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DireTube Exclusive: An Ethiopian Migrant risk it all to reach Libya despite chaos in the North African country

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by yonas2007 Filed under: Ethiopian News Social Affairs
DireTube Exclusive: An Ethiopian Migrant risk it all to reach Libya despite chaos in the North African country
By Elias Meseret, DireTube Correspondent
DireTube Exclusive: An Ethiopian Migrant risk it all to reach Libya despite chaos in the North African country

(Metema, Ethiopia)- Getachew Merah, a migrant DireTube talked to in Metema town earlier today while he was awaiting his time to sneak into the Sudanese capital Khartoum, said he wants to risk it all and work in Libya to help improve his and his family’s life.

The migrant, who tried to enter Khartoum three times in the past but with no success, says he came to the town two weeks ago for his latest attempt. He says he is planning to enter Sudan in a week time with the ‘toleba’ scheme, a hiring method in which daily laborers enter into Sudan with no legal papers to collect harvest in commercial farms, and then disappear into the forests to reach Khartoum after he collected his pay.

“If God wills, my final aim is to reach Libya and work there. I don’t want to cross to Europe since I don’t have any money for that,” Getachew said in a forest area just outside of Metema that is often used by smugglers to sneak out their people. “I’m tired of working in Ethiopia since that didn’t change my life. I want to move out of this country.”

The migrant, who said has completed Grade 10, said he wants to make the journey from the crop harvest site to Khartoum by himself instead of using smugglers since he don’t have any money to pay to them and he aims to collect enough money in Libya and then return back to start his own business.

The migrant chronicled incidents where in police officers both in Ethiopia and Sudan accept money to let migrants continue their journey.
“In Sudan or Libya, one can get paid up to 150 Birr (around 7.50 USD) per day and you get good food. I know the dangers of living now in Libya especially with the ISIS news. But I want to risk it all and try my luck.”

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Every Ethiopian citizen is a ‘spy’ — Ambassador Dina

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by yonas2007 Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
Every Ethiopian citizen is a ‘spy’ — Ambassador Dina
Every Ethiopian citizen is a ‘spy’ — Ambassador Dina
Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Dina Mufti

Why are terrosrist rining roughshod over Kenya while Ethiopia, with a longer border with war-torn Somalia, is not troubled? Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Dina Mufti spoke to Mwaura Samora on how they have outmaneuvered terrorists, Uhuru’s presidential jet saga  and why the late President Meles Zenawi died without owning a car or a house

Were you summoned by Kenyan officials after it was alleged that Ethiopia was the reason President Uhuru Kenyatta’s jet was re-routed on its way to Dubai?

There was no summons from anybody. I just got communication from the host nation, which is normal in diplomatic circles. So there were no summons.

Did Ethiopia actually stop the presidential jet?

I will not comment on that.

Ethiopia seems to have managed to scare Al-shabaab despite sharing a longer common border. What are you doing right that Kenya is not?

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No country can say that they have successfully combated terrorism, whether in Africa or the West. But Ethiopia has been relatively successful because of the good co-operation that exists between security organs and the people. This ensures the population provides vital information to ensure terror cells and infiltrations are nipped in the bud.

It’s the same philosophy Kenya is adopting through Nyumba Kumi where every citizen is an intelligence officer. The government also has a very good working rapport with religious teachers in Madrassas to ensure the Islamic doctrine does not promote extremism.

Additionally, the Ethiopian armed forces have undergone patriotic indoctrination to the extent that they value the security of the motherland more and cannot be corrupted by terror elements.

Bandit attacks against Kenyans by Ethiopian invaders along the common border has been on the rise lately. Are there cases where Kenyans perpetrate the same atrocities against Ethiopians?

The cross-border incursions do not reflect the good relations that the two countries enjoy. This also happens among tribes inside Kenya as well as among tribes inside Ethiopia. However, cross-border conflicts can be eradicated or minimised if the two governments involve the warring communities in meaningful development activities.

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UN honours Ethiopian peacekeepers

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by yonas2007 Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
UN honours Ethiopian peacekeepers
UN honours Ethiopian peacekeepers
Ethiopian peacekeepers patrol the outskirts of the disputed Abyei town that straddles the border between Sudan and South Sudan on 16 September 2013 (Photo: Reuters/Andreea Campeanu)

June 4, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) – The United Nations has honoured Ethiopia for its significant contributions to UN’s vast Peacekeeping operations, the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs said on Friday.

