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Ebola vaccine trial proves 100% successful in Guinea

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by bini Filed under: World News Ethiopian News
Ebola vaccine has been indicated to be 100% effective in trials during the outbreak in Guinea and is prone to convey the west African plague to an end, specialists say.

The aftereffects of the trials including 4,000 individuals are noteworthy on account of the uncommon pace with which the advancement of the antibody and the testing were done.

Researchers, specialists, contributors and medication organizations worked together to race the antibody through a procedure that generally takes over 10 years in only 12 months.

"Having seen the overwhelming impacts of Ebola on groups and even entire nations with my own particular eyes, I am exceptionally energized by today's news," said Børge Brende, the outside priest of Norway, which helped fund the trial.

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Ethiopia’s Elias, The first African graduate in Embedded Computing Systems in Italy

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by bini Filed under: Ethiopian News
Ethiopia’s Elias, The first African graduate in "Embedded Computing Systems" in Italy

He’s called Elias Wendm Atalay, 27 years old, it is originally from Shire in Ethiopia and is the first foreign student graduated in “Embedded Computing Systems”, the Master of Science from the University of Pisa, in collaboration with the School Sant’Anna which prepares specialists in computer systems used in dedicated automation, avionics, vehicle electronics, telecommunications and robotics.

Elias, after earning his Bachelor of Science at the Mekelle Institute of Technology, joined Pisa in the academic year 2012-2013, and graduated a few days ago with a thesis entitled “Design and Analysis of IPv6 Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks “.

The thesis was carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Information Engineering under the guidance of Professor Enzo Mingozzi and discussed before a board chaired by Professor Mark Occurred. The announcement was preceded by a greeting from the dean Massimo Augello who recalled the commitment of Pisa in the policies of internationalization.

The degree course in “Embedded Computing Systems”, whose president is Professor Gigliola Vaglini, belongs to the disciplines of Computer Engineering. The subjects taught include real-time operating systems, algorithms, resource management, microcontroller systems, multicore systems, distributed systems, sensor networks, software engineering, programming in distributed environments.

On the year 2012/2013, the course is one of the degrees of the University held entirely in English, which also manage to attract students from abroad. To date, the degree in “Embedded Computing Systems”, 3 students are enrolled, two Ethiopians and a Pakistani, while for the next academic year are coming in two Egyptian students and two Ethiopians.

Pictured Elias Wendm Atalay with Professor Marco Occurred.
July 30, 2015


Ethiopian Diasporas’ day

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by Mihret L Filed under: Ethiopian News Business
Ethiopian Diasporas’ day

Ethiopian Diaspora day, which will be celebrated in ten days time, boost contributions of foreign resident citizens, said Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Spokesperson at the Foreign Affairs, Tewolde Mulugeta, commented “during celebrations government officials hold dialogue with the Ethiopian diasporas on the diasporas’ future participation in the country’s growth and development”.

In the weeklong festival ninety Ethiopian diaspora investors, who have already invested in the country, will display their products in an exhibition.

Organizers expect six thousands on the occasion to be celebrated under the motto, “all for the renaissance”. 

Nowadays Ethiopian diasporas’ contribution and support to the country’s growth showed gradual grow.

Source: FBC

Ethiopian Diasporas’ day

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian baby to death in West Bank

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by bini Filed under: World News

A group of Israeli settlers has burned a Palestinian baby to death as they set fire to two houses in the occupied West Bank. 

The incident occurred near the city of Nablus. Israeli settlers smashed the windows of two homes in the Palestinian village of Duma before throwing flammable liquids and Molotov cocktails inside. They spray-painted graffiti on the walls of the house before leaving.

The one-and-a-half year-old baby identified as Ali Saad Dawabsha died shortly after sustaining serious burns. Three other people including the infant’s parents and his four-year-old brother were seriously burned. The identity of the fourth person wounded is not yet known.

The parents of the slain infant are in critical condition. Meanwhile, clashes have erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank over the settler crime.


Eritrea put all blames on human traffickers

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by Mihret L Filed under: World News
Eritrea put all blames on human traffickers

Eritrea has urged the UN Security Council to help bring human traffickers to justice.

An exodus of migrants to Europe resulted from Human traffickers’ incessant exertion, not from human rights abuses said the Eritrean Foreign Ministry.

 According to the UNHCR, around five thousand people flee Eritrea each month.

Thousands of migrants have been picked up in the Mediterranean trying to cross to Europe, and many say they are fleeing military conscription and rights abuses.

But now the case was  presented differently, from Eritrea’s side, as an organized crime.

Eritrea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement "The principal objective of this organized crime is to prevent Eritrea and its people from defending their sovereignty by dispersing and debilitating their human resources".

The Ministry added Eritrea would submit "incontrovertible and indisputable" evidences of the structured crimes that the Security Council should investigate.

Source: Aljazeera

Eritrea put all blames on human traffickers for migration

Bin Laden family’s jet crash

Published: Aug 1, 2015 by Mihret L Filed under: World News
Bin Laden family’s jet crash

A Plane that had members of Osama Bin Laden’s family on board has crashed in Hampshire.

Saudi ambassador to UK, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, expressed condolences to the Bin Laden family in a statement on twitter.

The embassy said it will work with the British authorities to investigate the incident.

The statement remarked: "His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud... has paid his condolences to the family and relatives of Mohammed bin Laden at Blackbushe airport in Britain for the great loss they have suffered as a result of the crash of the plane that was carrying the family."

The embassy added it will ensure the speedy handover of the bodies for funerals and burials in Saudi Arabia.

The plane - an Embraer Phenom 300 - is reported to have belonged to an aviation firm owned by the Saudi-based family of the former al-Qaeda leader.

Source: BBC

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