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  • Amnesty: Ethiopian police arrest Somaliland journalist

    Ethiopian authorities should immediately release a television journalist from the semi-autonomous republic of Somaliland, Muktar Nuh Ibrahim, who has been held since June 19, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

    Farhan Ali Ahmed, the CEO of Muktar's station Horn Cable TV, which broadcasts from Somaliland, told CPJ that several journalists at the station saw Ethiopian police arrest Muktar in Wajale, a town straddling the border of Somaliland and Ethiopia. The arrest came soon after Muktar reported that Ethiopian police and allied militiamen from the Somali regional state in eastern Ethiopia had killed dozens of villagers on the Ethiopian side of the border region between Ethiopia and Somaliland in early June, Horn Cable TV's Kenyan director, Abdifatah Mohamed Elmi, told CPJ.

    Abdifatah and Farhan said they had not heard any news of the reporter since, and that it was unclear if Ethiopian authorities had charged Muktar with any crime. Ethiopian police and Ministry of Interior officials did not return CPJ's calls or emails inquiring about Muktar's arrest, his location, and whether he faces any charges.

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    Amnesty: Ethiopian police arrest Somaliland journalist

    Image: "Journalists should not be jailed because a government objects to their coverage," CPJ Deputy Executive Director Robert Mahoney said. 

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  • Canada Continued Its Effort to Take Back Its Citizen Jailed in Ethiopia

    Ottawa continues to advocate on behalf of Bashir Makhtal, a Canadian citizen serving a life sentence in Ethiopia on terrorism charges, said Liberal MP Omar Alghabra, the parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs. “I can tell you ever since I’ve been appointed to this position I’ve been working quite a bit on this file,” he told the Star. “We’re doing everything we can to see Bashir back home.”

    Makhtal, who has always maintained his innocence, was arrested in January 2006 on the border of Somalia and Kenya, after fleeing Mogadishu and the fall of the Somali Islamic Courts Union government. He was convicted in 2009 in a trial that human rights advocates insist was unfair.

    He was questioned in Nairobi and eventually put on a top-secret flight to Ethiopia, where he was eventually charged with multiple counts of terrorism, under accusations he had been a ringleader with the Ogaden National Liberation front, an ethnic Somali group formed by his grandfather to gain independence for the oil-rich region.

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    Canada Continued Its Effort to Take Back Its Citizen Jailed in Ethiopia

    Bashir Makhtal, a Toronto man, is behind bars in Ethiopia after a trial rights groups have called "deeply unfair." Efforts are underway to have him returned to Canada.  (FAMILY PHOTO)  

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  • Jelaram Pvt Ltd Sold 50 pct Share of Its New Paint Manufacturing to Indian Company

    City-based Esdee Paints Limited has acquired 50 per cent equity shares in Ethiopia-based Jelaram Pvt Ltd, to form a joint venture to set up a manufacturing unit at Ethiopia. Esdee informed that it will jointly set up a manufacturing unit along with Ethiopian player, which is the sixth largest manufacturer of decorative paints in the country. The company did not share the financial details of the deal.

    Mahavir Dawra, MD of Esdee said, "The Company had invested in the acquisition of stake in the unit, which shall be utilized for setting up manufacturing activities in the Ethiopian unit."

    The joint venture will manufacture predominant automotive paints and also PU based domestic paints at the Ethiopian unit. The joint venture will also enhance the production capacity and shall cover domestic market in Ethiopia as well as the export markets in the neighbouring countries of Africa.

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    Jelaram Pvt Ltd Sold 50 pct Share of Its New Paint Manufacturing to Indian Company

    Image: view of paints. Esdee is one of the leading manufacturers of paints in India. 

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  • Kenya-Ethiopia Advanced their Relation by a Historic Railway Deal

    The decision is historic because it brings together a country that was never occupied by a colonial power—Ethiopia—and another that had to wage a bloody war of liberation before gaining independence. It is worth noting that although the colonial power sought to knit together the economies of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the latter two were never colonised although they were administered by Great Britain as a protectorate and a trustee territory respectively.

    Their walk to freedom was equally different. Although the three economies have converged in some respects, the centrifugal forces tearing them apart have gained ground in recent days. Uganda’s decision earlier this year to tear up its agreement to build a joint oil pipeline with Kenya to take their crude oil to Lamu port which is under construction should be viewed as its way of ensuring the latter’s quest to become a regional economic hub.

    This proposition is bolstered by the realisation that Uganda has until now stalled the construction of its Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) which, according to the joint agreement signed with Kenya, Rwanda and Southern Sudan, would have connected with the line from Mombasa through Malaba. 

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    Kenya-Ethiopia Advanced their Relation by a Historic Railway Deal

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta receive Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and First Lady Roman Tesfaye on arrival for the State Visit offical reception at State House, Nairobi on June 23, 2016. Kenya and Ethiopia’s decision to establish a Joint Railway Commission and a Project Co-ordination Committee, last month, to implement a bilateral agreement signed in March 2012 is as historic as it is significant.


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  • Ethiopian designer to open outlet in London

    Ethiopian designer to open outlet in LondonEthiopian fashion designer, Ruth Woldeselassie is set to open a shop in London as part of a strategy to expand her market to the wider world.

    Ruth told Ethiopia Observer that she is opening a shop in East London five minutes walking distance from famous British luxury brand Burberry shop, which will open its door on July 9.
    The ever-industrious model-turned designer behind Urban Roots Eco has already earned a cult following for her chic, handcrafted cotton, silk clothing, tunics and shawls.

    Ruth was brought up in Addis Ababa and at 18, she left for Italy to join modelling school and later lived in London for a while. There she took an organic and eco-friendly life style course that she decided to bring home to Ethiopia few years ago.

    Ruth, who is currently in London, is preparing to participate in the London Fashion Week catwalk action on the stage where Burberry usually do catwalks on September 2016. She will also have another high profile fashion show at the Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge that kick off on September 2016. Ruth is also conformed to another bigger fashion event taking place at the House of parliament at Westminster on December 2016.

    Ruth has had her heart set on creating a new avenue to promote local fashion talent and put Ethiopian fashion to global runways and clothing stores. Ruth said she is excited about the events as they would allow her to promote Ethiopian attire at the global international fashion event.

    Source : Ethiopia Observer 


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  • Egypt Celebrates Anniversary of Coup Amid Deadly Violence

    Egypt's military regime has celebrated the ousting of the country first freely elected president three years ago with a new holiday, but it has been marred by deadly violence. Tags: Egypt, 30 June, military coup, Sisi, Morsi, overthrow, anniversary, Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Egyptian regime has celebrated the 2013 military coup that toppled the country's first freely elected president Mohammad Morsi with a new national holiday. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday described the coup as a "revolution", in remarks on the third anniversary of mass demonstrations that led to Morsi's overthrow.

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    Egypt Celebrates Anniversary of Coup Amid Deadly Violence

    Since Morsi's overthrow more than 1,000 protesters have been killed [Getty]




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