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  • Passenger plane carrying 10 people including three children is missing over Indonesia

    A passenger plane carrying 10 people including three children has gone missing in Indonesia.  

    The country's Aviastar airline said contact had been lost with the Twin Otter aircraft travelling between Masamba and Makassar, in the South Sulawesi province, on Friday afternoon.

    The plane lost radio contact around 11 minutes after taking off in good weather at 14.25pm, Transportation Ministry spokesman Julius Barata said.

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    Passenger plane carrying 10 people including three children is missing over Indonesia

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  • Stunning pictures capture the meeting of tribal tradition and consumerism

    The world of international consumerism has slowly made its way to the Daasanach region, home to traditional Ethiopian tribes.

    Mass produced products, particularly those made in China, are readily available all around us. And they have now made their way to the tribes, changing the traditional attires in Ethiopia.

    This is what photographer Eric Lafforgue noticed during a visit in the southern part of the country back in 2013.

    He set out to capture these changes through his pictures.

    ‘Their creativity in mixing foreign and modern styles with traditional tribal attire has given them a unique look,’ says Lafforgue.

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    Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue / REX

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  • Indian man with the world's longest fingernails on ONE HAND

    A man who has the world's longest fingernails says he plans to cut them off and preserve them in a museum.

    FingermailsThe 78-year-old Shridhar Chillal, from India, has been growing the nails on his left hand since he was at school. He has continued with the impressive feat despite admitting his super-long talons have made it difficult for him to find work and love.

    Shridhar has now been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the person with the 'Longest Fingernails on a Single Hand Ever' and features in their 2016 edition.

    Revealing why he decided to let his nails grow and grow, Shridhar said: 'When I was a schoolboy, we were once beaten badly by our teacher, because my friend broke his nail. The teacher had grown a very long nail.
    'We asked him why he had beaten us so much for just breaking his nail. He said that we would not understand as we had never grown long nails.

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  • Portfolio changes, reshuffle expected in new gov't

    By Yonas Abiye

    Hailemariam Desalegn

    The House of Peoples' Representative (HPR) and the House of Federation (HoF) will hold their first year fifth session with President of the Republic, Mulatu Teshome (PhD), expected to make an opening address.

    The new parliament, which for the first time in the last 24 years will be without a opposition MP, will convene on Monday.

    After the President's address to the nation the HPR and HoF will elect their Speakers. Subsequently, the two houses will elect a Prime Minister who will serve a five-year term.

    The Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is expected to nominate Hailemariam Dessalegn for premiership.

    Then Prime Minister Hailemariam will present a list of new cabinet members to the houses for approval.

    In a similar manner, the past two weeks saw the formation of regional governments in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Southern regional states.

    Accordingly, Abay Woldu (Tigray), Gedu Andargachew (Amhara), Muktar Kedir (Oromia) and Dessie Dalke (South) were all re-elected as chief administrators of their respective regions. With that settled, the nation will know early next week who will be in and out of the new Council of Ministers and federal government structure.

    In that regard, new speakers for both houses are expected while reshuffling of cabinet members of the soon-to-be-formed executive branch is expected to introduce some new faces and new bloods at federal level with veteran ministers expected to retire.

    In addition, new ministerial portfolios are also said to be in the pipeline. Accordingly, sources disclosed that Ministry of Trade (MoT) will be restructured as Ministry of Trade and Market Development while the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) is expected to be split into two entities. Similarly, sources revealed that a Ministry of Coffee Development is one of the new offices to be established. However, The Reporter was unable to confirm whether the the new office will be a ministry, an authority or an agency. Another new office, which is expected to come is one that governs Rural Land and Environment Protection.

    In addition, some veteran officials are also expected to be deployed in Ethiopian missions abroad.

    In the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II), huge foreign exchanges and FDI is expected to meets its ambitious target so that diplomats would eventually have a huge role in facilitating the foreign currency and investment flow to Ethiopia.

    Back in May 2015 the EPRDF secured a landslide victory – 100 percent of parliamentary and regional council seats together with its affiliates – in the general election. The result drew fierce criticism suggesting that it has endangered multi-party system in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopian Reporter

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  • Victims of Human Trafficking Arrive Home from Malawi

    Some 34 Ethiopians who spent a year in a Malawi prison for unauthorized entrance to the country arrived back home yesterday. Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tewolde Mulugeta received the returnees at the Bole International Airport upon arrival.

    Malawi Ethiopian VictimsThe migrants were using Malawi as a transit point to reach South Africa. The spokesperson said the migrants had no legal document in their possession to enter the country. The Ethiopian Embassy in Kenya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Malawian authorities worked jointly to repatriate the victims of human trafficking.

    Ethiopians who are exposed to the cruelty of human trafficking around the world are getting similar assistance from the Ethiopian missions abroad, according to Tewolde.

    Mentioning continued government efforts to eliminate illegal migration, Tewolde called on all concerned to educate the society on the risks of such unlawful practices. He advised citizens to look for better job opportunities locally.       

    The returnees also revealed the hardships they faced which left them empty handed. Some of the migrants said they will inform the public of the difficulties they faced to discourage others from taking similar routes.  

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects additional 310 Ethiopians to make their way back home.

    Once they are repatriated, the victims of human trafficking receive support to organize themselves under various micro and small enterprise.

    - Source: ena.gov.et

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  • Ethiopia to issue licenses for 22 TV channels, 13 radio stations

    Ethiopia to Licenses 22 TV ChannelsThe Ethiopian Broadcast Authority (EBA) said it will issue licenses for 22 television channels and 13 commercial radio stations over the coming five years.

    The authority will also give licenses for unlimited number of newspapers and magazines, Leul Gebru, Deputy Director of EBA said today.

    Granting licenses for all newspaper and magazine applicants have a significant contribution towards creating a demanding generation with a reading habit, he said.

    Of the 22 television channel licenses, three will be issued for commercial enterprises, while the rest will be issued for public services, according to Leul.

    The authority has also a plan to issue licenses to 30 community and four education radio stations as well as to double the current number of radio stations over the coming five years.

    Translated and posted by Amare Asrat from FANA

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