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  • Yemi Hailemariam: The UK needs to intervene for the release of Andargachew Tsege

    Watching the Ethiopian government shoot dead dozens of protesters last weekend made me sick with worry about my partner, who faces execution there for his political views. Andargachew Tsege, we call him Andy, is a British citizen and father of three. He is no stranger to protests in Ethiopia – he was a student activist in the 1970s, demonstrating against the then-government and eventually having to flee to London for fear of persecution. He would go on to become a key figure in Ethiopia’s pro-democracy movement.

    In 2005, following years in exile, Andy braved a trip back to Ethiopia to launch his book, which criticised government corruption and abuse. He was among the thousands who were arrested in a post-election crackdown by the ruling party, the EPRDF – the group that still rules Ethiopia with an iron fist. Andy was badly beaten in jail, but was thankfully released a month later.

    Back in Britain, Andy became general secretary of an opposition coalition and one of Ethiopia’s top pro-democracy activists. He testified to the US Congress about the dire state of human rights in Ethiopia under the EPRDF, and was a regular commentator on Ethiopian affairs for the BBC.

    In 2009, Ethiopian security forces again moved to crush dissent, arresting dozens of people who had spoken out against the government. Andy was charged in absentia and sentenced to death, in a trial that observing US diplomats described as “lacking in basic elements of due process”. Ethiopia’s then prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who oversaw my partner’s death sentence, was an old university friend Andy had once hosted in London.

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    ‘Andy Tsege was charged in absentia and sentenced to death, in a trial that observing US diplomats described as ‘lacking in basic elements of due process’.’ Photograph: Yemi Hailemariam

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  • The climate vulnerable grouped to be chaired by Ethiopia

    Ethiopia to chair Climate Vulnerable Forum

    The influential climate vulnerable forum that structured of 43 dedicated countries in Philippines is now to be chaired by Ethiopia

    According to Climate Home’s report the forum was launched in 2009 in order to insure the agreement signed in Paris in 2015.

    Hence from now on wards Ethiopia is expected to lead the group in the build-up to the COP22 UN climate summit in Marrakech, Morocco in November.

    Ethiopia who has been lately affected by climate phenomena, El Nino leads the country to drought and hunger. However is always participating in different climate events.



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  • Gondar continues to experience a city- wide house sit- in campaign

    The now restive city of Gondar has continued to experience what is called by locals a ‘city wide’ sit- in campaign, our sources have indicated. The campaign is being held in response to a paper that was distributed by unknown individuals or bodies to hold the campaign that is expected to end today.

    But our sources in Gondar have confirmed that the streets of the city are barely empty at the moment and the major market areas were deserted. This is in addition to the closure of all the big hotels in Gondar that used to be busy with customers. Moreover, residents of the city are now walking as the city’s transportation service is disabled as part of the campaign, and even government owned vehicles have stopped providing services.

    In another note, our sources have told us that residents of the city have been providing food and water for the city’s daily laborers who have now stopped working and have nothing to eat. Earlier today, the daily laborers were provided with amenities around the area called Kebele 18 and Arada.

    Besides, many landlords have chosen not to accept rental collections for one month considering the difficult situation in the city. The sources told DireTube that Gondar’s tourism sector is suffering due to the unrest in the region. 

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  • BON Hotels to open in Ethiopia

    BON Hotels Opens in Addis Ababa

    BON Hotel Adis Abbaba rendering

    Ethiopia is now to have a new international brand hotel. This is BON Hotels who is making a move in Addis is now on first phase construction where there will be a lot more to add in the future.

    BON Hotels is located in 10 minutes from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Making its position in the city center the hotel is expected to work in integration with Bole international air port.

    Planning to be open to public in the first quarter of 2017 bon is a lot more different in room design and cutting edge. As a result of this it is said to be this is the first boutique hotel in Addis.


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  • 23 South Sudanese refugees charged for murder by Ethiopian court

    Ethiopian court charges 23 South Sudanese refugees for murder

    Photo - Gambella city residents protest killings by South Sudan refugees on April 21.

    After months of investigation and trial Ethiopian court has charged 23 South Sudanese refugees for the murder of 10 Ethiopian civilians using sticks and shovels at a refugee camp in Gambela region April.

    It was following ethnic Murle gunmen from South Sudan carried out cross-border raids into Gambella, killing over 200 people and kidnapping nearly 110 children that the killing started

    During the horrible incident two refugee children were also killed inside Jewi Refugee Camp

    Moreover, the troubled camp sparked unrest in the town leading for the death and damage of some South Sudanese Nuer by the attacks by Ethiopian "highlanders"

    According to the report the trial will resume on Oct. 13.


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  • The internet sensation Etenesh Diro

    After getting tangled up with two other runners in the 3000 meter steeplechase and stopped to tear off her damaged right shoe and sock, the Ethiopian athlete Etenesh Diro kept on running to finish seventh.

    However she qualified to the final for her courage which makes her an online sensation.

    The 25 year old athlete was badly damage as she clashed with two other competitors in the first round of the steeplechase on Saturday.

    At the moment and even after many tweeted about her as her courage was thoughtful for many.


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