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  • ISIS thugs release shocking new video of mass execution of more than a dozen Houthi Yemeni soldiers

    ISIS thugs release shocking new video of mass execution of more than a dozen Houthi Yemeni soldiers

    • ISIS thugs release shocking new video of mass execution of more than a dozen Houthi Yemeni soldiers shot and beheaded in cold blood
    • ISIS has released a video showing the mass execution of some 15 soldiers
    • Houthi soldiers are knelt on the ground and weep before being murdered
    • The gruesome clip shows militants shooting and beheading their hostages

    Knelt on the ground with torches shone in their faces, soldiers wept before being shot or beheaded by Islamic State militants in Yemen.
    A new video showing the mass execution of some 15 Houthi soldiers by ISIS terrorists in Shabwa has been released.
    The terrified hostages are interviewed on camera before being slaughtered in the gruesome two-minute clip entitled 'Eliminating the Apostates'.

    The Yemen killings are the latest in a long list that have been filmed and posted online by the terrorist group.
    Earlier today, pictures of one of the ISIS militants' most savage executions yet were released.
    They are shown smashing huge concrete blocks onto the heads of two men accused of murder, who have been made to lie at the side of the road with their hands tied.

    Other images show the gruesome aftermath, the concrete blocks having been hurled onto their skulls.
    The two men were bludgeoned to death in Nineveh province in northern Iraq after the Islamic police arrested them for robbing and killing three women.

    It is known as a qisas punishment - 'eye for an eye' retribution. In the background stand bloodthirsty armed jihadists and a baying crowd.
    This week, supporters of ISIS 'declared a caliphate' in Yemen in a bizarre video showing a group of masked fighters in a barren desert.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3062961/ISIS-thugs-release-shocking-new-video-mass-execution-dozen-Houthi-Yemeni-soldiers-shot-beheaded-cold-blood.html#ixzz3Yurgz83N
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  • 36 Countries Ethiopian Citizens Can Travel to Without Visa

    36 Countries Ethiopian Citizens Can Travel to Without Visa
    36 Countries Ethiopian Citizens Can Travel to Without Visa

    To Visit another country from Ethiopia, most countries would require a valid visa which they must have issued before you are allowed in however, there are a lot of countries you can travel to without visas as long as you have Ethiopian Passport. dire-tube.

    Most of these countries would grant you access without visa or they would issue visa on entry which can be valid for a specified number of days. Such a length of stay is given based on policy revolving around the reason for you travel and in some cases, it would be determined by the immigration officer and there could be the option of extension when you run out of time.

    Below is a list of countries that would allow you access without visa but only your Ethiopian passport but make sure that you check with the embassy or consular office for the country you are intending to travel to very close to the time of your travel because visa policy changes every now and then.

