wanna "DO" them.but thats nat our sisters problem.

  • eagle eye Banned

    i am a proud ethiopian guy and i usually dont say this much,but this video really made me sad and angry and i litetary do anything if i could stop them form doin this shit over our sisters.finally for our sisters in UAE i have this word for you..."be strong,have faith in might be stormy for now,but it cant rain forever!"

  • eagle eye

    those *** arabs needs to leave our sisters alone n do something greatful as their "koran" teaches them.they should be lessoned from what they have been through when they were rapped and abused by those american troops!!! they have to know that those ethiopians,who are gettin abused by arabs are someones doughter,someones sister,or someones wife.

  • Eskinder

    Does anybody please tell me how I can contact this girl ? I would like to help her out. I have tried to contact Aljazeera and I have not heard anything back yet. If anybody is able to find the contact information for this girl such us phone number to where she is currently staying or address, please email me at ( This is such an evil thing done to our sister.

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