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  • EEP to build power transmission, distribution stations in Addis with $98 mln

    Fana broadcasting reported today that Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is to build high-power transmission lines and distribution stations in Addis Ababa and its environs at a cost of 98 million US dollars.

    According to the report EEP will sign an agreement with the Chinese firm, TBAE Co. Ltd, which enables the latter to carry out the construction of the stations.

    More over the power stations to be built by the Chinese firm help to supply power to condominium houses, an industrial park and real estate located at Yeka Abado, Kilinto and Bole Lemi areas,  Misker Negash, external public relation director told our source.

    He said 85 percent of the cost for the construction of the stations has been secured from China Exim Bank on loan, while the remaining 15 percent will be covered by the government of Ethiopia.

    Source: Fana Broadcasting 


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  • Trump’s Response to List of Celebrities who Flee the U.S. if he Elected

    Donald Trump haTrump’s Response to List of Celebrities who Flee the U.S. if he Elected s a message for celebrities who say they'll leave the country if he's elected president: Pack your bags. The Republican presidential front-runner said Tuesday on 'Fox & Friends' that purging the United States of Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and Lena Dunham would be a pot sweetener if he wins the White House.

    'We'll get rid of Rosie? Oh, I love it. Now I have to get elected!' he said during an early morning phone-in interview. 'Now I have to get elected because I'll be doing a great service to our country. I have to. Now it's much more important. In fact I'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now.'

    Trump's glee at the idea of an America free of Rosie O'Donnell stems from years of public feuds with the actress. He also jumped for joy on Fox News at Goldberg's threat that 'maybe it's time for me to move' if he wins in November.  'That would be a great, great thing for our country if she did that,' Trump jabbed. Asked about Lena Dunham, who pledged Monday to move to Canada for the duration of a Trump presidency, the billionaire scoffed. 'She's a B actor, and has no – you know – mojo,' he said.
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    Image: Vote for me – get rid of them! Trump pledges to do 'a great service to our country.

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  • Ethiopia is the seventh-fastest growing economy since 2000, but not this Year

    Plenty has been written about Ethiopia’s fascinating growth model, most notably the World Bank’s 171-page tome "Ethiopia’s Great Run: The Great AcceleratioEthiopia is the seventh-fastest growing economy since 2000, but not this Yearn and How to Pace It". Despite an acceleration of GDP growth from 0.5% pa in 1981-1992 to 4.5% over 1993-2004, Ethiopia was the world’s second-poorest country in 2000. Yet the acceleration to 11% in 2004-2014 – better than China or India – gives credibility to the authorities’ target of middle income status by 2025. Life expectancy has risen by one year every year since 2000. World Bank models suggest a growth slowdown is pending, but it still sees GDP rising by 4.5-10.5% annually for 2015-2025, with the midpoint sufficient to again double GDP in a decade.

    Having boosted agriculture and investment, now the goal is light manufacturing

    China is probably the best comparison for those looking at Ethiopia. Heavy investment in infrastructure appears key. Federal government delivery of inter-state highways, electricity provision and rail connections has been high, without large corruption scandals. Nigeria may well look on Ethiopia’s success with some envy. Agriculture and construction have done well. Now the government wants to widen this growth to boost light manufacturing. Bangladesh among others fear the competitive threat from Ethiopian entry level salaries of $35-40 a month in the textile sector.
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    Image: Graph of the Ethiopia's crop output.Image: Graph of the Ethiopia's crop output.

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  • Madrid Scholars Made Scientific Expedition to Dallol, Ethiopia

    Welcome to the Danakil DMadrid Scholars Made Scientific Expedition to Dallol, Ethiopiaepression in Ethiopia. It's 328 feet below sea level, volcanically active, a home to salt traders and sought out by adventurers. It's a smelly, inhospitable area, but it may help us understand life on other planets.

    In early April, a three-day expedition to map and study the area for the first time was led Felipe Gómez Gómez, an astrobiologist at the Centro de Astrobiologia in Madrid. Gómez and his team are looking for life in the hydrothermal springs, in the hopes that it might help them identify areas on other planets where life could flourish, even if it's beyond the limits of human habitation.
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    Image: Felipe Gomez  and his team collecting samples.

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  • Ethiopia and Russia to increase bilateral trade

    Ethiopia and Russia aEthiopia and Russia to increase bilateral tradegreed to work more on boosting mutual investment and trade, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. Ghebreyesus noted that regular political dialogue is maintained between the two countries which "helps to maintain relations on a regular basis."

    The Ethiopian foreign minister said that he discussed with Lavrov trade and investment between the two countries. "They are not at the level that we would want to see. We agreed to work more in this sphere. We expect our relations in the sphere of trade to strengthen and that we will receive more investment from Russia," he said.
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    Image: Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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  • Ethiopia arrested 41 South Sudanese refugees

    Ethiopia's security forcesEthiopia arrested 41 South Sudanese refugees have arrested 41 South Sudanese refugees in its western Gambella region on suspicion of killing about 20 Ethiopians on 21 April, the state-owned Ethiopian News Agency is reporting. The region is reportedly tense, with the government saying its forces have crossed into South Sudan to encircle an area where more than 100 children are suspected to be held after they were abducted from Gambella in a separate attack on 15 April.
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    Image: Map showing Ethio-South Sudanese Boarder.

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