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  • Broadcast Authority Sent Warning to Five Broadcasters over Beer Promotion

    The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) sent a warning letter concerning brewery advertisements and sponsor credit to five broadcasting media outBroadcast Authority Sent Warning to Five Broadcasters over Beer Promotionlets on 30th March, 2016. These included the giant state-owned Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Fana Broadcsting, EBS, Sheger FM and Bisrat Fm.

    The memo was regarding the breach of a legal provision in the law to determine the conduct of media advertisements and sections dealing with alcoholic drinks, by way of protecting young from the promotion of such goods.
    The writings on the wall are visible.

    Meetings that bring together media leaders should not avoid debate around the nature of commercial advertising, particularly with respect to alcoholic drinks, senior management at one the broadcasters addressed by the letter told Fortune.

    “Extreme calls for a ban on alcohol drinks advertisement are increasingly supported,” said the Manager. “But the best way out is to find a middle ground, as the industry is too big to drop altogether.”

    Alcoholic drinks with a 12pc level of alcohol or more are legally banned from being advertised in mass media, while others, with lower alcohol content, are allowed. There are, however, some conditions in order to protect minors.
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    Image: Ethiopian Beers.

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  • Open Letter To Hailemariam Dessalegn: A full blown civil war could likely occur in South Sudan

    The South Sudan’s POpen Letter To Hailemariam Dessalegn: A full blown civil war could likely occur in South Sudaneace implementation process would most likely be doomed in the face of what plainly amounts to an established lack of willpower on the part of the regime in Juba to ensure the timely execution of the peace accord concluded between the contending parties to the conflict in South Sudan given the indifferent and the familiar lacklustre stance adopted by the IGAD and Troika pertaining to their collective de jure role that calls for the non-obstruction of the implementation of the South Sudan’s Peace Agreement by all parties to the conflict.

    Today the peace process is hanging by a finger nail, as the tribal regime in Juba continues to infringe on and obstruct the peace execution process on a consistent basis. We cite the following matters and violations by the Juba tribally-constituted and orientated authority as blunt indications of the regime’s unwillingness to put a halt to the civil war in South Sudan:

    A number of humanitarian organisations rendering assistance to the displaced population in various parts of South Sudan bear first hand testimony to the regime’s insensitivity to the plight of the suffering civilians in the rural areas of the country. Thousands of civilians have been murdered, raped, and had other grave abuses meted on them on account of their ethnicity or perceived political bonds with the SPLM-IO in the rolling conflict in South Sudan as confirmed by HR Report Designated “South Sudan: Army Abuses Spread West”, 6 March 2016. The country’s Minister of information who is the official spokesman of the tribal regime justifies those indiscriminate attacks and awful abuses on the civilians as necessary operations against criminal elements. Neither the IGAD-mandated Joint Monitory Evaluation Commission (JMEC) nor the neglectful Troika and the inattentive African Union have condemned this oafish conduct of the callous regime in Juba.
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    Image: H.E Hailemariam Dessalegn, Ethiopian PM.

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  • Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa Run on the Boston Marathon for his 3rd Victory

    Ethiopian Lelisa DEthiopian Lelisa Desisa Run on the Boston Marathon for his 3rd Victoryesisa will bid for his third Boston Marathon title on Monday against a clutch of fast East African competitors, including two other previous winners from Kenya. Most top U.S. marathoners are sitting Boston out after February's Olympic trials, but Kenyan and Ethiopian officials have yet to pick their teams for the Rio Games in August and will consider the Boston results.

    Known as a tactical racer with a proven sprint finish, Desisa posted a personal best of 2:04:45 in Dubai in 2013. He won Boston in 2:09:17 last year and also claimed victory in 2013, the year bombs ripped through the crowd at the finish line. Fellow Ethiopian Lemi Berhanu Hayle, who notched a personal best of 2:04:33 in Dubai in January, has a similarly strong record, having run just five marathons and won three.
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    Image: Known as a tactical racer with a proven sprint finish, Desisa.

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  • Coffee Culture Is All About Sharing in Ethiopia

    As the driving force behiCoffee Culture Is All About Sharing in Ethiopiand Ethiopia’s economy as well as a pillar of its culture, coffee plays an integral role in Ethiopian identity. It's no surprise that immigrants to America from the West African nation turn to the drink — and the rituals that surround it — when in need of a taste of home.

    In today's episode of Cooking in America, host Pelin Keskin visits Bunna Cafe, an Ethiopian restaurant and coffee house in Bushwick, Brooklyn named for the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Bunna follows coffee preparation from bean washing to pan-roasting, and even involves a step where every participant stops to smell the blackened beans. It's a practice built around community, and is meant to be shared with neighbors, family, and friends.
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    Image:Ethiopia's coffee ceremony is an integral part of their social and cultural life.

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  • 400 African Migrants Including Ethiopians Drowned in Mediterranean Sea

    Dozens of African migrant400 African Migrants Including Ethiopians Drowned in Mediterranean Seas have reportedly drowned after a boat carrying 400 people capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the 400 migrants aboard the boat were fleeing from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea and had been hoping to reach Italy.

    Somali media reports say that rescue workers have only managed to save 29 passengers from the waters after the shocking incident. Over 400 migrants are thought to have drowned, the Somali ambassador in Egypt told BBC Arabic.
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    Most of the 400 migrants aboard the boat were fleeing from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea and had been hoping to reach Italy. (file picture)

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  • Ethiopian Students Visit UAE as Part of UNESCO Cultural Exchange Program

    It was a learning experieEthiopian Students Visit UAE as Part of UNESCO Cultural Exchange Programnce for eight students from Ethiopia who arrived in the UAE last Thursday. The students arrived as part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) Biosphere Excursion Programme for environmental education and cultural exchange.

    Last year, a few Emirati students visited two Ethiopian biosphere reserves, and now it's the turn of Ethiopian students to study UAE's ecosystem. "We went to Abu Dhabi's Marawah marine biosphere reserve, which was amazing! We visited a 7,000 years old archaeological site there and also went to Bu Tinah island, where we talked to the rangers about the island's ecosystem and what is being done to preserve it," Haftom Hagos, a Masters student at the Mekle University in Ethiopia, told Khaleej Times.

    "Here, in the UAE, I was impressed how well the ecological site are managed! In Ethiopia, we have a lot more nature, but we could do better to manage our ecological sites," he added. The Ethiopian students were to visit the Wadi Wurayah in Fujairah, which nurtures hopes of becoming a Unesco protected biosphere reserve.
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    Enjoying the UAE experience ... Khoulood Salem. (Photo by Ryan Lim)

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