A Must SEE! - Menelik's Bodyguard alive in Ethiopia – The Oldest Man in History - Part 2


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Menelik's Bodyguard alive in Ethiopia –
The Oldest Man in History - Part 2

Zewde, speaks perfectly, hears perfectly, he has got beautiful teeth, he still walks. If you have seen most of the old people like him, most of them are either on their wheel chair or on their bed. Zewde has got good memories. He even did not forget names, places, time. And the astonishing part is, he tells story chronologically.

What seems to be difficult is; there is low level of record keeping in our country, let alone a poor guy like zewde, it would be amazing to find proper recordkeeping at the government offices without reasonable doubt. However, if Gerontology Research Group and Guinness World Records proved his age, Ato Zewde will be the first living legend in our planet.
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  • Temsegen

    Is he alive now?

  • me

    You know, one of the ten commandment in the bible is honor your father and mother and you will have a long life. That is the only commandment with a promise. So for those who want long life, obey your parents :) God being your heavenly father of cource

  • FM

    Is this is a blessing or a curse:)

  • semeret selassie

    igzeeo mahrene kristos....I pray for this world and us a a nation. Please stop the fighting! I was never asked to be baptized Ehtiopian but to overstand that we as human beings should not be jealous of each other or of what each person has in their riches. Respect, show respect and help each other if you can, if you cannot help,, let someone else do the job! RAStafari

  • mr.ask

    Beside the music which is out of range( tone) & annoys the F out of me amazing story !!!