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  • Pope Criticises West For Trying To Export Own Brand of Democracy to Africa

    Pope Francis criticised Western powers for trying to export their own brand of democracy to countries such as Iraq and Libya without respecting indigenous political cultures, according to an interview published on last week.

    Speaking to France’s Roman Catholic newspaper, La Croix, Francis also said Europe should better integrate migrants and praised the election of the new Muslim mayor of London as an example of where this had been successful. “Faced with current Islamist terrorism, we should question the way a model of democracy that was too Western was exported to countries where there was a strong power, as in Iraq, or Libya, where there was a tribal structure,” he said.

    “We cannot advance without taking these cultures into account,” the pope said.

    As a Libyan said recently, ‘we used to have one Gaddafi, now we have fifty”, Francis said in reference to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who was deposed and killed in 2011. Francis has frequently attacked what he calls “cultural colonialism”, in which Western countries seek to impose their values on developing ones in return for financial aid. The pope said that “ghettoising” migrants was not only wrong but was also misguided in the fight against terrorism.

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    Pope Francis celebrates a mass of Pentecost in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican May 15, 2016. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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  • Man threatens to divorce wife for addiction to popular foreign soap operas,Telemundo

    A Pediatrician based inMan threatens to divorce wife for addiction to popular foreign soap operas,Telemundo Abuja, Mr Chibuzor Eze has threatened to divorce his wife of so many years for her addiction to popular foreign soap operas, Telemundo and Zeeworld. “I will divorce my wife if she doesn’t stop with this Zeeworld and Telemundo obsession,” Eze said on Thursday in Abuja.

    Eze, who works with one of the government hospitals in Abuja, said he had informed his wife, Dorothy a week ago that her obsession to the popular soaps was interfering with her marital life. “I told her last week that I was fed up with how her obsession with these channels was making her to neglect her duty as a wife and mother. “Yet she keeps watching these shows when she’s supposed to be partaking in more important things like taking care of the children and cooking reasonable food for us,” Eze said.

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    Man threatens to divorce wife for addiction to popular foreign soap operas,Telemundo

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  • Huawei sues Samsung over patents

    Huawei is suing its tech rival Samsung over claims that its patents have been infringed.

    The Chinese firm said it was pursuing its South Korean rival in two courts - one in California, the other in Shenzhen.

    According to Huawei, several of its cellular communications and software inventions had been used in Samsung's phones without its permission.

    The specific patents involved have not been disclosed.

    However, Huawei has said at least some of them are classed as Frand - an acronym referring to "fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory".

    This means the Chinese company has committed itself to offering anyone a licence so long as they agree to a non-excessive compensation.

    This kind of agreement is common in the tech sector as it makes it possible for different companies' products to communicate and share data formats with each other.

    Huawei's intellectual property chief indicated it was seeking permission to use some of Samsung's technologies in return rather than seeking a payment.

    "Thus far, we have signed cross-licensing agreements with dozens of our competitors," said Ding Jianxing.

    "We hope Samsung will respect Huawei's R&D investment and patents, stop infringing our patents and get the necessary licence from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward."

    A Samsung spokesperson responded in an email to the BBC saying "we will thoroughly review the complaint and take appropriate action to defend Samsung's business interests".

    Source: BBC 


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  • Tedros Adhanom Eyes Leadership Seat of WHO

    Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom on Tuesday launched his candidacy to lead the World Health Organization, insisting it was time forTedros Adhanom Eyes Leadership Seat of WHO an African to occupy the key UN job.

    "The fresh view we can bring from our continent and the perspective of a developing country can help improve the global health situation," Tedros told reporters in Geneva, as he announced his desire to succeed WHO chief Margaret Chan of Hong Kong when she steps down next year. Tedros, a doctor by training, highlighted the experience he acquired during his seven years as Ethiopia's health minister until 2012, when he implemented widespread reforms that among other things allowed the country to slash its infant mortality rate by two thirds.

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    Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a press conference launching his candidacy to the post of Director General of World Health Organization on May 24, 2016, in Geneva ©Fabrice Coffrini (AFP)

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  • Big music concert today

    It is organized by Zeleman production, the concert to be held today at 2:00 pm in the afternoon at Emanuel hospital. Many legendary singers like Dr. Mohammed Ahamud, Dr Alibira and others are expected to perform at the concert together with poets and comedian.

    It is aimed to entertain the patients in the hospital and the hospital society. While on the other hand it is to create awareness among the society about the patient’s life.

    Source: Addis Admas 


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  • South Korea’s President to arrive in Ethiopia today

    By Elias Meeseret, DireTube Correspondent

    (DireTube News. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) - South Korea's President, Park Geun-hye, is expected to arrive in Addis Ababa later today. Park is expected to hold bilateral talks with Ethiopian officials on Thursday and then address the African Union on Friday. Ethiopian officials didn't provide any further detail about her visit but this will be Park’s first visit since she assumed power in 2013.

    South Korea, an East Asian nation on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, shares one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. It’s equally known for its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples, plus its coastal fishing villages, tropical islands and high-tech cities such as Seoul, the capital.

    The President will visit Ethiopia from May 25- 28 and agreements in air service, elimination of double taxation, health, security, environment and transport are expected to be signed during her stay in Ethiopia. Korean health and supplementary food projects will also be inaugurated in her presence.

    DireTube News 


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