Al Jazeera - Zenawi spoke about Ethiopia's often poor human rights record - May 20, 2010

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Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian prime minister, presides over the country with the second-largest population in Africa. Zenawi has been the prime minister of Ethiopia since 1991 but he has most recently been in the headlines for his role in the country's upcoming elections.Crtitics claim it is impossible for the opposition to win Sunday's vote because of legal restrictions imposed by the current administration.In an interview with Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons, Zenawi spoke about his country's often poor human rights record.[20, May, 2010]

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  • Daniel

    What is the point of condemning the ruling party when there is no opposition party with a better idea or strong leadership, in my view even though I disagree with one party rule, it's equally important to have strong opposition party.

  • alem

    meles zenawi is the worst criminal person who is a leader of the racist & criminal group of tplf that has committed enormous crimes against humainty in ethiopia and looting enormous money from ethiopians, death to zenwai and his criminal racist tplf members as well as the non tigreans hodam zenawi servants.

  • mallas zenawe

    malas zenawi ye ethiopian habti yecherese silahone tolo bilo ka ager inditefa nigarut alabeleziya yigeddelal inatun yibdatina tolo nigaruti

  • :-)

    yezih dingay eras sewuye ayin yaweta wushet meche yihon yemiabekaw? Plz enante kimalam agamewoch afachihun zigu. nift eras hula....

  • the storong man meles

    we love you and respect you Meles,you are the strong man I have ever seen from this world. wishing all the time long live to ehadg for keeping peace and development to ethiopia.