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  • Sudan Affirms Strong Relations with Eritrea amid Signs of Tensions over Ethiopian Opposition

    The Sudanese President Omer Hassan al-Bashir affirmed the strength of his country’s relations with Eritrea and praised bilateral cooperation in the wake of reports on silent tensions between the two sides after Khartoum repatriated hundreds of Ethiopian opposition members from Eritrea Sudan Tribune reported. Bashir met in on Thursday with the Eritrean Minister of Finance Berhane Habtemariam Khartoum who explained that the meeting discussed strengthening cooperation between the two countries and increasing trade volumes as well as linking the two countries by roads to bolster trade. The meeting is the first of its kind with an  Eritrean official following news of clashes between Eritrean forces and a Sudanese army garrison on the borders in mid-September. At the time the Ethiopian security services announced the return of a dissident Ethiopian general to the country with 800 rebel fighters from Eritrea and praised Sudan for securing their repatriation and its role in resolving the crisis describing it as a "historic” one “that they will never forget”.

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    Sudan Affirms Strong Relations with Eritrea amid Signs of Tensions over Ethiopian Opposition

    FILE - Sudan’s President Omer Hassan al-Bashir (R) receiving Eritrea’s President Isaias Afewerki (L) in Sudan’s capital Khartoum (Xinhua)

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  • Ethiopia to begin natural gas export in 3-5 years time

    Ethiopia will begin natural gas export within 3-5 years time, the Ministry of Mines (MoM) said.

    “This will enable the country to earn 1 billion US dollars annually,” Tolossa Shagi, Mines Minister told FBC today.

    Natural GasThe Chinese firm POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Ltd has concluded an agreement with the Ethiopia to develop all the natural gas deposit at Calub and Hilala areas in Somali Regional State within 25 years.

    “The country will begin export after 3–5 years as the natural gas development activity is nearing completion,” Tolossa said.

    According to the Minister, the Calub and Hilala fields have a deposit of 4.7 trillion cubic feet of gas.

    Despite continued efforts since 1950s EC, the resource has not yet been exploited, he said.

    However, the efforts made during the past ten years have now born fruit, he said.

    According to Tolossa, the Chinese firm has begun the first round drilling. It will also start the second round drilling shortly.

    The development is going well as the firm is getting financial support from the Chinese government, he said.

    Ethiopia and Djibouti have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of more than 1,000 km of fuel pipeline that enables the former to export natural gas via port Djibouti, he said.

    In addition to generating foreign currency, more jobs and technology transfer will be created during the development activities, he said.

    Translated and posted by Amare Asrat FANA BC

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  • Ethiopian is voted as the best in Africa & Wins Passenger choice Awards in the USA

    Press Release

    Ethiopian Airlines, the largest, fastest growing and most profitable airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has been voted and won the Passenger Choice Awards for “Best Airline in Africa” for the third time in a row at the APEX 2015 EXPO held on 27 September 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

    The Airline Passenger Experience Association is a network of the world’s leading airlines, suppliers and related companies committed to elevating the level of the airline passenger experience. APEX encompasses the largest and most comprehensive survey of passengers in 13 languages. It is the most important award in the airline industry since it is the customers themselves, who rate airlines based on their overall experience.

    Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO Ethiopian Airlines Group, said, “As an indigenous Pan-African Global Airline, we are honored to be recognized as “Best in Africa” for the third time in a row which once again reaffirms the high quality of the service and the products we offer. Ethiopian is above all a customer-focused airline with global standard service with superior delivery through its hallmark African flavored Ethiopian hospitality. Passenger Choice Award is the most important award in our industry since it is our customers, who rate us by benchmarking our service with others in the industry.

    The award will encourage all of us at Ethiopian to double up our efforts in the never ending pursuit of our continuous improvements in customer services both on the ground and in the air. With 91 international and 20 domestic destinations around five continents, operated with one of the youngest fleet in the industry, which is below 5 years average age; we will continue our leadership in the African Aviation industry and connecting mother Africa with its major global trading centers.  . I wish to thank our customers for their strong vote of confidence and for all Ethiopian employees who are working hard day-in and day-out all over the world to make Ethiopian airlines lead the African Renaissance in the 21st Century with its motto “The New Spirit of Africa”

    About Ethiopian

    Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the fastest growing Airline in Africa.  In its close to seven decades of operations, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.

    Ethiopian commands the lion share of the pan-African passenger and cargo network operating the youngest and most modern fleet to more than 91 international destinations across five continents. Ethiopian fleet includes ultra-modern and environmentally friendly aircraft such as the Boeing 787, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-200 Freighter, Bombardier Q-400 double cabin with an average fleet age of five years. In fact, Ethiopian is the first airline in Africa to own and operate these aircraft.

