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  • Al Shabaab takes Somali town from Ethiopian, govt troops; no resistance

    By Feisal Omar and Abdi Sheikh | MOGADISHU

    Islamist militant group al-Shabaab took control on Wednesday of a town in southern Somalia after African Union peacekeepers and government troops abandoned it, residents and the group said.

    Ethiopian troops in the peacekeeping force known as AMISOM, government soldiers and al Shabaab have fought many times this year over control of Tiyeeglow district. When troops secured it, al Shabaab has strived to isolate it.

    Al Shabaab said it took Tiyeeglow district near the Ethiopian border after the Ethiopian and Somali soldiers moved to Hudur, the Bakool region's capital.

    Tiyeeglow district is important because it links Bakool to Hiiran region, where al Shabaab have taken over three towns this month.

    "Now we see hundreds of al Shabaab fighters and its banner flapping in the centre of the town. The Ethiopian and Somali troops moved out yesterday and last night," local elder Maamad Nuur told Reuters.

    "There is much fear."

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  • Ethiopian man killed his Ex wife and turns himself into police

    This is another sad story we are witnessing. It happened in Dallas Texas, Yesterday Oct. 24.

    According to the news we received, the husband has been following his ex-wife, called Hannan Seid, for a while before he shot and killed her yesterday and turn himself to the police. During their marriage, which is ended a year ago, they had two kids, 2 and 4. Her funeral is going to take place in Dallas in a couple of hours. Rest In Peace

    During their marriage, which is ended a year ago, they had two kids, 2 and 4. Her funeral is going to take place in Dallas in a couple of hours. 

    Admas Radio

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  • Ethiopian Broadcasting Agency grants satellite TV licenses to three stations

    The Ethiopian Broadcasting Agency has inked a satellite broadcasting license agreement with Fana Broadcasting, Walta Information Center and Arki Broadcasting Services for a satellite TV broadcasting licenses. In addition, One Love Broadcasting, Arki Broadcasting Services and Ed Stelar Tradings have each been granted a license to begin operating as new commercial FM radio stations. There are currently eight analogue and nine satellite TV stations within Ethiopia.

    The nine available stations that broadcast from Addis Ababa are public owned stations, such as EBC and Oromia TV. Other stations, available on the very popular Nilesat network, include EBS and the controversial Kana, which airs international soap operas with Amharic dubbing.

    The three companies will be the first privately owned satellite broadcast companies to transmit from Ethiopia. “Private satellite broadcasting stations used to have to record their programs and send them abroad to be transmitted. These new companies will have a satellite uplink, which means they can host live shows and news programs from here in Ethiopia,” EBA Deputy Head, Leoul Gebre, said.

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  • Ethiopians adjust to life in Africa's most ambitious social housing project

    ADDIS ABABA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On weekday mornings traffic on the road northeast from Jemo into the center of Addis Ababa grinds to a near standstill, as taxis, minibuses and tuk-tuks wrestle for space along the narrow arterial highway.

    Situated near the slopes of the hills that circle the Ethiopian capital's southern flank, Jemo is a colossal condominium complex, completed in 2010 and comprising over 10,000 apartments.

    When it opened, Jemo was the largest such housing site in the city, and today is home to some 50,000 people, many of whom work several miles away in the city center.

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  • Ethiopian Airlines to train, hire Nigerian pilots

    Ethiopian Airlines says it plans to hire Nigeria pilots for its growing fleet of B777, B787, B737 and Dash 8 Q-400 aircraft, and train more Nigerians in its aviation academy.

    The Ethiopian Airlines’ Country Area Manager, Mr. Solomon Begashaw, at a ceremony held in Lagos to mark the carrier’s 70th anniversary, said the airline had always served Nigeria with the best aircraft such as A350, B787 Dreamliner and the B777 wide body.

    “Currently, Ethiopian serves the Nigerian travellers from four airports of Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Kano. To reinforce its support for Nigeria, Ethiopian Airlines is offering to hire Nigeria pilots for its ever growing fleet of aircraft and train more Nigerians in its aviation academy,  which is the largest in Africa,” he said.

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  • Ethiopia vows to protect European companies after farms attacked

    Ian Derry was shocked when he got the news. A group of men had ransacked his company’s factory and burned down several buildings. A decade of work, tonnes of produce, tens of millions of dollars invested in equipment – it was all gone in the span of a few hours.

    Derry is the director of africaJUICE, a Dutch company whose fruit processing plant in Ethiopia was one of almost a dozen factories attacked during the most recent outburst of protests by the Oromo ethnic group. Now foreign agri-businesses like his face a tough choice: stay, despite the risk, or leave and lose their investment.

    “We are still assessing the damage but the losses are massive,” says Derry. Since its launch in 2009, the company had grown its staff in Ethiopia to around 2,000 people and was bustling year-round with workers picking and processing passion fruit and mango. Now the plant looks like the set of a dystopian film. Rows of brand-new tractors are charred and unusable. The walls are black with soot and the ground is covered in dried-out juice and smashed computers. “No one could have seen this coming,” says Derry.

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