    Visa requirements

    Country Visa requirement Notes (excluding departure fees)
     Afghanistan Visa required[2]
     Albania Visa required[3]
     Algeria Visa required[4]
     Andorra Visa required[5]
     Angola Visa required[6]
     Antigua and Barbuda Visa required[7]
     Argentina Visa required[8]
     Armenia Visa required[9]
     Australia Visa required[10]
     Austria Visa required[11]
     Azerbaijan Visa required[12]
     Bahamas Visa required[13]
     Bahrain Visa required[14]
     Bangladesh Visa required[15]
     Barbados Visa required[16]
     Belarus Visa required[17]
     Belgium Visa required[18]
     Belize Visa required[19]
     Benin Visa required[20]
     Bhutan Visa required[21]
     Bolivia Visa on arrival[22] 90 days
     Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa required[23]
     Botswana Visa required[24]
     Brazil Visa required[25]
     Brunei Visa required[26]
     Bulgaria Visa required[27]
     Burkina Faso Visa required[28]
     Burundi Visa on arrival[29] 30 days; obtainable at Bujumbura International Airport
     Cambodia Visa on arrival[30]
     Cameroon Visa required[31]
     Canada Visa required[32]
     Cape Verde Visa on arrival[33]
     Central African Republic Visa required[34]
     Chad Visa required[35]
     Chile Visa required[36]
     China Visa required[37]
     Colombia Visa required[38]
     Comoros Visa on arrival[39]
     Republic of the Congo Visa required[40]
     Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa required[41]
     Costa Rica Visa required[42]
     Côte d'Ivoire Visa required[43]
     Croatia Visa required[44]
     Cuba Tourist card required[45] Tourist card must be obtained in advance via travel agency, airline or at the embassy.
     Cyprus Visa required[46]
     Czech Republic Visa required[47]
     Denmark Visa required[48]
     Djibouti Visa on arrival[49]
     Dominica Visa not required[50] 21 days
     Dominican Republic Visa required[51]
     Ecuador Visa not required[52] 90 days
     Egypt Visa required[53]
     El Salvador Visa required[54]
     Equatorial Guinea Visa required[55]
     Eritrea Visa required[56]
     Estonia Visa required[57]
     Fiji Visa required[58]
     Finland Visa required[59]
     France Visa required[60]
     Gabon Visa required[61]
     Gambia Visa required[62]
     Georgia Visa required[63]
     Germany Visa required[64]
     Ghana Visa required[65]
     Greece Visa required[66]
     Grenada Visa required[67]
     Guatemala Visa required[68]
     Guinea Visa required[69]
     Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival[70] 90 days
     Guyana Visa required[71]
     Haiti Visa not required[72] 3 months
     Honduras Visa required[73]
     Hong Kong Visa required[74]
     Hungary Visa required[75]
     Iceland Visa required[76]
     India Visa required[77]
     Indonesia Visa required[78]
     Iran Visa required[79]
     Iraq Visa required[80]
     Ireland Visa required[81]
     Israel Visa required[82]
     Italy Visa required[83]
     Jamaica Visa required[84]
     Japan Visa required[85]
     Jordan Visa required[86]
     Kazakhstan Visa required[87]
     Kenya Visa not required[88] 3 months
     Kiribati Visa required[89]
     North Korea Visa required[90]
     South Korea Visa required[91]
     Kuwait Visa required[92]
     Kyrgyzstan Visa required[93]
     Laos Visa on arrival[94] 30 days
     Latvia Visa required[95]
     Lebanon Visa required[96]
     Lesotho Visa required[97]
     Liberia Visa required[98]
     Libya Visa required[99]
     Liechtenstein Visa required[100]
     Lithuania Visa required[101]
     Luxembourg Visa required[102]
     Macedonia Visa required[103]
     Madagascar Visa on arrival[104] 90 days
     Malawi Visa required[105]
     Malaysia Visa required[106] 90 days
     Maldives Visa on arrival[107] 30 days
     Mali Visa on arrival[108]
     Malta Visa required[109]
     Marshall Islands Visa required[110]
     Mauritania Visa on arrival[111]
     Mauritius Visa on arrival[112] 60 days
     Mexico Visa required[113]
     Micronesia Visa not required[114] 30 days
     Moldova Visa required[115]
     Monaco Visa required[116]
     Mongolia Visa required[117]
     Montenegro Visa required[118]
     Morocco Visa required[119]
     Mozambique Visa on arrival[120] 30 days
     Myanmar Visa required[121]
     Namibia Visa required[122]
     Nauru Visa required[123]
       Nepal Visa required[124]
     Netherlands Visa required[125]
     New Zealand Visa required[126]
     Nicaragua Visa on arrival[127] 90 days
     Niger Visa required[128]
     Nigeria Visa required[129]
     Norway Visa required[130]
     Oman Visa on arrival[131]
     Pakistan Visa required[132]
     Palau Visa on arrival[133] 30 days
     Panama Visa required[134]
     Papua New Guinea Visa required[135]
     Paraguay Visa required[136]
     Peru Visa required[137]
     Philippines Visa not required[138] 30 days
     Poland Visa required[139]
     Portugal Visa required[140]
     Qatar Visa required[141]
     Romania Visa required[142]
     Russia Visa required[143]
     Rwanda Visa on arrival[144]
     Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa required[145]
     Saint Lucia Visa on arrival[146] 6 weeks
     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa not required[147] 30 days
     Samoa Entry Permit on arrival[148] 60 days
     San Marino Visa required[149]
     São Tomé and Príncipe Visa required[150] Visa is obtained online.[151]
     Saudi Arabia Visa required[152]
     Senegal Visa required[153]
     Serbia Visa required[154]
     Seychelles Visitor's Permit on arrival[155] 1 month
     Sierra Leone Visa required[156]
     Singapore Visa not required[157] 30 days
     Slovakia Visa required[158]
     Slovenia Visa required[159]
     Solomon Islands Visa required[160]
     Somalia Visa required[161] Visa on arrival for 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted
    to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival.
     South Africa Visa required[162]
     South Sudan Visa on arrival[163]
     Spain Visa required[164]
     Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization[165] 30 days
     Sudan Visa required[166]
     Suriname Visa required[167]
     Swaziland Visa required[168]
     Sweden Visa required[169]
      Switzerland Visa required[170]
     Syria Visa required[171]
     Tajikistan Visa on arrival[172] 45 days
     Tanzania Visa required[173]
     Thailand Visa on arrival[174] 15 days
     Timor-Leste Visa on arrival[175] 30 days
     Togo Visa on arrival[176] 7 days
     Tonga Visa required[177]
     Trinidad and Tobago Visa required[178]
     Tunisia Visa required[179]
     Turkey Visa required[180]
     Turkmenistan Visa required[181]
     Tuvalu Visa on arrival[182] 1 month
     Uganda Visa on arrival[183]
     Ukraine Visa required[184]
     United Arab Emirates Visa required[185]
     United Kingdom Visa required[186]
     United States Visa required[187]
     Uruguay Visa required[188]
     Uzbekistan Visa required[189]
     Vanuatu Visa required[190]
      Vatican City Visa required[191]
     Venezuela Visa required[192]
     Vietnam Visa required[193]
     Yemen Visa required[194]
     Zambia Visa required[195]
     Zimbabwe Visa required[196]

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  • Ethiopia grade 10 Exam Result released

    Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination  2006 E.C. result is released today

    Students can access their personal result at the following link:

    Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination 2006 E.C. result is released today
    Ethiopia grade 10 released

    Students can access their personal result at the following link:

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  • Why do some women literally scream and shout in bed?