    Ethiopian is currently implementing a 15-year strategic plan called Vision 2025 that will see it become the leading aviation group in Africa with seven business centers: Ethiopian Domestic and Regional Airline; Ethiopian International Passenger Airline; Ethiopian Cargo; Ethiopian MRO; Ethiopian Aviation Academy; Ethiopian In-flight Catering Services; and Ethiopian Ground Service.  Ethiopian is a multi-award winning airline registering an average growth of 25% in the past seven years.

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  • A grave yard with out a tomb and stone but with a flame rose and poetic last word is attracting tourists

    Silassie Cathedral church yard is Ethiopian patriots and well known celebrities grave yard it serves both as a grave yard and as a tourist sight.

    Lij Michael Emiru's grave yard got no tomb and no stone but a flame rose and a poem called my legacy.

    Here it is

    My legacy

    After my weary life is gone
    And death commands me
    To wake no more, to sleep ever
    This is my legacy
    I need no tears of memory
    No sighs of love old gone
    I need no fine marble tomb
    No carving of stone
    For what are tears that dry so soon
    A sighs that’s get nowhere
    As for a tomb, it stays awhile
    For carving I do not care
          A rose a flame rose
          Is all that I request
    Plant it deep on top of me
    When I am earth’s conquest
     It will feed up on this body
    My sprit will revive
    To shout to this forget full world
           That I was once alive
    When I perish and be no more
    No more to live and see
    To you I leave that flame rose
    It is my legacy

    Michael Emiru

    Lij Michael Emiru's gravea grave yard with out a tomb and stone but with a flame rose and poetic last word is attracting tourists

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  • Eritrea Demanded the Lifting of what it Calls Politically Motivated Sanction

    The Eritrea government has once again stepped up the push for lifting of United Nations sanctions imposed on to the nation since 2009 Sudan Tribune reported. At the ongoing UN General Assembly meeting in New York, the Eritrean minister of foreign affairs, Osman Saleh, said the sanctions were politically-motivated, unjust and would have negative implications on the socio-economic welfare of the population.

    “The sanctions must be immediately and unconditionally lifted. Once again no nation or people should be left behind”, said Saleh. The Eritrean foreign minister made the remarks while addressing the UN summit on the adoption of the post-2015 development agendas. In 2009, the UN Security Council slapped sanctions on Eritrea for supporting al-Qaida allied Islamist militants in Somalia, which continues destabilising the East African region.

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    Eritrea Demanded the Lifting of what it Calls Politically Motivated Sanction

    A view of the General Assembly meeting in New York. (Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

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  • Ethiopia to Grow by 8.7 Percent, IMF Report Said

    Ethiopia’s recent macroeconomic performance has continued to be strong overall, though with some rising domestic and external vulnerabilities. Economic growth in 2014/15 was buoyant (at an estimated 8.7 percent), supported by booming manufacturing and construction sectors. However, inflation has been on the rise, with domestic food prices pushing it above 10 percent. External vulnerabilities have also increased as exports of goods and services slowed significantly, while imports continued growing fast.

    A sharp widening of the current account deficit (to an estimates 12.8 percent of GDP) was largely offset by robust capital inflows, with a 50 percent increase in foreign direct investment and a much higher public borrowing from abroad. The general government deficit expanded only marginally (by 0.2 percentage point) to an estimated 2.8 percent of GDP. At the same time, public enterprises continued to borrow heavily to finance their accelerated investment plans. As a result, their financing needs increased to 7.4 percent of GDP, while public and publicly-guaranteed debt reached an estimated 50 percent of GDP in June 2015.

    The economic outlook remains favorable, reflecting the country’s significant potential, generally sound macroeconomic policies, and the government’s efforts to improve infrastructure and attract foreign direct investment. In the medium term, staff forecast strong growth at 7½ - 8 percent. Public investment is expected to moderate, while private investment is projected to increase only gradually, reflecting constraints on access to credit and foreign exchange, the overvalued exchange rate, as well as other competitiveness challenges.

    The authorities’ medium-term budget targets a general government deficit of less than 3 percent of GDP and maintains a strong pro-poor focus. Monetary policy, anchored on base money growth, is geared toward maintaining inflation in single digits. The public debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to increase, reflecting large financing needs associated with implementation of the second Growth and Transformation Plan.

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    Ethiopia to Grow by 8.7 Percent, IMF Report Said

    IMF Logo

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