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Doctors remove 30kg Tumor at Zewditu Hospital

Published: Mar 5, 2014 by Babu2 Filed under: Ethiopian News
An Operation at Zewditu Hospital Removes a 30kg Tumor

Birhane Tsegaye, 45, had mistook the tumor for a pot belly for years and recently when she had a checkup she learned that it was an ovarian cancer. The 2 hr long operation at the Zewditu hospital on March 1, 2014 removes the 30Kg tumor and now she is in good condition and recovering.

It is said that had she stayed a little longer without any medical help and the operation she would have only left with a couple of weeks to live. Dr. Hezekeil Petros, A Gyneacologist at the Zewditu Hospital recommend that women has to immediately see a doctor when they have pain at their belly.

Girum Tebeje of DireTube from FBC

Couples Shot Dead By A Defense Force Major In Addis

Published: Mar 5, 2014 by Babu2 Filed under: Ethiopian News Law & Order
Couples Shot Dead By A Defense Force Major In Addis

It was in Addis Ababa’s Nifas silk Lafto sub city, in a special location named Nech Gas Meshechia that a killing takes place.

Thought the reason for the killing is still in investigation, as the Yeka Sub city’s Police office Information officer Bekele Eshetu told DireTube, the couples have been in disagreement with the suspected killer, the Defense force Major named Geteyo, on the ownership of a kitchen.

As the officer told DireTube the suspect has killed the couples by firing 20 bullets on the husband and 11 on the wife. The killing took place on March 3, 2014 at 2:00 P.M and the carnage left the three children orphan.

The suspected killer Major Geteyo, 30, has been a member of the Ethiopian defense force in the Northern front and the reason for his bringing his ammunition with him to the city is not yet known. The Suspected killer is now in custody and being examined.

Girum Tebeje of Diretube From Biniyam Gebrekiristos’s Reporting

Protests against Ethiopian power project not fair

Published: Mar 4, 2014 by Babu2 Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics

In the next couple of decades, the most tradeable item is going to be electricity.

Those countries that have a deficit will have to buy from those who have a surplus. Therefore, I find it unfair to often read of the complaints that Ethiopia is wrong to build the Renaissance dams.

This is acountry with a huge population. In order to sustain an acceptable economic growth rate, Ethiopia must have enough power.

The protestors should instead think positive. For example, Egypt can also buy power from Ethiopia and make savings. It is also more efficient to cooperate than complain about such a progressive project.

The other issue is that such projects only come once a lifetime. The Americans did not think twice before they built the Hoover Dam.

Ethiopia is the 7th biggest economy in Africa

Published: Mar 4, 2014 by Babu2 Filed under: Ethiopian News

It is official; Ethiopia is the 7th biggest economy in Africa

The CIA World Factbook updated Ethiopia’s GDP PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) to $118.2 Billion USD for 2013. This is over $9 billion USD growth from the previous year’s report. This is a remarkable annual growth particularly for an economy without oil, gas, or significant minerals.

According to the report, Ethiopia’s economy leapfrogs many notable countries including Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Burma, and Dominican Republic. Ethiopia is now officially the 7th biggest economy in Africa and the 69th biggest economy in the world.

Gilgel Gibe III’s Reservoir Will Start Accumulating Water Next Month

Published: Mar 4, 2014 by Babu2 Filed under: Ethiopian News
Gilgel Gibe III’s Reservoir Will Start Accumulating Water Next Month

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation announced that the Gilgel Gibe III’s construction has completed 82%. This 1.5 Billion Euro power plant that has been constructed starting from 1999 E.C has 10 unites each producing 187MW electric power.

The power plant’s ground work and concrete structure are finalized 93%. Moreover, the Electromechanical and Hydro mechanical works are also finalized 43%. And in the next Ethiopian year’s first quarter the first two units will start producing power.

Gilgel Gibe III which has the capacity of producing 1,870MW electric power is being constructed by the joint financial support of the Ethiopian government and a loan from the Chinese Industrial Commerce bank.

Egypt irrigation minister denounces Ethiopia's 'obstinacy' on dam

Published: Mar 4, 2014 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News Politics
Egypt's Irrigation Minister Mahmoud Abdel-Muttalib denounced on Monday what he described as Ethiopia's obstinacy towards building its Grand Renaissance Dam, MENA reported.

Ethiopia's project is a $4.2 billion hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile, one of the main tributaries of the Nile. It is a source of concern to Egypt, since it is still undetermined how it will affect Egypt's Nile water share, the country's main source of potable water.

In talks last January between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, negotiations hit a dead-end, with MENA reporting that Ethiopia refused to discuss the terms of "confidence-building measures," which Egyptian officials say must be changed in order to avoid reduction of Egypt's Nile river water share.

Abdel-Muttalib, who retained his position in Egypt's new interim cabinet, said Egypt's Nile water share is a "red line" that Egypt won't allow to be crossed.

He reiterated that the country encourages development in Ethiopia, without harming Egypt's water rights.

On Saturday, a spokesman of the government-owned Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation reportedly said some 32 percent of construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam has been completed, with efforts intensifying to complete the rest.
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