At a ceremony held at UN headquarters in New York to mark International Day of UN Peacekeepers, the United Nations has awarded Ethiopia a medal in honour of its peacekeepers, who sacrificed their lives during line of duty in different peace keeping missions.

Ambassador Tekeda Alemu, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nation, received the medal awarded to Ethiopia.

The Ministry said Ethiopia has been actively participating in UN peacekeeping operations based on its firm conviction on the principle of collective security enshrined in the UN Charter since the establishment of the United Nations.

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Blurring Ethiopian blues

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by yonas2007 Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
Blurring Ethiopian blues
Blurring Ethiopian blues

What are the implications of Ethiopia’s ruling party and its allies winning an overwhelming majority in last week’s parliamentary polls, asks Gamal Nkrumah.
Some assumptions are debatable as far as Africa’s second-most populous nation, Ethiopia, is concerned. The Nile Basin nation is of pivotal importance as a regional power-broker and Africa’s fastest-growing economy.

A palette of plans for Ethiopia notwithstanding, the “blue” visionary approach put forward by a range of civil society groups is generating a compelling new country and a fresh political dispensation. Smudging the country’s political canvas, Ethiopia’s recent elections shed some light on the cloudier politics of a promising economy.

“If we remain committed to the ideals of justice, liberation and above all the sanctity of human dignity, we can ultimately prevail over evil, no matter how stacked the odds are against us,” Ethiopian Prime Minister  Hailemariam Desalegn declared at South African leader Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Qunu in the Eastern Cape some years ago.

His oratory won him the respect and affection of people across the African continent.

The Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, the headquarters of the African Union (AU), one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities, is a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors from abroad, as well as for poor people flocking into the capital from the surrounding countryside.

Desalegn was elected head of the ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), on 15 September 2012. The country adopted a federal system of government, and the EPRDF won a landslide victory in nine of the 11 regions and city states in the sprawling country. Yet, for all the ruling party’s flab, surprisingly few of the powers that be subscribe to Desalegn’s vigorous workout. It remains to be seen whether he has the character and experience to clear the hurdles before him.

Ethiopia has been feted by investors, but to create jobs for unskilled millions is no easy task. Desalegn was formerly president of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR), and his ethnic background is key to the political stability of the country. The southern regions of Ethiopia are traditionally marginalised, but Desalegn is now enjoying a second spell in office.

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WEF names Ethiopian Airlines one of four Africa growth finalists

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Business
From News24/Fin24

Cape Town – The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced its selection of Global Growth Companies (GGCs) regional finalists for Africa.

GGCs are fast-growing companies with the potential to become global economic leaders. The nominees exceed industry standards in revenue growth, promotion of innovative business practices and the demonstration of leadership in corporate citizenship.

The four African finalists are Ethiopian Airlines, retail and hotel group Meikles (one of the largest conglomerates in Zimbabwe), PPC (the leading supplier of cement and related products in southern Africa) and Waltersmith Petroman Oil (an indigenous fast-growing petroleum producing company in Nigeria).

The huge potential of Africa’s aviation market was in the spotlight at the inaugural Aviation Africa summit in Dubai. The organisers said at the time that aviation in Africa supports more than 6.9 million jobs and over $800b in gross domestic product (GDP) across African nations.

ISIS Kill Two Eritrean Migrants in Libya

Published: Jun 5, 2015 by bini Filed under: World News Ethiopian News Law & Order
Isis in Libya: Islamic State militants kill two Eritrean migrants
By Callum Paton | | June 4, 2015

Islamic State militants in Libya have killed two Eritrean migrants after stopping a truck carrying 75 Africans of different nationalities.
The extremist group shot the migrants after holding them at an intersection 5km from their stronghold of Nawfliyah.

Military sources quoted by Libyan news website Bowabat Al Wasat said the pair were killed "in cold blood".

At least one of the other 75 migrants, also an Eritrean, was injured in the shooting. They were found lying by the roadside with gunshot wounds to the leg and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.
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