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  • Car Accident Killed Five Today

    Fana Broadcating Corporate (FBC) earlier today reported a car accident in Arsi zone killed 5 people. The report said it is yet unknown how many people were on the public transport car that crashed in to a 200 meter deep gorge near a place called Cheneni River. There is an estimate the damage toll of the accident will rise according to FBC.
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    Car Accident Killed Five Today

    Image: FBC.

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  • Half Million Children Suffer for Malnutrition in Ethiopia

    As the severity of ongHalf Million Children Suffer for Malnutrition in Ethiopiaoing drought in Ethiopia is exacerbated by the arid effects of ‘super El Nino’, ChildFund New Zealand is appealing to more New Zealanders to contribute to their growing aid response. “ChildFund, with the help of New Zealand sponsors, has been responding to children and families in need of water and food assistance in Ethiopia following two consecutive seasons of failed rains,” explains ChildFund New Zealand Chief Executive Paul Brown. “The continued impact of changing weather patterns is making a bad situation worse, with millions now affected and in need of urgent assistance.”
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    Image:children Malnutrition in Ethiopia.

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  • First Lady Receives a Distinguished Service Award from the American Cancer Society

    Ethiopian First LFirst Lady Receives a Distinguished Service Award from the American Cancer Society ady Roman Tesfaye has received an award from American Cancer Society in recognition of her leadership in the fight against cancer. Ambassador Sally Cowal of the Society presented the award to First Lady Roman. Ambassador Cowal said the award is a great success story for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.First Lady Roman on her part said the recognition is the result of the joint efforts of the government and stakeholders.
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    Image: On the occasion of World Cancer Day, February 4, the American Cancer Society Honored Roman.

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  • Ethiopia Miss to hit Its Target in Textile

    Last week, the EthEthiopia Miss to hit Its Target in Textileiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (EDITI) said exports for the first six months of Ethiopian fiscal year 2015-16 are lagging behind the plan target. EDITI said that the target was to obtain $60.07 million from textile exports, while only $41.1 million was achieved, meeting 70% of the plan. Mid last year the government revealed ambitious plans to stimulate the sector by offering attractive incentives to investors. Incentives include duty free import of spare parts of 15% of capital goods for the first five years of operation, the possibility to hire expatriates free from income tax provided they stay for no more than two years.
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    Image: Workers in Textile manufacturer in ethiopia.

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  • Ethiopian Airlines inaugurated its Aviation Academy

    By Elias Meseret, DireTube Correspondent

    (DireTube News. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – Ethiopian Airlines has officially inaugurated its state- of- the- art Aviation Academy on Sunday inside its premises at Bole. The Academy, part of the national flag carrier’s vision 2025, has consumed more than 100 million dollars and is expected to increase its intake capacity to 4,000 students.

    According to the Airline’s officials, the Aviation Academy has undergone a massive expansion and upgrade that will make it the largest and the finest Aviation Academy in Africa. The new complex has classroom buildings and a technical block which is housing the Pilot Training School and the Aviation Maintenance Training School; while the Commercial and Leadership block accommodates the Inflight Services Training School, Commercial and Ground Services School and Leadership School. It also has separate Administration building, workshops, auditorium, students’ dormitory and large cafeteria.

    The Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, said “Education is the greatest equalizer in today’s global village. We are proud to be in a position to avail the latest and next generation aviation technology training machines and facilities where we can train the continent’s youth and prepare them for the 21st century African Aviation development. The Ethiopian Aviation Academy is positioning itself to be the catalyst leader in aviation training technology in supporting the African Union to realize its vision 2063.”

    Currently, the Academy has the best aviation training technology, like full range of fleet cabin emergency, evacuation and door trainers fitted with standard swimming pool for cabin crew ditching exercises and more than 20 pilot training aircraft, the finest expertise, dedicated and experienced instructors and a perfect environment for students.

    Ethiopian Airlines is currently the largest and most profitable airline in Africa. It is continuously expanding rapidly in the development of most departments.

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  • Harar to Build A Billion Birr Soccer Stadium

    Harari regional state announced a billion birr stadium construction project. Quoting ENA Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported the stadium will be ready in tenHarar to Build A Billion Birr Soccer Stadium months for the celebration of nations and nationalities day. The regional state said the stadium project will push forward the sport sector in the region.

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    Image: Harar Duk Ber (FBC).

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