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  • Ethiopia’s Competitiveness in African Tourism

    In the late 1950s, Ethiopian Airlines launched an advertising campaign in the Western media that touted the ancient kingdom as Africa's "newest travel adventure." More than half a century later, the huge East African nation has yet to live up to that lofty billing. But it might not be much longer. The sights, the scenery, the culture are already there. Ethiopian's ancient orthodox Christianity has endowed the nation with thousands of churches and monasteries, some of them enshrined as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A succession of empire and kingdoms added medieval forts, palaces and tombs like the Gondar citadel and the towering stone stele of Axum.

    From Lake Tana and the Blue Nile to the red-rock Gheralta Mountains, the arid Danakil Desert and the lush Omo Valley, the landscapes are astounding and incredibly varied. Ethiopia's wildlife riches are also diverse, from typical African savannah animals in the south to unique indigenous creatures like the gelada baboon and Ethiopian wolf. The missing ingredient has always been infrastructure -- the kind of hotels, restaurants and service that tourism rivals like Kenya and South Africa mastered decades ago.

    "Tourism was on the back burner for a long time," says Solomon Tadesse, CEO of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO). "The country was going through major changes and the government's priorities were health, education, communication."

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  • Woman reduced to tears by husband's surprise flashmob

    Ethiopia's Minister of Transport Workneh Gebeyehu, has expressed his country's keenness on benefitting from the UAE experience in building airports and aviation services. The remarks were made when Gebeyehu received Ambassador of the UAE to Ethiopia Ghazi Abdullah Al Mahri at the ministry. They discussed co-operation between the two countries in various fields, especially in all means of transport in Ethiopia.
    The Ethiopian minister emphasised that his country has a large number of investment potentials, especially in the land transportation domain, roads, infrastructure, and rails as well as building airports in various districts in the country.

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  • Ethiopia Should Respect Human Rights at Homer First

    On June 29, 2016 Ethiopia secured a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council (UNSC). The position requires that countries garner at least a two-thirds vote to win the position, and Ethiopia ran without competition, resulting in a win of 183 out of 195 necessary votes.

    This is Ethiopia’s third stint on the UNSC and in a congratulatory message, Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Tedros Adhanom, said the election is a clear indication that the country has won the respect and trust of the world. However, critics are concerned for what Ethiopia’s ascent into the UNSC (while already part of the UN Human Rights Council) could mean for human rights and justice in the region.

    The ruling government in Ethiopia has a persistent history of violent repression of independent media, civil society organizations and political opposition. The government enacted many restrictive laws that have led to the dismantling of civil society, and through the misuse of the counter-terrorism law, has stifled peaceful dissent. At the same time, human rights organizations have documented arbitrary arrests, torture, injuries to thousands and the deaths of over 400 people as a result of the government’s crackdown in the Oromia region going back to 2014.

    In response, the international community, including both the European Union Parliament as well as U.S. Congress, have issued statements of concern. The Senate is considering a resolution condemning the violence provoked by the Ethiopian government against the Oromo protesters and on the deteriorating human rights context, and the House of Representatives is expected to follow suite. As such, the election of Ethiopia to the UNSC has resurfaced serious concerns and will put the government of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in the global spotlight regarding the actions it takes at the United Nations as well its performance at home.

    It is probably naiveté to expect countries with poor human rights records to be barred from being elected to the UNSC or call for them to be removed once elected. Many countries under the rule of authoritarian regimes have been voted non-permanent member of the UN Security Council: one example is Spain under General Franco won a seat from 1969-1971. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Zaire) under Mobutu was elected and served twice (1982 – 1983, 1990 – 1991).

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  • Ethiopian man killed in refugee camp clashes in France

    An Ethiopian was killed and six other migrants injured when clashes erupted on the outskirts of the migrant camp in France’s northern port city of Calais, authorities said Tuesday. A local government spokesman said migrants from Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia clashed with those from Afghanistan on Monday night, stabbing each other and hitting each other with sticks.

    A 37-year-old Ethiopian died after being knifed in the chest, he said. Police intervened several times in the clashes. Fights often break out in the sprawling camp, home to thousands of migrants hoping to find a way across the Channel to Britain. On May 26, 40 people were injured in a fight between Afghan and Sudanese migrants.

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  • Kazakhstan to Provide U.S. $50 000 Aid for Ethiopia to Combat Drought

    Kazakhstan is ready to provide $50 000 aid to Ethiopia for combat with drought, said Yerlik Ali, ambassador of Kazakhstan in Ethiopia and constant representative of Kazakhstan in the African union.
    "There is a big problem in Eastern Africa and Ethiopia. They faced drought due to " El Niño" (fluctuation of water temperature in the Pacific Ocean affecting the climate of many states-KazTAG). Kazakhstan will provide $50 000 for combat with drought," he said.

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  • Ethiopian Airlines Sought African Aviation Still Profitable

    There is still potential for commercial African airlines to exploit opportunities in the airspace, a top official of Ethiopian Airlines has said. Regional manager Abebe Angessa says investors who fear to join in the aviation industry in Africa are making a blunder.

    "The traffic in Africa is increasing by the day. But the question is: how many passengers are using native African national carriers? It is true that the aviation business is struggling, but if an aviation company strategizes, one can succeed," he said at the unveiling of Ethiopian Airlines' Airbus A350XWB at Entebbe airport recently. He added: "Incoming and outgoing traffic by local carriers makes only 18 per cent of all aviation activities in Africa. I think Africa is underestimated."

    He said that by bringing new aircraft, Ethiopian Airlines is trying to maintain a programme of improving its business. "Ethiopian Airlines is currently implementing at 15-year strategic plan called Vision 2025 that will see the company become a leading aviation in Africa. And to do this, we always have to invest heavily in the state-of-art air carriers," he said.

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