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  • Mugabe Said Africans will Leave UN unless they have Given Permanent Seat at Security Council

    Zimbabwe's president said Saturday that the African Union was planning to form a splinter group with countries such as Russia, China and India if the U.N. Security Council did not include members of his continent next year.

    President Robert Mugabe said the African Union was still concerned that it had no permanent seats on the Security Council. Upon arrival in Harare from New York and this year's U.N. General Assembly late Saturday, the 92-year-old Zimbabwean leader told ZANU-PF supporters that the African Union wanted to be on the Security Council if veto powers of the five permanent members — China, France, the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Russia — were not removed.

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  • New Finding: The First Baby Born from Three People

    The world's first baby has been born using a new "three person" fertility technique, New Scientist reveals. The five-month-old boy has the usual DNA from his mum and dad, plus a tiny bit of genetic code from a donor. US doctors took the unprecedented step to ensure the baby boy would be free of a genetic condition that his Jordanian mother carries in her genes.

    Experts say the move heralds a new era in medicine and could help other families with rare genetic conditions. But they warn that rigorous checks of this new and controversial technology, called mitochondrial donation, are needed. It's not the first time scientists have created babies that have DNA from three people - that breakthrough began in the late 1990s - but it is an entirely new and significant method.

    Mitochondria are tiny structures inside nearly every cell of the body that convert food into usable energy. Some women carry genetic defects in mitochondria and they can pass these on to their children.

    In the case of the Jordanian family, it was a disorder called Leigh Syndrome that would have proved fatal to any baby conceived. The family had already experienced the heartache of four miscarriages as well as the death of two children - one at eight months and the other at six years of age.

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  • Nobel Prize Winner Former Israeli Leader Shimon Peres Dies at 93

    Shimon Peres, a former Israeli president and prime minister, whose life story mirrored that of the Jewish state and who was celebrated around the world as a Nobel prize-winning visionary who pushed his country toward peace, died early Wednesday. He was 93. His son, Chemi, confirmed his death Wednesday morning to reporters gathered at the hospital where Shimon Peres had been treated for the past two weeks.

    Peres’ condition worsened following a major stroke two weeks ago that led to bleeding in his brain. He was sedated and on a respirator during most of his hospitalization. “Today with deep sorrow we bid farewell to our beloved father, the ninth president of Israel,” Chemi Peres said.

    “Our father’s legacy has always been to look to tomorrow. We were privileged to be part of his private family, but today we sense that the entire nation of Israel and the global community share this great loss. We share this pain together.”

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement mourning the passing of Peres. He said he will convene his Cabinet for a special session later in the day. After that, a special committee is due to to prepare arrangements for a funeral that many international dignitaries and world leaders are expected to attend.

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  • Former Israeli president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres died

    Israeli ex-president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres died

    Peres died on Wednesday, some two weeks after suffering a major stroke. The 93-year-old died in his sleep at around 3:00am (0000 GMT), Peres' doctor Rafi Walden, who is also Peres's son-in-law, told AFP news agency. Israeli media also confirmed the former Israeli president's death.

    He died surrounded by family members.

    Shimon Peres, one of the last surviving pillars of Israel’s founding generation, who did more than anyone to build up his country’s formidable military might, then worked as hard to establish a lasting peace with Israel’s Arab neighbors. He was 93.

    His death was announced by his son Nehemya Peres, who is known as Chemi, and his personal physician and son-in-law Dr. Rafi Walden, outside the Sheba Medical Center, where he had been hospitalized for the last two weeks.

    Mr. Peres died just over two weeks after suffering a stroke. Doctors kept him largely unconscious and on a breathing tube since then in hopes that it would give his brain a chance to heal. But he deteriorated as the nation he once led watched his last battle play out publicly and leaders from around the world sent wishes for his recovery.

    As prime minister (twice); as minister of defense, foreign affairs, finance and transportation; and, until 2014, as president, Mr. Peres never left the public stage during Israel’s seven decades.

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  • Phone Money Transfer System Applied to Boost Remittance Income in Ethiopia

    A new remittance service that allows Ethiopians to send money to directly to any mobile number in East Africa has been launched, becoming the first of its kind. This follows the inking of a deal between Homesend and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Homesend which was launched in 2014 is a joint venture of Mastercard, eServGlobal and BICS that enables business to business cross-border and cross-network transfers.

    Consumers can send money to and from mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets, regardless of their location or that of the recipient. It is free for receivers and is accessible to anyone with a mobile number, and empowers the sender to transfer funds at a low cost through the HomeSend secure network of money transfer operators and banks.


    HomeSend will be available in Ethiopia before the end of the year, says Bekalu Zeleke, President of CBE. “At the CBE, we believe that embracing technology is integral to bringing the best possible service to our customers. HomeSend is an example of how, when working with the right partner, like Mastercard, a financial institution can improve the lives of its customers.”

    Estimated to be a US$ 3.5 billion industry in Ethiopia, remittance services provides citizens with access to a safe and convenient financial solution, bridging the gap for those previously excluded from the formal financial sector. According to the World Bank Global Financial Inclusion database, only 22 percent of adults in Ethiopia have a financial account with a formal financial institution.

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  • Addis Ababa will Host the 4th Agro Food Exhibition

    The 4th International Addis Agrofood Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery, Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Exhibition is one of the fastest growing agro-food events in Ethiopia. The event will take place at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, from 2-5 December 2016.

    Organised by Ladin International Fair Organizations, which was founded in 1993 and has conducted many successful international exhibitions in various countries worldwide, Addis Agrofood offers the exporter companies a chance to increase their sales and presence in Ethiopia.

    50 companies from Turkey, Ethiopia, China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Kenya, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan participated in the third edition of Addis Agrofood. The exhibition was visited by nearly 2,300 unique visitors. The product groups in the exhibition included silos (grain storage facilities,) seed cleaning, processing and conditioning equipment, agricultural machinery, water treatment and irrigation technologies, food processing and packaging machinery and equipment, poultry equipment, milking systems, feed machinery, animal nutrition and veterinary products, food and beverages (dates, chewing gum, pasta, biscuits, cookies and pastry, nuts, yeast, tomato-pepper paste, tea, beer.)

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