    When do women make most noise during 5ex? When they’re having an orgasm? Or when their man is about to come? Recent research reveals the truth.

    Guys, maybe you think that she’s moaning and screaming because you’re such a great lover – you’re pounding away inside her, she’s having a mind-blowing orgasm. Sorry, think again. That’s not why women are so noisy in bed, according to the findings of a British study. Over 85 perceWhy do some women literally scream and shout in bed?nt of women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner’s seex self-esteem, the study found.

    The researchers asked over 70 heteroseexual women whether they were more likely to reach orgasm during masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse. They also wanted to know how noisy the women were during these different seexual activities and the reasons why. All of the women in the study said they made noise in bed, whether it was screaming out their partner’s name, telling him to go faster or harder, or moaning with pleasure. But the researchers were in for a surprise when they compared how noisy women were when they reached orgasm. The women were more likely to climax during foreplay – like when their partner gave them oral seex – compared to intercourse. And it wasn’t when they were coming that they were most likely to make noise.
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  • Ethiopian Government Employees salary Increment ranges from 76 to 129 Percent

    Ethiopian Government Employees salary Increment ranges from 76 to 129 Percent

    The government has significantly raised the salaries of civil servants and the topic has excited the nation, even though the amount of the increases has not officially been disclosed. However, according to a document Capital obtained, the salary of government employees is doubled. Workers at the bottom of the pay scale will see their salary grow by 129 percent, while others with higher salaries  have also gotten about a 76 percent raise.

    Civil servants have secured a very impressive and unprecedented salary increment.  Three weeks ago Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn disclosed that the government will increase salaries of state employees as of this month (the beginning of the budget year). The exact sum has not officially been confirmed. Sources close to the issue told Capital that the amount the government added is significant and as high as 129 percent.

    According to the new salary rate, the minimum starting salary has been raised to 1,031 birr from 450 birr and the ceiling amount has reached 11,713 birr, for professionals.

    Experts indicated that the minimum salary for sub professionals’ that previously stood at 450 birr, has now grown to 1,031 birr, which is a 129 percent increase.

    The starting salary for professionals and scientific or fresh graduates that was 1,499 birr has now risen to 2,649 birr, which is about a 76 percent increase.

    The previous maximum basic salary for professional and scientific recruits was 4,343 birr and now it has been raised to 7, 815 birr, which is also about a 76 percent rise.

    According to the new salary scale that Capital obtained the minimum salary increase is not lower than 76 percent, even though the percentages vary on different levels.

    Civil servants, who were earning the lower amounts, have secured the biggest raise.
    Experts said that the percentage of the new pay raise is much higher than in the past.

    Four years ago the government raised salaries for civil servants and then after that it also increased pay for teachers.
    When the PM announced the salary hike during the Civil Service Day Celebration held at the African Union Conference Hall on June 23, he said that the government decided to increase its employees' pay starting from the first month of the budget year (July 8, 2014) aiming  to inspire them to engage in the nation’s development.
    “It is intended to improve the working atmosphere as well as the living conditions of civil servants,” Hailemariam said.

    “The increase will be made with consideration to the government’s financial capacity, in a way that avoids awakening inflation or disturbing the stability of the economy,” Hailemariam added.

    He said that the increase was approved about a year ago, but the government suspended it with the intention of seeing the trend of the inflation remain in single digits.

    Even though there are not accurate statistics, the number of civil servants in the country is believed to be about 1.3 million.

    Since the government disclosed the salary increase three weeks ago price hikes and new tariffs are being observed in some market places. Some experts say that the inflation may return, but the government is dismissing fears of price hikes. It also stated that price hikes and inflation would not be seen in relation with the salary increase.

    Some of the government bodies also stated they would take legal action against traders who impose artificial price hikes on the public. Early this week the Trade Competition and Consumers’ Protection Authority announced that consumers are informing the authority about price increases related to the pay raise of civil servants. In a statement that the authority sent to Capital it reiterated that it will take legal measures against the traders who apply price hikes without any economic reason. The authority also advised the public to inform them by calling a 8478 toll free line when they perceive that price hikes are occurring.

    Due to fears of artificial price hikes the newly organized wholesale public enterprise, Alle, has disclosed that it will terminate the contract of retail traders if they sell consumer products at high rates.

    Source: Capital Ethiopia
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