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  • Ethiopia’s Ambition in Tourism

    Despite a cultural, historicaEthiopia’s Ambition in Tourisml and linguistic identity quite distinct from the rest of Africa, Ethiopia never became a major tourist destination on the continent. But Ethiopia didn’t appear that bothered or did much to help itself in promoting its treasure chest of tourism gems. Where other countries would proclaim their natural heritage, beckoning tourists to come, Ethiopia chose modesty and hidden beauty.

    The 2013 formation of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO), however, signalled a break with this trend and the Ethiopian government decided to take tourism seriously as a means of generating huge revenue for the nation and eradicating poverty. The ETO was given a mandate to “boost tourism destination development and marketing, and enhance the benefits of tourism in a sustainable and competitive manner.” Then in August this year, the Ethiopian Culture and Tourism Ministry made a bold announcement of a target to triple foreign visitors to more than 2.5 million by 2020. The ultimate goal: Ethiopia featuring in Africa’s Top 5 tourist destinations by 2020.
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    Image: Therein probably lies Ethiopian tourism’s greatest strength—there are still so many diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife to be developed for tourist itineraries.

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  • As New Threats Emerge, U.S. Closes Drone Base in Ethiopia

    The United States is pulling the plug on its drone operations in southern Ethiopia as demands on its fleet of unmanned aircraft expand elsewhere across the continent with the rise of the Islamic State in Libya, and extremist militants in Nigeria, Mali, Chad and Cameroon. Since 2011, the U.S. hAs New Threats Emerge, U.S. Closes Drone Base in Ethiopiaad been using the air base in Arba Minch, 250 miles south of the capital, to launch surveillance drones aimed at groups in East Africa with links to al Qaeda. U.S. personnel primarily focused on al-Shabab, a Somali group which has waged deadly terrorist attacks across East Africa.

    Pentagon officials remained tightlipped on Monday about the reasons behind the move. Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza, a Defense Department spokeswoman, said the U.S. and Ethiopia agreed that the continued presence of the drone base was “not required at this time.” Some experts say the fight against Shabab was going well enough that the Pentagon’s Africa Command, or Africom, had the opportunity to redistribute its scarce resources elsewhere.  
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    Image: Drone.(FP).

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  • Ethiopia’s Coffee Export Increases

    Ethiopia's coffee exports are increasing, thanks in part to government incentives, a Trade Ministry official told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. Coffee exports totaled 184,000 tons in 2014, and were worth $780 million, Shimelis Arega told Anadolu Agency. “And coffee exports will increase 45 perEthiopia’s Coffee Export Increasescent to over 260,000 tons this year,” he said. “Incentives will help achieve this goal, and they will include marketing linkage, loans for coffee exporters and processors, and the promotion of the Arabica coffee that the country exports at trade shows abroad.”

    Coffee exports account for nearly 30 percent of the country’s hard-currency earnings, according to ministry figures. “We are helping companies to expand coffee farms and to modernize processing,” Arega added. The government will also take steps to crack down on the illegal coffee trade, he said. “The ministry is training smallholder coffee farmers in improved harvesting, storage and preservation,” Arega pointed out, adding that these techniques add value to the coffee which then earns more in export sales.
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    Image: Ethiopia's Coffee on Display. (Anadolu).

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  • An Innovative Restaurant Made From an Aircraft

    An Addis Ababa entreAn Innovative Restaurant Made From an Aircraftpreneur has bought an old Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft and innovatively converted it into a restaurant. On top of being voted Africa’s Best Airline earlier this year, Ethiopian Airlines’ image is getting cooler and cooler, thanks to some innovative entrepreneurship by an Addis Ababa businessman. After an initial investment of 30 million birr (US$1.5 million) to buy, refurbish and decorate the Being 737, Guttama Gutta had to wait for 2 years of construction before he opened doors to the new “aircraft hotel” in Burayu, 15km west of the capital Addis Ababa.
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    Image: AMAZING! Ethiopian Airlines plane turned into a restaurant – [View Photos] (ALM).

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  • Steely to Lose 800m Br Government Contract Due to Audit Report Accuracy

    Steely R.I.M., a local steel manufacturer, loses a hefty government contract it obtained on the strength an audit report whose accuracy was questioned; the audit rSteely to Lose 800m Br Government Contract Due to Audit Report Accuracy eport, undertaken a year ago by a professional audit firm, was used by the company for import benefits from the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA), the auditor told Fortune. The contract was lost when one of the foreign bidders complained that it was worth 804 million Br, and would have cost the government 91 million Br more than the lowest offer obtained.

    This decision followed a complaint filed by a Turkish bidder, Metal Market Dis Tikart, to both the complaints Board of the Public Property Administration Agency (PPAA) and the Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) over the handling of preferential treatment granted to Steely. The preferential treatment which led to Steely’s getting the contract in the first place said that if a company added 35pc value, it would get a 15pc advantage in the price it offers.
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    Image:(Logo of Steely RMI) In the context of cut-throat, competition Steely made an offer it seems impossible to fulfil and was challenged.(FA).

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  • Ethiopia Hope to Raise Cotton Output by 40 pt

    Based on the findEthiopia Hope to Raise Cotton Output by 40 ptings of a study conducted to address the raw cotton shortage faced by the textile industry, the Ethiopian government has approved import of pest-resistant cotton seeds, the African Press Agency (APA) has reported.

    The study suggested that importing improved variety of cotton seeds can increase the country's cotton output by up to 40 per cent, according to the Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI).
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    Image: Cotton.

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